Well lets see I havent written for a few days. Well on friday I went driving and couldnt find my glasses and we looked all over for them then today we finally found them they fell under the seat in the van. And yestrday I desided to transfer all of my saves into my checking so I brought myself a pink ds lite last night.. Tho I dont have any games I played a few game boy advance tapes on there I really like the graphics and how bright it is and I cant wait to get more games. I had 3 days off and that was nice now I go back to work tomorrow and I work 6 hrs then 8 hrs for the rest of the week exepct for thursday I have off and its pay day I compleated my fsg level one award and now I got this really cool badge from it. I went to Applebees tonight they where so slow saw Eric's family there but dint talk to them. would have like to but I walked right on passed them then I saw Scott and I said hi to him and then I relized I walked right on pass his family so I just waved.
We are trying to get ready for a g sale at the end of June so we have been going threw stuff and the house is such a mess from that but oh wells. Other than that I dk I miss kyle. I watched the movie I made for him cuz I had to do it as a final and I just desided I would use that shh.. Other than that I am out.. Latter. rofl