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Random...really random junk!!!
To Sleep or To Dream: Prolouge
I dedicate this to all my friends I role played with that inspired me to make this a story. Most of the characters aren’t mine and I take the least amount of credit for this. I mostly owe this to my friends. Thank guys for giving me the greatest idea!!

To Sleep or To Dream

Prologue: Into the Fray

There he stood. His yellow bird like eyes staring at his opponent. This was his last chance to set things right. It was do or die time for this young ace pilot and he wasn’t planning on dying. He gripped his weapon tight. To most it looked like an ordinary sword handle but when he unleashed it’s fury all his opponent’s saw was a flash of blue and that was it. The moonlight shined past the dark clouds of the darkened sky. The pilot’s armor was sturdy as a knight’s and blue as the morning sky. He blew some of his silver-white hair from his eyes. He spread the beautiful white angel wings from his back that already went through his armor. He stared steadily at his opponent with one goal in mind…to stop him.

His opponent was large and looked the very opposite of the pilot. He had black hair like a raven and red evil-like eyes that matched the color of blood. No moonlight reflected off his armor. It was black as well and showed that this man was one to spare no mercy. He laughed at the boy who only stood his ground. His eyes matching up with the pilot’s eagle like ones. It was the final showdown for the two of them. He laughed again. The boy did not budge.

The boy growled. He pushed a silver button on his sword handle and released a flash of blue for a split second. After the flash there was a glowing blue blade made of plasma coming out of the sword handle. “You…leave me no choice…” he said.

“Really? This is where you end angel boy. There is no where you can run.” The large man spoke with an evil voice.

The boy growled. “Who said I was going to run.” He gripped his sword and held it in front him while getting in a poised position. “And by the way the name is Jet McKlain. But you can call me Eagle or the Ace of Angels.” He smirked.

The large man in dark armor released blood red claws from the tip of his fingers and pointed them at Eagle. “Come then. I want to see the strength of the legendary pilot. Once I finish you off I’ll use your body to get into the real world.”

Eagle stood in a poised position. “Not happening, buddy. You’re a madman and it’s my duty to stop you.”

The man in the black, dark knight’s armor laughed manically. “You humans are all the same. You all try and be some sort of heroes.”

Eagle growled. “Shut up and die already!” he jumped for the dark man. He aimed a slice for his head only to miss when the man sidestepped.

The man summoned a lance like weapon to his hand. Using the side of the lance the launched Eagle backwards and into a wall. But he did not stop there he launched the claws from his hand and pierced his armor and into Eagle’s shoulder. Blood slowly dripped from the good knight’s shoulder and to the floor.

After being hit by the claws Eagle let out an ear splitting scream from the top of his lungs. The boy fell to the floor but got up just as quickly as he fell. He tore the armor off his shoulder and got into his poised position once more. With a battle cry he jumped for the dark knight once more. “Die Nox!” He aimed a fury of slashes for the dark knight, Nox, and his lance blocked them all.

Nox laughed. “Determined…but foolish.” Nox swung his lance once more launching Eagle back. The quick thinking pilot opened his wings and stopped himself in mid-air. He pushed off the castle wall and launched himself for Nox once more; he gave another loud battle cry.

Over and over Eagle’s sword and Nox’s lance clashed. The sounds of the clashing echoed for miles and it sounded like neither side was going to back down. Clash after clash, echo after echo it was a stalemate. But they both had a goal. Nox wanted to defeat Eagle, take his body, and enter the real world. But Eagle had different plans he was going to defeat Nox and put him inside a virtual prison so he could never get out and never leave the virtual world. They were both determined to achieve their goals. That’s why neither side was backing down.

Eagle dodged a swing from Nox’s lance and aimed a slash for his neck. With one swing of his hand the young fighter was knocked clear out of the way. Eagle hit the ground hard. He got right back up and was ready to take some more. The look was in his eyes. “You can bash me, thrash me, but no matter how hard you try you will not get past me.”

Nox just laughed at Eagle. “Is this kid serious?” he thought. “He’s weak and pathetic. His ideals are nothing more than mere fantasies and yet he continues a pointless battle. He’s either determined or stupid.” Nox used side of his lance to back Eagle up against a wall. The young pilot winced in pain and dropped his sword.

Eagle just met his eyes with Nox’s. True he was in pain but he will not show it. It was true that he was scared but he would not show it. It was true that his chances of winning were slim to none but he was still determined and ready to go. He found the strength to push Nox’s lance and push him away a good three feet. When he had saw that Nox tried to stab his lance into him Eagle quickly picked up his sword and sliced the tip clear off. He smirked but continued. He aimed a fury of slashes at Nox. Each slash ripped a piece of Nox’s armor off until he was only in the body suit that he had underneath.

Nox just stared at him wide-eyed. What had just happened where did the young pilot find this strength? This was his last chance. He surrounded his body in black streaks and charged at Eagle for one last assault.

Eagle saw this last attempt for him and he countered by surrounding his body in white streaks. He charged at Nox with his sword gripped tight. It was the final blow and Eagle got it in the nick of time. It was then he started to feel his body start to fade away. So did Nox.

Eagle only laughed heartily. “Well this isn’t how I wanted this to end but at least I stopped you.”

Nox growled. “I will get my revenge, Jet McKlain.”

“That’s my name…I am the legendary ace pilot, the ace of angels, but you can call me the kid that defeated you.”

With that said a flash could be seen across the plains and then there was nothing but the castle that had fought in front of. In the darkened sky the moon was missing and the only thing that remained was Eagle’s sword handle with the blade already faded away.

Three months later…

A kid of tall stature tossed another newspaper in the trash after reading it. He had sleek black hair and frozen blue eyes. This was 18-year-old Xesiel Tresius. He was a senior in high school and ready to graduate. He put on some black biker gloves and a black jacket. He wore black jeans and a black sleeveless top. The last part of him was a silver necklace that was a keepsake he wore. He mounted a blue-ratted backpack and turned to his younger brother.

Zaxx, Xesiel’s 14 year-old younger brother, looked at his brother. The fact was he wasn’t so different than his older brother. He had longer hair that reached the middle of his back and it was the same color. This trait and the height difference was practically the only way you could tell the two apart. He as well had ice-cold blue eyes and wore almost the same attire. He wore a long sleeved black button down shirt and black pants. He put on a red backpack and stared back at his older brother. At first look at Zaxx you’d think he wasn’t the brightest kid in class, but the fact was he was top in everything especially when to came to electronics. Video games, computers, hacking…he knew how to do it all.

This was a normal start of the day for them. Their father would get up first and grab a cup of coffee. Then Xesiel was next and cooks breakfast. Lastly, was Zaxx who’d take a shower, get dressed and wait for breakfast to be served. After breakfast Xesiel would take a shower, and get dressed as well. This was the normal routine. But what the pair didn’t know that something big was about to happen…and they won’t even see it coming. Zaxx, Xesiel, and their dad all left at the same time. Their dad would get into one car and Zaxx and Xesiel into another with the older brother as the driver. Both cars left in different directions one went in the direction of the local high school and the other towards the TV station where their father worked.

Zaxx turned to Xesiel. “What was said in the newspaper this morning…is that true?”

“What is?” asked Xesiel paying attention to the road ahead.

“The legendary ace pilot, he’s still missing. The last time anyone saw him was when he went to go test the latest video game. Kind of weird, huh?”

“Zaxx, it’s been months now and people aren’t sure if he’s even still alive. But who are we to play detectives? He’s missing that’s all there is to it.”

“But…he a member of the US Air Force; you know…the branch you want to serve when your done with high school?” explained Zaxx.

“What are you getting at?”

“I mean don’t you think that joining the Air Force would put some sort of bad luck on you? I mean what if the same happens to you…to us! During spring break we’re testing the same game.”

Xesiel chuckled and patted his brother on the head. “Nothing bad is going to happen. You’ll see.”

Zaxx sighed and gave a look of discouragement to Xesiel. “Why do I still fear your words?”

But these were just two of many who were going to test the latest game. Across the country in New York City a pair of twins got home after another day at school. Now granted these aren’t your normal brother-sister pair. They were quite opposite. The girl was an ace at video games while still keeping a know how of a fashion sense and the boy was more of a lover than a fighter but still had pride.

The girl was Jade Vaughn. Her presence was always known by her long flowing brown hair and green eyes. She was average in height and wore simple clothes, but usually green. She wore a pair of blue jeans and a green v-neck t-shirt. Jade walked out to the living room and turned on the television and changed the channel to the news. She stared and listened to the TV as they began.

“And in other news today, 18 year-old ace pilot Jet McKlain is still missing and has been missing for several months now. The cause of his disappearance is still unknown but authorities from across the country are still investigating. We are searching hard for Jet is a valued member of the US—“ the rest was cut off with the television turning off.

Jade turned around and growled to the boy carrying the controller. He playfully stuck out his tongue. “You can’t be serious, Jade. Since when do you care about missing military personal? Jet McKlain is just another Air Force pilot they’re always missing.”

This was Jade’s twin brother Jake. Much like his sister he also had shiny brown hair except it was cut short like a boy would normally have it. The difference about him was that he had brown eyes instead of green ones. He was wearing a pair of blue denim shorts that went just past his knees and a black t-shirt with the picture and name of a rock band. He took off his backpack and let it drop to the floor letting the books inside create a thumping sound.

While Zaxx and Xesiel were headed off to school Jake and Jade had just gotten off after a half-day of school. Jade growled once more at Jake after the thumping of his backpack. “Can’t you go and be stupid somewhere else?” she shouted.

Jake was a pro at getting under Jade’s skin. “Heck, what can I say? I love bugging you.”

Jade sighed. “You’re a reoccurring nightmare.”

Jake shook his head. “Oh, but what happens when your opinion changes when we go and test the game?”

Jade perked up and looked at Jake with enlightenment in her eyes. “They actually chose us?” she asked with excitement.

“Yup! And it won’t be long until we’re on our way to Seattle to the location. This is going to be sweet.”

“For once Jake…I’m actually excited to go and do something with you.” She grabbed Jake’s wrist and dragged him to the door to his room. She opened his door and shoved him inside. “What are you waiting for? Get packing!”

Jake stood there with bewilderment engulfing his face. He had never seen Jade this excited before. Then again he was that excited when he first found out about him and Jade going to go test the game. This was a momentous time and he should be as happy too. But what was going through his mind was if he was going to meet any girls. He really hoped that his sister wasn’t going to be the only one girl there. He pulled out a red gym bag from underneath his bed. He started stuffing it with clothes.

After shoving her brother in his room Jade stood in the middle of hers. Her actions repeated her brother’s and she started to stuff a gym bag full of clothes only she placed everything more neatly instead of just stuffing it things that seemed necessary. She had a large grin on her face nonetheless. She was going to show the other boys that she could play too. This was a big game project and it seemed nothing was going to stop them. But this was all too sudden to recruit new testers why were they hiring new beta testers shortly after another. Something must have happened to the last tester. With those thoughts in her head she still continued to pack.

These pair of brothers and set of twins were only just a few of testers. Who else will they meet once they test the game? One thing’s for sure…they’re not going to have an easy time. And what happened to Eagle?

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    Song of the Sirens
    Community Member

    Sat May 26, 2007 @ 05:29pm

    Rock, that was great. Can't wait for the next part.

    Community Member

    Sun Jun 17, 2007 @ 04:44pm

    cool. Needs more jester though.

    Community Member

    Sun Oct 14, 2007 @ 07:01am

    I liked it! Noticed some slight inconsistency with the tenses, but whatever.

    OMG EAGLE IS TRAPX0RZ IN TEH GAMEZ!111oneoneone!!1 *shot*

    User Comments: [3]
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