There are some precious things in life. Some are love. Some are hate. Well, for me. It's Yaoi. Including the Yaoi pairing I have for kids at my school. Like, Waterfield and Walsh. I will not list first names. But, they seem horribly in love, and they make a uberly lovelt couple.

WaterWalsh is what the pairing is called. They have puplic affections for eachother since someone stated 'They'd look hott making out.'

If someone can just get them to be lovey-dovey and acutally make-out, or at least kiss, in public, there may not be as may homophobes in the public. Or it might get those two in huge trouble with the vice principle that thinks Yaoi is racey. ... Okay it is. But Shonen-Ai isn't. Or Shojo-ai.

Because, she's like, 'So whatever!' and she sucks!! Every knows she is -not that there is anything wrong with them...- a transvestite! I mean c'mon! She thinks that Yaoi is racey, and that everyone has a problem. She sucks the gym teachers' faces! Even though one of them has kids!!!