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1. What time is it there? 7:19 PM

2. Complete Name: Emily. I'm not giving out everything. Oo I'm not an idiot.

3. When is your birthday? 5-14-94

4. Are you in love? Yes...

6. Favorite Month: October

7. Have you ever been drunk before? Yes. xD

8. Do you cry a lot? Hell no

9. Are you jealous of someone because of one of their friends? Yas. No.... I DON'T KNOW!!! Wait, wait... Yes.

10. Sprite or Seven up? Sprite

11. Beer or Juice? Juice

12. Coffee or Tea? Either, I don't mind

13. If you were a Crayola crayon, what color you be? Black, Purple, Blue, Silver

15. What you do with your pillow in the night? What so you think?

16. Favorite meal of the day? Lunch

18. Place you liked to be kissed on best? The lips

19. Song you are listening right now? The Bird and the Worm by The Used

20. Topic most hated: Anything science or math related, pretty much

21. What is the first thing you see in the opposite gender? Eyes and umm, I think that's it....

22. Do you like somebody? Yes

23. Favorite Movie: I don't know, lots to choose from...

24. Hugs or Kisses? Both!

25. You are missing somebody right now? Jeremy.....

26. Do you have any plushies? Duh! I have a pig named Kawana, I don't know whwere the name came from, I was 2

27. How can see yourself in 15 years? An Internet freak, still going on Gaia, and obsessed with some Anime/Manga character

28. Who is your best friend? I have a group, not a specific one

29. Which of your friends live furthest away? The one in Springfield

30. How much do you love the school? NO comment....

31. How much can you forgive others? Depends...

32. Who you think will answer this Journal first? I don't have a clue

33. Pets? A cat named Kiki Anna, three dogs: Buck=Male, Sandy and Abby (the little b***h of a shih tzu)= Female

34. The character you love with all your heart? Wrath, Sasori, Al

35. Have special friends? Mentally, like literally? No.

36. How many you can eat in one day? How many... How many WHAT?

37. Weak points? Not telling!

38. The first thing you think when you wake up? Nope! Not getting up... Seepy time still here... ^^

39. Like or hate the storms? I love them! They're all so calming to me...

40. If you could be another person, who would you be? A lot of people are on my list

41. Have you felt depressed before? Too many times to count, not too surprisingly

45. What is on your bed? Sheets, pillows, a blanket, and most likely a sketchbook and pencil

47. What is the car of your dream? Dunno

48. Are you sick? Depends. Mentally? Yes.

49. Who do you want to answer this journal? I don't care.

50. Favorite colors? Silver, black, blue, purple, yeah...

52: What's the best thing you can think of right now?

53. Name some friends: Alexis, Cris, Rebecca, Jeremy, Austin, Dani, and Rhianna

54. Your favorite anime? Naruto,FMA,Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne,InuYasha,Teen Titans and

55. What do you work for in life? Nothing really...

56. What Shampoo do you use? Suave sometimes...why? Oo

57. Favorite Song: Right now?First Love by Utada Hikaru

59. Do you love someone right now? No

60. Whose the most complicated friend you have? The most simple? Complicated = Alexis Simple = Rebecca

61. What do you want in the opposite gender? Someone with a great personality who isn't too ugly nor too hot.

62. What are you afraid of? MANY MANY things. x-x;;

63. What you think about Death? Death is simply a new beginning.Dying scares the hell outta me though...

64. Have you ever fell in love with a friend before? Yes...I hate myself for it. u.u

65. Just for adults, kids can skip this; What do you think of an Orgasm? CHILD!

66. Favorite Game: World Domination or Hide and go Seek

67. Have you ever had before a lovely deep kiss? Nope.

68. What do you want with all your heart in this life? To be TRULY happy.

69. What is your favorite weather? Sunny and about 75 degrees. n_n

70. Where do you go on vacations? Arkansas

71. Will you go to live forever in another country? Maybe.

72. Who has never failed you? Rebecca.

73. Cold or Heat? Heat

74. Letter or email? Either

75. The person you miss a lot right now: My cousin...

76. What make you happy? Nothing make me happy,but,chocolate MAKES me happy.

77. Favorite cartoon, NOT anime: Life with Derek

78. Soccer? I have to semi-like it because two of my friends are in it.

79. Do you have any siblings? A little sis.Soon,she will die.

80. What's your favorite TV show (compy or television)? Either Naruto or Whos line is it anyway?

81. What sports do you like to play? To watch? Play - Horse back riding. Watch- Ice skating

82. What's the worst feeling in this world? Betrayal.

83. The best? Love and caring.

84. Have you ever gone on a berserk rage? Yup.

85. Future name of your son? Either Edward or Garrett.

86. Future name of your daughter? Either Ari or Vivian.

87. Vanilla or chocolate? Chocolate.

88. One or two pillows? As many as possible. x3

89. Do you sleep with plushies? Yes.

90. What's your favorite number? 13,7 or 666

91. Favorite toy: Plushies. x3 Or,barbies if I can destroy them and shoot them off with fireworks and watch the un-alive limbs fall to the ground in a black mass of splattered recycled plastic.

92. What would you say if you could say something to that special person right now? I'd slap them across the face and scream liar because thats what my special someone is right now.

93. Your favorite drink: Dr.Pepper

94. What you dont like to eat: Umeboshi and veggies and tacos.

95. Who was the first to congrats you in your last birthday? My mom.

96. So...how far have you gotten? Not far at all if you're talking about what I think you are...

97. What are you totally obsessed with? NejiTen,InoSai,ShikaTema,ITACHI and SASORI.

98. What are you wearing right now? jeans,a green halter top and a red t-shirt over it.

99. Music player? white iPod.

100. What time is it now? 7:06 (( I've been roleplaying in another window x3 ))

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Becca Spark
Community Member
commentCommented on: Mon Jul 02, 2007 @ 06:43pm
^______^ Emmy! heart ya!

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