hate its a different feeling,to a different person.its a feeling deep inside you that you just want to set free but know
you always can't.but then the anger from it continues to grow.

it gets stronger,and stronger intil you almost lose control,like a high pitched note when a person can't sing,it drives you mad.
but then your walk down the street ,and you see this person or thing,
and this feeling of anmosity grows evily to were you scheme there hurt,and demise.

so you walk by and just give a fake smile that fools
the person,but you have a much deeper thought in mind.
should i beat him,some would say,or maybe tie him or her to a tree and have target practace,or you could be even more evil and beat them up and leave them stranded in the woods,the bears and wolves would keep him or her company twisted

so lets take a second,to ask ourselves is hate good or bad,for my answer its hard to say cause you get sorta guilty somtimes,but on the other hand you feel joyious at the same timelike youv'e done a good deed,walked the old lady across the street that feeling.

so i guess that the answer is for you to dicide,is hate
good...or bad...