Today I am veeeerry bored. Everyone is busy with their girlfriend or boyfriend, and well.. I don't have one, ne ne? e_e I called just about everyone, I am not even kidding. Azzy and Brandon's anniversary is today, Tyler and Carolyn are hanging out, Steven is with his girlfriend, Sheldon also, and Chloe didn't even pick up so I think she's out with Jamie. I called Gabby to see if she wanted to hang out, but then we got into an argument that was quite upsetting, but I think we're okay again now? I have no idea, I'm so confused. She asked me to come to the mall, but by that point the mall was pretty much about to close and I didn't have time to get ready or anything before it did.

My parents are having a party here tonight, and my brother and his friend are over and I was already screamed at enough by my brother to do something. YEAH WELL I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO, OKAY?! Why doesn't he just go out himself, geez.

So I'll probably just watch anime all day and browse Gaia very boredly. Watching Tales of Eternia at the moment ... want something to eat. I'm hungry. There's never anything good in this house besides ramen and peanut butter sandwiches though ... ahhhhh some weekend this shaped up to be. Oh well... I'm not unhappy or anything, just really bored.

Bang bang bang. Oh yeah, and Lucky Star rocks.

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