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Meep...eh welcome?

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Journal Entry for April 7th, 2005
Grrr...today was such a horrid day. stressed o.o; Some important things about today:

~Super big math test tommorrow! Need to study! Don't know how to do sales tax! If ya know...HELP ME!
~Erica dumped fries on me today.
~Samantha was on my good side--then bad 'cause she dumped a fry on me with pizza sauce-ruined my white shoes. Yuck! sweatdrop
~There is a in-class report with Arian, Domenic, and Edgar. I am sooooooo gonna get a bad grade cause they have (except Arian-aka A.J--the girl AJ) bad grades. Wish meh good luck... A- in History will turn into a C. -eye twitches-
~Jason called me a geek again though phone...I am NOT a geek. Don NOT label me Jason--if ya hearing this... Gonna annoy ya for the rest of the school year darn it! Will waste my time! Or I could make Chipmonk-aka rence/Jan or Dale aka Jen or Daniel to do it... blaugh haha!

Full Story:
Woke up 6:20--almost late. sweatdrop Whew! Ate something that tastes like Apple ciniamon...o.o; But it tasted good... Rushed to school--was block day...Oh nooooooo! Double science and math!
In scinece: COOL! New cool student--Sergio! Nice! I am part of the prep table now! Yay! Science was fun with the new student. We did 2 experements. One with science teacher, and one byourselves. Then, we had to draw a 1 page thing on the experaments...AND a 1 page reflection. (Know, Want to know, and Learned)
Next was math. Corey ish sooooo scary. I asked him," Do you know how to have fun?" Corey was silent. And Richard and Mary and i laughed. Twas very very super funny. lol... We did review on sales tax/discounts. Man, I need to study! *points above* Meep, TEST! UNIT TEST! Oh no....need to call Sara! At least I know how to do discounts...last test on ratios--got like an A+! Yay! ^^
Lunch...oh great. Erica threw food at me. Samantha was at my good side now turning bad again. gonk She threw *points above* a fry at me with PIZZA SAUCE! Stained by sweatshrit and all-new all-white shoes. eek Yeah...oh great. I also brought lunch today too.
English and History! (Same teacher) Yeahya! razz lol! Favorite classes! Went to libray in English. I thought I had a fine, but I didn't! Cool! biggrin w00t! lol... Checked out Mattimeo--one of favorite books. Read a loooooong story in class. Nothing else. Went home.

So far at home:
Got in trouble talking to Jason. Didn't get in trouble talking to Daniel, whew! I'll wait till after dinner to call Jason again. He said he'll kill me tommorrow. {starts sarcasm} Oooo...I am SOOOOO scared Jason! blaugh {/ends sarcasm}

So far in Gaia:
Brought Were claws. wink Started learning how to fish. Went to Port of Gamibino with Basic Rod only. I was crazy, Bass'en lake was too easy. I rhymed! lol whee I caught in port of gambino those blue and green fishes...and bunches of junk! scream Darn it! ... stressed ... Went back to Bass'en lake. Caught 5 orange guppies in a ROW! Wow... xd o.o; I really want a performance rod to catch loads of fish so I can sell 'em and be rich!

Will edit this some more...stay tuned! ^^ smile

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