So, I visited Widdifield today, but no one was there except Chloe, Tyler, and Kora so it wasn't much fun. T__T Well, okay, it was fun.. until everyone got seperated. We were kicked out of Ivan's for loitering ( even though we bought plenty of things. -_- ) so we sat on the curb for a little while. We were waiting for Kyle, but then Tyler and me got bored so we headed up to the hill .. but then we lost everyone later, and spent a really long time looking for everyone, but no dice.

We sat in the lunchroom with Chloe and Jamie for a while, but then Tyler went home and Chloe went to class, so I just took the bus back with Jamie. He let me play Tales of Eternia. ^^ I'd been playing it for quite a while.. it's a really fun game. Very addictive. I thought I'd like Keele the best but I don't like him at all. ;--; I rather like Reid though.

So now I'm at home, being bored, and certain that eventually my brother will come home and kick me off. e_e Man, I hate when that happens ... he always screaming in my ear like a madman about that X-Box.

Apparently Danika's house burnt down and Ricky is trying to find out who did it. O__o I know that Danika doesn't know/like me very much, but I do feel really bad for her.. I hope that her family can get back on their feet very soon.

Well, I need to plan another trip to Widdifield next Friday now, when everyone will be around. -_- I think my mom is taking me shopping tonight .. I hope that's enough to cheer me up, because my head hurts, I'm tired, and I'm still sick. Tata.

Edit: Oh my lord, Mokona hats.. I love Tsubasa, this has made my day and I'm happy again. <333 My mom is late coming home.. I wonder where she is.. and my brother is indeed yelling. Got into some debate with Ricky about feelings being useless ( obviously me saying they're not. ) aaaannndddd.. now I better get off before mom does come home, because I'm sure pressing my luck. >_>