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my journal

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my dreams
ok so i have had like 3 dreams with cougers in em
the first one was a bunch of friends and i walking from the school to my house when it was getting dark,we took a shortcut through another street connected to a forest and when i looked over to the forest peaking between the houses i saw a couger walking at the same pace as us and in the same direction we were,so i directed everyone in a different way without running and we got away and were jumping on my tramp. when i heard a noise and we all looked to see the couger on my deck,in front of the door,and it lunged at me and the dream ended

the second one was when me and a friend were wondering about a deserted street of mansions,when inside one we saw a couger just waking up near us and ran to the back deck and snuck out,but it knew we were there and went after us and lunged over a bush at me while my friend was just kinda there (i luv u 2)

this was the last one
the setting was a small log cabin in the very middle of a small opening in a forest,it had 2 elf children in it,and 2 owners of the cabin,the children wanted to go home,but it was dangerous at night because the bat demons would kill them,and they were safe in the field with its magic shield,so one of the cabin owners let them go and told them to beat the night,so they raced out and on their way they saw a young bat demon child,about their age,he followed them becuase he wanted to play with them and was blind like a bat,so he had no idea they were food,and he had not been taught to hunt,fer some reason i now became the elf girl after being the owner,and my brother and i went through a deserted street of mansions (sound familier?)
we made it to the same house in dream #2 and got inside,the couger was waking up so we hid under the couch and waited,when it passed we ran to the back door,out the deck and ran down the stairs into the backyard,we were running to the large trees of the forest when the couger came from under the steps after us,my brother fell so i turned around to defend him and i was right by the same bush from my other dream,and the couger lunged over it and on top of me,the dream ended when i was trying to push it off and it was about to hit me with its claw

the only problem i see in these dreams is that im always about to die....dammit

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