I sit and watch
As the candle burn
Sit quietly and wait
Until I can take my turn

Move slowly to the front
As you lay there in peace
Think about the past
And how you now look so much more at ease

Think of the things
That I said to you
And of all the hell
I put you through

I begin to think
About the fight
And how I wish
I could've made things right

We started early
And argued for n hour
I lost all control
As you gained power

The night got worse
When you walked out on me
I fell to the ground
And thought how could this be

Why are you like this
We were once so perfect
I don't know what I did
Why do I deserve this

I continue to think
And continue to walk
Up to where you lay
Others start to talk

Talk about how
I was the last one you saw
They say its my fault
And blame me for all

They continue to talk
I hear all they say
I wish they'd leave me alone
My pains not going away

I begin to cry
As I get closer
If I had one wish
I'd do the other night all over

The fight would've never happened
You'd still be here today
But instead we're now
Putting you peacefully away

The tears start to flow
Like the evening rain
More and more are coming
I'm slowly releasing my pain

I arrive at the front
And I crash to the floor
Still hearing it in my head
The echo of a slamming door

I begin to scream
Not only in anger, but in fear
Not knowing what I'll do
Knowing you're no longer here

I'm sorry, I'm sorry
Thats all that seems to come out
The anger is now greater
And I continue t shout

I'm sorry for everything
The pain the torture
Please come back to me
We can start all over

I still need you
I'm lost and alone
Without you here
Our house is no longer home

Someone wake me up
Tell me this is all a dream
Tell me its a horror movie
And this is just a scene

Tell me its something
Just as long as its not true
Tell me you're okay
And I'm still with you

Someone finally comes around
And picks me up off the floor
I start my last goodbyes
But they force me out the door

I'll never get a chance
To tell you how I feel
About what we had
And how it was totally real

This is the only way
I can express whats inside
I scream out in pain
Then run away and hide

Hide until a different day
When everyone forgets who I am
Until they know that I'm sorry
And that the argument wasn't my plan

Ive gotten myself back together
And I re-enter the room
I stare at all the people
And their hearts filled with gloom

I go up to the very front
An begin to speak
Everyones paying attention now
My knees begin to go weak

I tell everyone what I've wrote
As the days coming to an end
I tell them how I'm sorry
Time and time again

Slowly they take you
Into the sun
I feel the tears again
A whole new life has just begun

I have nothing left
No strength to fight
I have nothing more to say
Except this on your last night

I sit and cry
As the candles go out
This is my last goodbye to you
This is how I've felt