Username: DarkScarlettVixen
Character Name: Sativa, Cloe, Millicent (Milli)
Age: Appear school girl age
Rank: Evils
Home: Earth
Bio: The girls live with their birth mother, she was raped while on her way home from work. She isn't sure who the father is, he hasn't shown himself since but she loves the girls, she can't see the horns, wings or tails on her girls, no humans can. The girls grew up knowing they were different but for the most part are ignorant of the war going on. They go out into the country often to practice their supernatural skills but otherwise are very good girls that go to school, get straight A's and are popular. Sativa is the temptress, she's considered the prettiest girl in school, the boys just drool around her. Her power resides in water and ice. She is the oldest and keeps an eye on her sisters. Cloe is the athlete, she's on the track team and is the star. She is the middle child and is the most grounded of the three. Her power resides in the weather. Milli is the bookworm, she is also the baby of the three, she is in the top three of the school scholasitially. She has a photographic memory, remembers everything she sees and hears, and loves to read. Her power resides in the earth and plants.
Appearance: User Image