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Alex in Wonderland
My poetry...
Ok, so I'm in to poetry..and art..it's my talent.

You know what, though?! I suck. BUT COMMENT! <3

I awake one morning
Look into the mirror
What is this I see?
Nothing but horror.

My reflection, so horrible
I don't bother to look at my positive side
I'm turning into one of them
I must hide.

Apply foundation to my face
Brush on mascara in a race
Put on lip gloss with a fruity taste.

I look at my reflection
What do I see?
Something I've been wanting to,
The new, transformed me.

Before and After
You know I'm different,
I never want to be like you
Classy, Old Fashioned, and look like Grandma too?

I want to be me
But you won't let me be
Punk, goth, emo,
Whatever. You don't know.

I play guitar
Write my poems
Clean your mess
Draw you art

Nothing I'm good at
Is never good enough for you
I try to be a delicate white, dove,
But to you I'm an evil, dark, bat.

I'm dark, sensitive, and dead inside
You threw away my life
You make me cry an ocean's tide

I try to gain my trust
To you, my talent is rust
You pushed me down to Mother Earth's crust.

I can never do better
I'm not that perfect little angel
No more;
I've aged, I've changed, I've gained.

You treat others better
Are you jealous?
Make my life harder.
Do I have to be you, for you to love me?

New Crush (Rrrr.)
You hold me close
you're not afraid.
Hugs, Kisses,
My hair in a braid.

A kiss on my neck,
Fingers through my hair.
Tounge in my mouth
Strokes on my back.

We share things in common
Sing the same songs
We love the same singer
Nothing can go wrong.

You and I put together
We are one.

Forbidden Love Blahblahblah. We're friends. biggrin
The last time we talked was over the phone
We had laughs, moments
Now I'm alone.

You replied "******** off"
I asked why
You responded: "I can't remember, it was something you said enough to hate you."

Why do you hate me dear?
What did I say?
Don't leave me here
Hold me and dry my tears Jay.

You said you could hear my smile.
Can you read my pain?
Do you understand my depression?
Your name is carved into my wrist.

Whatever I did, I didn't mean.
Whatever I said, it wasn't meant
Whatever it is, please tell me
Let's work this out together
Come back to me

I miss you dreadfully
I need you darling
You were the only thing keeping me alive
You promised to take me for a ride.

You used to play the guitar
To calm my thoughts
Talk to me before I rest
About how I was the "best"

You play "Hypnotize"
as you gaze in the skies.
We look at our pictures
Glistening eyes.

I'm trying my hardest,
I hope you've known
That I love you
Though this love is gone.

Death pops to my head
When you are near me
Sometimes I wish I were dead

I thought you loved me
You have no heart
Our moments are now a memory

When you drink that s**t
The gun in our garage is a little friendly

You drink as if there is no tomorrow
Pain in the present, Scars in the future
You take away my life, do you see my sorrow?

******** you drunk
You mean nothing to me
Where is that pistol that is so friendly

Death pops in my head
and I wish I were dead
I don't need this dread

******** you...
******** you...
******** you...

Eyeliner, shows who you really are
If your goth, whore, prep
Or a hot rock star

On how you put it on over your eyes
Eyeliner is the true meaning.
It tells you no lies

Haunted memory
Do you remember me?
I was once your love
Now I'm a memory.

You can't help it I come to your mind.
I left you, in the past
I kicked you in the back of the line

You dream of me at night
Replaying the day I left you
I haunt your dreams, I'm not your star light

No more
No more
No more
Let it go....

Daily My first poem ever. <33
Every day, someone dies.
Every day, a child is born.
Every day, a couple gets married,
Every day, someone's heart is torn.
Every day, something happens to someone
Whether it's good or bad, it is now done.
Thus night has come, go to bed,
Dream of happiness, love, anything but dread. "


You pierced my heart with an old, rusty, blade, carving deeply into my stitched wounds leaving me with infections of hate and emptiness...

Though there is someone else, I still love you and think about you...

Roses are red, Violets are blue. No one eases the pain in my heart like you do...

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    Dark Knight Oblivion
    Community Member
    commentCommented on: Fri Jul 06, 2007 @ 07:25pm
    Wow, I really like the "boys with eyeliner" one...youre getting better and better at poetry, you know...someday youll make Edgar Allan Poe turn in his grave! Youll make my poetry look like worthless rubbish pretty damn soon.

    commentCommented on: Sat Nov 03, 2007 @ 03:49pm
    I like the Before And After

    R A I N B O W S H A R P I
    Community Member
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