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The N-finite Journal
Just a journal filled with random writings and misc. stuff. :3
Elemental Dreams--Part 12: Wake-Up Call...
((Author's Note: I'm gonna give a spoiler warning--the Ghostbusters are real in this universe, and our Green Team might be running into them later on in the story! This part simply gives the first hint at the ghoul-bustin' team's existance...))

"Look, ma'am--MA'AM! For the third time, I don't know how to get a real ghost out of a computer! The only thing I can advise is to either go to a priest, or call the Ghostbusters!"

"But-but-but--I NEED this for my projects!!" The customer wailed in a panicked tone of voice.

"I'm really sorry, ma'am, but there is no tech support in the country--in the whole world--that can get a real ghost out of the computer. So, if I were you, I'd just call the Ghostbusters, since this is more of their thin--"

"You are such a horrible lil b--"

Donatello simply put the customer on mute, hoping that she would get so angry that she would just hang up right at the end of her curse-filled rant. Then, he leaned back in his chair, closed his eyes, and let out a loooong, groaning sigh. ~This is just one of those days,~ he silently mourned, feeling the beginnings of a headache near the temples.

Tea...he smelled wonderful, soothing green tea...

"Need a break?"

Don opened his eyes to see his eldest brother standing in the doorway, holding two mugs full of traditional green tea. "If I was working for a real company, I'd be very tempted to hand in my two weeks notice today," he quipped as he sat up a bit and gratefully accepted one of the mugs and took in the calming smell of tea leaves and steaming water.

"That bad, huh?" Leo inquired as he leaned against the desk, mindful of the rack of glass vials as he sipped his drink..

"Earlier this morning, I got at least three people that thought that their CD tray was their cupholder, and then I got some so-called 'genius' who put ALL his files of the exact same format into each of their own folders--including the .exe files!"

"Oh, God! Even Sensei--scratch that; even Casey knows better than to pull that!" Leonardo shook his head in amazement.

"Tell me about it!" Don took a sip or two of his mug, and immediately felt a bit better. "Mmm...this is pretty good, today."

"Thanks. I decided to let it steep a while, since you sounded a bit exasperated."

"I appreciate that, especially with today's golden customer."

"Oh? He or she?" The blue-banded turtle raised the mug to his lips.

"She claims that a real ghost took over her computer."

Leo half-spewed, half-choked on a mouthful of green tea. He hacked and cough for a bit before gasping in total shock, "A real ghost?!"

"I doubt she was pullin' my leg--unless she's the world greatest actress. I keep tellin' her to at least call the Ghostbusters, but she thought that I could use my 'l33t techno skillz' to get the troubling specter out." Don rolled his eyes. "I hate to be the poor Ghostbuster to get a call from that woman..."

"Yeah... But geeeez, a real ghost?! I dun think I could stand the very idea of having a spirit haunting our place!" Leo shuddered.

"Yeah, and we could only take so much of Mikey's lil girly screams before I hafta call the Ghostbusters!" Raph quipped as he poked his head into Donny's work area.

"Speaking of Mikey...isn't he supposed to be home by now?" Donny checked the time--2:43PM.

"Yeah, that's what I came to ask ya 'bout, Don--ya think you could track him to see where he is before I call him up and bite his head off?"

"Sure; why not? It's not like I enjoy being yelled at by the idiots who help put bread on our table," Don drily replied as he turned back to the computers and brought up the program that tracked each of the Shell Cells' whereabouts...and breathed a sigh in relief when Mikey's signal came up. He actually left his tracking signal on while he was off at his job--for once. "He's over at..."


All three turtles checked their Shell Cells, and realized that it was Don's Cell making the noise. The caller was definitely Mikey. The inventive turtle put down his mug and pulled off the headset as he took this call: "Hi, Mikey. Mind explaining the lateness?"

"Yeah, sorry, bro, but...we ran into some trouble up here--"


"Awww, man, ya ain't gonna believe who I ran into this morning!"

"Oh, lemme guess...Spiderman?"

"No way! It's Goldilocks--the Golden Eagle of the X Games!"

~Oh, god! He's gonna go fanboy on me...~ Donny groaned inwardly. "Anything else that I should be aware of?"

"Well, there's these new ninjas that are after her, and they cause us to crash, so we had to fight 'em to get 'em off our backs...and since her board's busted and, well, I'm not in the best shape, either...we kinda need your or Leo to come pick us up on the Sewer Slider."

Donatello was stunned for a moment or two, but then sat straight up in his chair. "You said new ninjas," he stated in a dead-serious manner. "Were they connected to the Foot?"

"Not at all, bro! They don't even smell like the Foot--at least those guys bother to take a bath! These guys didn't!"

"Did you see any kind of clan symbol on their clothing or items? Any possible tattoos?"

"None, bro. Just that they reek, and that their outfits look like something out of the 80s. And that they claim to be from the wind branch of their clan."

"...wind branch?"

"Yeah. Those guys actually became the winds that made the van crash! AND they claimed that my ki was wind-based like theirs! Aaaaand that Goldilocks is the protecter of some kind of staff that they want, and they thought that I'm one of her five sworn protectors!"

"Wait-wait-wait! Staff? What Staff? Which Staff are talking about here--the Time Staff, or the War Staff?"

"That's the other problem--neither of us knew what they were talkin' 'bout. Look, bro--we gotta get Goldilocks to the lair so that she'll be safe until nightfall, when we can take her back to her home. So I need you or Leo to come pick us up in the Sewer Slider and take us back home."

Don nodded as he magnified Mikey's location on the screen. "Okay, I got a lock on your location. Are you already in the sewers?"

"I wouldn't be talkin' so freely if I wasn't."

"Okay...how badly are you hurt? You mentioned that you weren't in the best of shape..."

"I think I need an arrow or three pulled out of my shell."

"An arrow or three?! Oh, good God-- Look, I'll send both Leo and Raph to pick you up with the med kit, okay? Just stay at your current location!"

"I will, bro! I will! Just don't have a cow, okay? I'm not even bleedin' that badly!"

"Is he okay?" Leo asked worriedly.

"Hold on a sec, Mikey..." Don put a hand over the receiver of his Shell Cell. "He's wounded, and he's got someone that's being targeted by a new ninja clan. You and Raph need to go pick them up in the Sewer Slider, and take the med kit with you."

"Okay, I'm drivin'! Let's go, bro!" Raph immediately grabbed the large white box and started heading towards where the Sewer Slider was parked.

"Hey, wait up!" Leo chased after his hot-headed brother.

Don, in the mean time, turned his attention back to Mikey. "They're on their way right now, Mikey. Just stay calm and hang in there, okay?"

"Dude, I'm chillin' like a villian! I think it's you that needs to chill!"

~Not when you're bleeding, I won't!~ Donny thought frantically as he tried to force himself to remain calm and level-headed. His baby brother's life was on the line here...

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commentCommented on: Thu May 24, 2007 @ 10:09pm
Who are going to cal ghostbusters : sings the song: weee I love that show when I was a kid this should be a cool fanfic but it still is

commentCommented on: Fri May 25, 2007 @ 09:06pm
surprised eek heart domokun xp whee

Hello Naku!
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