On the last days of school, Tim (the only boy I talk to in my entire class) told me that I should get him this comic book. He even went to the trouble of showing me pictures of it.

Anyway, I ask him why doesnt he just go and buy them and then he starts talking about some comic store and how he doesn't have any means of transportation and then I tell him that maybe my sister could drive him and he laughs and comes up with all these worst-case scenarios. I did tell my sister and she agreed.
Next day he feels bad and doesn't want to go anymore. I make him feel even worse when I tell him my sister was looking forward on how to get to that city (She is horrible with directions....) so he finally agreed and we were set on Saturday.
My sister then decides to change it to Monday but I didn't tell Tim anything. He given me his phone number a day before so I could call him and I did...that was my mistake.

One of his brothers answered and then he got on....except there was this little problem...he sounded just like Cloud! D: This was very hard for me...I had trouble trying not to scream Cloud's name but I kept cool and told him we move the date and then he asked why. /Why the hell do you have to know!!! Stop talking gonk / went through my mind and the best thing I could do was lie he said ok and then he hang up...thank god.
Monday finally arrives and he parked right infront of his house, since he wasn't outside waiting like I told him to I had to get out of the car. He lives in these apartments and all I knew was his room number but I didn't know which way, luckily he has some very nice neighboors! :] It turns out he had just woken up and expected me to call him. We got in the car and we were on our way. The trip was quiet I think my little sister was afraid of him because she was so quiet and did not sleep at all.

We decided to go to the mall first, since my sister wanted to buy books, and Tim knew how to get there. Anyway as we're entering this car comes infront of us and my sister didn't see it. If it weren't for Tim....Zane would be dead D:
We head to Barnes & Noble after we explain to my sister that you cannot see it because of the trees blockin it. Tim wanders off and my sisters head over to the children's section...only thing left for me is the manga section which also happens to host the comics which Tim happened to be in. Tim is in heaven and sadly did not have money to buy his comics (his mom didn't give him anything) and so the only thing he could do was read them. Anyway when I came in he started telling me all the comics he wanted and then he pointed out the one he wanted the most (his mistake) because then I said maybe I should buy. He got angry but I was looking at Yugioh manga (To be more specific Yami) that I didnt listen to him. Since he was in his temtation area he decided to not to look at the comics. Since he already figure I would buy it (and he was right) and there was only one copy left (which was bad) a guy came in and started to look at comics. After he left I made it seem like he got it and then he turned around and it was still there.... xd (it was so much fun)

Time to go! My sister spent about $200 in Barnes & Noble and Tim told me he was going to check something and warned me not to get the book. I did <3 And I was glad that guy from earlier came so I could use him to uphold my lie.
After that we went to Hot Topic, my sister and I ate. My little sister and Tim played with the spiderman toy she got at Burger King. After that, she no longer feared Tim after she figured out she could inflict pain on him. We got in and then we gave him the Marvel Zombies book. He was happy :]

On the way home I read out loud this book about the bad things of the zodiac and we finally reached Tim's house. He said thank you so many times I began to count the verys (I think in total they were about 10) and we said goodbye.
Hopefully now I wont see him until August 3nodding

We never did go to the comic store. crying