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he he he (i am so jaded!)
chapters 2 and 3 written by lovedory
Chapter 2

Once Becka was gone, Jareth began hurling crystal balls at the wall. “how could she be so… ARG!!!!” Jareth cried out in pain and frustration. He kicked several goblins across the room as he paced. Finally, after hours of hurling crystals, and kicking goblin’s, the goblin king fell to the ground in distress and defeat. “Hedgewart, get these…goblin filth out of my sight.” Jareth mumbled in defeat. Hoggle starred at the fallen king. “sire…” “ I SAID LEAVE!” Jareth yelled at the dwarf. The dwarf was stunned for a moment then horridly got the goblins out of the room. Jareth was left in the cluttered throne room alone. Jareth was silent for a long time. “one day,” Jareth muttered in a voice shaking with rage. He looked up, glaring. “you won’t slip away from me that easy. I lost my love once, I’m not going to loose another one. One day, when you least expect it, and you think I’m gone from your life, I’ll be there. You will never escape me Becka.” as Jareth vowed this, a single tear escaped his eye and ran half way down his cheek. “one day.” he whispered menacingly.


“Becka? What’s wrong?” Casey’s voice brought Becka out of her trans. “what?” Becka asked looked up at Casey who was starring down at her. Casey gave an exasperated sigh. “you were dreaming again, weren’t you? All I wanna know is WHAT do you dream about all the time?” Casey asked, as she sat down on the coach next to Becka. When Becka returned from the Underground she sought out her best friend Casey, and they became roommates in a small apartment. Becka and Casey lived this way for a year after Becka returned. They both got jobs to help pay for the rent, however Casey thought that having a job and finishing high school was to much, so Casey dropped out of high school and took a full time Job. Becka however wanted to finish high school. She worked hard during the days and home schooled herself during the night.

Becka hadn’t seen Jareth for a year. She missed him dreadfully, yet she was also angry and hurt. ‘he doesn’t love me. He loved my mom, and I’m a second resort.’ Becka kept telling herself. She kept trying to convince herself that she didn’t love him. Yet she would still daydream about him, and remember his smile. To her dismay Casey knew something was up. “your not daydreaming about Carson are you?” Casey asked exasperated. Carson was Becka’s boyfriend. As soon as Becka returned from the Underground she felt lonely, and Carson entered the picture. He bumped into Becka one day and asked her out. Becka, feely lonely and hurt, half heartedly excepted his offer hoping that it would ease her pain of loosing Jareth and perhaps make her forget about him. It didn’t however, and they have been together ever since. Becka realized shortly after her acceptance what a mistake she had made. She was not truly happy with him. He wasn’t there for her, he was only there when he wanted to be, he was gently only sometimes. Becka was beginning to see a side to him she had not seen when she first met him. Casey thought they were a perfect match. She refused to listen to Becka when she tried to talk to her about braking up with him. Becka wanted out of the relationship, but no one was there to back her up.

Becka frowned at Casey. “why would I be daydreaming about Carson?” Becka asked confused. Casey couldn’t believe her ears. “uh, gee, I don’t know, maybe, because he’s your BOYFRIEND?! And maybe because you love him?! Gosh Becka, what wrong with you sometimes?” “oh, yeah that.” Becka said, a confused frown sticking to her face. Casey gave another exasperated sigh and rolled her eyes. “Becka, you really need to get your head out of the clouds and back to earth where is belongs.” Casey instructed. Now it was Becka’s turn to roll her eyes and sigh. “thanks for the tip Sebastian. I’ll remember that the next time I leave the water. Are you going to warn me about the sea witch to?” Becka said sarcastically. “ha ha your hilarious now go and get ready. Carson will be here any minute.” Casey told Becka standing up. “oh my gosh!” Becka cried gathering the papers and books that had been covering the coffee table. “I completely forgot. I have to study. I’ll just have to tell him I can’t make it.” Becka told Casey. Casey just looked at her. “Carson isn’t going to be to thrilled about this.” Casey said walking into the kitchen.

Becka rolled her eyes and ignored her. She opened her text book to where she last left off. Casey walked back into the living room. “where are you going?” Becka asked glancing up at Casey only momentarily from her work. “I’m going out to meet some friends from work. We are going to dinner and see a movie. Just because you want to stay up here with your nose in books doesn’t mean that’s what I want. I’ll be back around 11. See ya.” and with that Casey left the apartment. Becka sighed and turned back to her work. She fought down the pang of worry building up in her stomach. How was she going to defend herself from Carson tonight? Becka shuddered at that thought. Secretly she buried herself in her work because she wanted to avoid Carson as much as possible. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. Becka looked at the door, a twinge of fear started to build itself up inside of her. Another knock, louder this time, came from the door. Becka slowly stood and walked over to the door. With dread in her heart she turned the knob and opened the door. Standing in the doorway was a tall man dressed in a red button down shirt and jeans, with gelled brown hair and dark brown eyes. He was leaning against the door frame on one elbow waiting for Becka. He smiled when she opened the door. “hey Beck.” he said leaning in to give her a kiss. Becka took a step back, causing Carson’s face to twist up in a slightly confused, slightly angry frown. He looked into her eyes that shone with fear. Carson’s eyes shone with a hint of satisfaction before he gave a slight growl before grabbing her arms and capturing her lips with his. Becka tried to pull away but was to afraid to try hard enough. When he pulled away he starred down at her. “now what did we talk about?” he purred. When Becka was silent he gripped her arms tighter. “what. Did. We. Talk about?” he said a bit more forcefully. Becka let out a small cry of pain, as she felt his slender fingers crushing her arms. “that I would welcome you with a kiss.” she managed to squeak out. Carson smiled. “that’s a good girl” he said as he released her. Becka cradled her arms, trying to make the aching pain disappear. Carson walked over to the couch and sat down. Becka slowly followed suit sitting beside him.

“I-I’m afraid we are going to have to cancel our date tonight.” Becka stuttered, while picking up a textbook and pretending to look through it. Carson’s face hardened. “you’ve canceled our last three dates!” he growled. Becka looked up at him with a sorrowful expression, trying to hide her fear. “Carson I-I’m sorry.” she said quietly. Carson glared at her, then looked at the textbook. “this?! This is why you are canceling our date?!” he said, his voice rising with anger. Becka winced at his words. “I-I’m sorry Carson…b-but I have to finish this paper.” she said shakily. Carson glared at her. Becka couldn’t look him in the eye, she only reached up slowly and tried to take the book from his hands. Seeing what she was trying to do, he snatched the book up and stuck her on the face with it. Becka clutched her face in pain and a silent trail of tears slid down her face. “which is it Becka! Me or these idiotic books you stick your nose in?! and let me remind you, you will NOT be happy if you choose wrongly!” fire blazed into Carson’s eyes as he glared at her. Frightened Becka forced herself to look up into Carson’s eyes. She winced at the look he was giving her. She knew that if she choose her school work Carson would beat her. She opened her mouth and forced herself to speak. “y-you Carson…I choose you.” she whispered. Carson gave a slight smirk. “that’s a good girl. Now go get your things. We’re leaving.” Becka nodded her head and slowly got up to get her purse. ‘how much longer can I deal with this?’ she thought. “hurry up!” Carson snapped. “c-coming.” she replied.

Carson and Becka left and went out to dinner. They came back to Becka’s apartment around 10:30. Becka tried to open the door and disappear inside quickly before Carson could say or do anything about it. “goodnight.” Becka said quickly trying to escape from his kiss once more and disappearing inside her apartment. However she was not quick enough. Carson stuck his foot in the door so she could not close it. “I think I would like to come in.” he said forcing the door open, nearly knocking Becka to the ground. “C-Carson I really should finish studying. I have a paper due tomorrow, and I think you’ve kept me from writing it long enough.” Becka said, hiding the fear that was rising up inside of her. Carson shut the door behind him, and walked towards Becka. “you have been spending to much time with your books, and not enough time with me. That’s going to change.” he growled glaring at Becka. Becka was scared now. “Carson…” she trailed off, her fear obvious now.

“I can’t remember the last time you gave me a kiss.” he said pretending to think back. He grabbed Becka’s arm as he backed her into a corner. Then he leaned down and kissed her. It took a moment for Becka to manage to get him off of her long enough for her to slap him across the face. Carson turned his gaze back to her and Becka was petrified with fear. “big mistake.” he growled in a low voice. Without warning he struck her on the face, sending her sprawling to the floor. On her way down her head hit the side of the coffee table. She tried to get away but Carson hoisted her up onto her feet facing him. He stuck her across the face again, when a voice was heard from the shadows. “what do you think your doing?!” came the booming voice of the unknown stranger. Both heads turned to shadows to try and get a glimpse of the intruder. Carson leaned over and flipped on the nearest lamp. The voice that belonged to the person was still hidden by shadow. “show yourself.” Carson growled, still glaring into the darkness.

A moment of silence passed before Becka and Carson heard boots clanking on the wooded floor of the apartment. The figure immerged from the shadows and stepped into the light of the lamp next to the couch. They saw a man, dressed in black gloves and black boots. He wore gray tights, and a leather jacket that looked like nothing Carson had ever seen on earth. He had wild spiky blonde hair, but what Carson noticed most was the man’s eyes. They were different colors, but that did not change the cold icy stare he gave Carson. Carson stood frozen in position, still holding Becka up with one hand, while the other lingered in the air when he reached over to turn the lamp on. Carson frowned at the strange man standing in the lamp light. “who on earth are you?” he asked bitterly. Those cold mismatched eyes still bore into Carson‘s face. “no one from THIS earth I can assure you. But you never answered my question: What do you think you’re doing?” the man asked his voice more menacing, as he took a step forward towards Carson. “get out.” Carson growled. “not until you tell me why you are beating an innocent girl.” Jareth said
dangerously, glaring at Carson. Carson glared back. “none of your business! Get out!” he yelled at the man turning back to Becka to strike her again.

The man grabbed Carson’s arm just as it was about to come down on Becka. Carson looked at the man slightly shocked by his boldness. “I think it will be YOU who is going to be leaving.” he said coolly. Twisting Carson’s arm behind his back, causing Carson to whimper slightly. “let go of the girl.” Jareth growled next to Carson’s ear. Carson let go of Becka’s arm sending her dropping to the floor. Jareth pushed Carson all the way to the front door, still gripping Carson’s arm behind his back. Opening the door, Jareth shoved Carson through it, releasing him as he did so. “I don’t want to see you around her again. Now leave and stay far away from her as long as you live.” Jareth told him in a dark voice. Carson opened his mouth to speak and made an attempt to fight his way back inside, but Jareth flicked his wrist and Carson’s mouth shut. An invisible force forced Carson to walk down the hall and out of the building.

Jareth closed the door and turned to Becka. She was still lying on the floor from where Carson had dropped her. Rushing to her side he knelt beside her. “Becka? Becka are you alright?” he asked concerned, helping her sit up slowly. Becka held her head to try and stop the lightheadedness. “I’ll be okay.” she said wincing from the pain. She pulled her hand away from her head and saw blood. Jareth saw it to. “come. Let’s get that cleaned up.” he said smoothly, helping her to her feet. Jareth put one arm around Becka’s shoulders, and held her hand in the other as he lead her to the kitchen slowly. Jareth pulled a chair out for Becka and sat her down. “Becka, do you have medical supplies?” Jareth asked her. Becka’s brow was still furrowed in pain but she managed to answer Jareth’s question. “under the sink…there should a first aid kit.” she told him, gripping her head as the pain increased. Jareth quickly retrieved it and returned back to Becka. He pulled a chair up next to her and sat down.

He opened the first aid kit and began to fix the wound on Becka head. The wound was close to her eye, and was quite deep from the corner of the coffee table. Jareth cleaned off the extra blood and gently put peroxide on it. Becka winced and stifled a cry as he did so. The wound was not deep enough for stitches, but there would be a nasty scar for awhile, and bruises the next day. Finally Becka spoke up. “what are you doing here?” she asked sternly. Jareth merely gave her a small smile. “isn’t it obvious?” he asked smugly. She glared at him. “no.” she said firmly. Jareth looked at her. “I’ve come to bring you home.” he said, the smugness still in his tone. Becka glared at him and then stood. “I AM home.” she said fiercely as she walked out of the kitchen and into the living room. Jareth followed and watched her from the doorway of the kitchen.

Becka sat down on the couch and opened a book. “you should be resting.” Jareth said soothingly from his spot in the doorway. Without looking at him she replied harshly. “I have a report dew tomorrow. I’ve wasted enough time on petty things tonight. I can’t put it of any longer. I would appreciate it if you would leave.” walking over to the couch, Jareth loomed over her. “I hardly think getting beaten is a petty thing.” Jareth said slightly shocked at her reaction. As if what happened was part of everyday life. Becka continued to look through her textbook. “I’ll live.” she told him. Jareth bent down and gently took the book from Becka’s hands. She looked up to match his gaze. “you have been working to much. You need to rest. Come.” he said, extending his hand to her. She looked at his extended hand, then looked away. “Jareth, I can’t go back with you. I won’t go back with you. I have a life here now, and I’m not willing to let it go.” she said quietly. Jareth frowned slightly then looked around the tiny apartment. “I see. You are working yourself to death with school and a job, and you are living in a dump with an abusive boyfriend. Yes I can see why you wouldn’t want to leave all the great work you have achieved.” Jareth said sarcastically. Becka glared at the floor, tears welling up in her eyes. “go away Jareth.” she whispered bitterly. Jareth looked down at her and sighed. “if you insist my dear.” he said then he bent down and picked her up bridal style. Becka stunned for a second by this action, then immediately started to struggled out of Jareth’s grasp.

“Jareth! What are you doing?! Put me down!” she yelled, trying to jump down from Jareth’s arms, but he held tight. “you told me to leave, and I don’t plan on leaving without you, so by telling my to leave you have basically just wished yourself away my dear.” Jareth told her plainly. For a moment Becka starred at Jareth in disbelief. Then she came to her senses and tried to free herself again. “put me down Jareth!” she shouted. “not going to happen.” he said. Then they vanished.

Chapter 3

One minute Jareth and Becka were standing in her apartment, the next they were floating over nothing. Jareth still held Becka in his arms. Becka had never experienced this way of traveling to the Underground before. Out of shock and fear Becka stopped thrashing in Jareth’s arms, and instead flung her arms around his neck and buried her face into his shoulder. Jareth smiled at her reaction. Soon the arrived in the room Becka had occupied on her last stay in the Underground. She still clung tightly to Jareth in fear. Jareth figured her eyes were closed. “Becka, we are here.” he purred softly next to her ear.

Becka slowly opened her eyes and looked around at her surroundings. She remembered it perfectly, ever detail exactly as she remembered it. Everything was as it was when she left it a year ago. After a moment of looking around she remembered she was still in Jareth’s arms. She struggled to try and free herself again. “put me down Jareth!” she practically hollered. Jareth sighed “as you wish.” he replied. Walking over to her bed and laid her down. Becka remembered the last time he had done that he had kissed her. For a moment Becka was caught up in the memory of that night as she starred at Jareth. Then she remembered where she was, and more importantly HOW she got there. She tried to sit up. “how dare you.” she growled, glaring at Jareth, as he sat on the edge of the bed. She was starring him directly in the eye. Jareth only smirked. “I haven’t done anything wrong.” he said innocently. “oh? Do the words kidnapping mean anything to you?” she asked fiercely. His smirk only grew wider. “I haven’t kidnapped you. I only claimed what rightfully belongs to me.” he said smugly. Becka trembled with fury. “dare I ask what?” she spat at him bitterly. Jareth looked her in the eye, his expression more serious. “you.” Becka’s eyes welled up with tears, and she turned away. She had thought this nightmare was over, though Jareth made it clear that it was not.

After a moments silence Jareth touched her shoulder and gently, bringing her attention back to the present. “you must rest now. You have had an eventful day, and I want you to be well rested.” Becka turned her gaze away not wanting him to see her cry, even though it was pointless. Jareth placed his finger under her chin and turned her to face him. “shh…don’t bottle up your emotions again Becka. don’t go back to that way again.” he said gently, gazing into her eyes. She fought hard to keep the tears from spilling. She tried to turn away but Jareth wouldn’t let her. Instead he gently pulled her into his loving embrace. She cried quietly into shoulder, gripping the leather jacket with white knuckles. Jareth stroked her hair gently as she wept into her shoulder. “shh, everything is alright now.” he said softly to her.

After several long moments Jareth finally drew her away from embraced and wiped the tears from her face. “you must rest now.” he told her gently. Becka sniffed. “Jareth please, take me back.” she pleaded. She did not want to go back, but she was still angry with Jareth. Being with him was painful for her. Jareth looked at her with an expressionless face. “we will discuss this more tomorrow. But now you must rest.” Becka opened her mouth to speak but Jareth kissed her forehead and she went limp in his arms. He gently laid her back down against the pillows. “tomorrow we will discuss this.” he said to himself quietly. Then he vanished from the room.

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