******** sakkee, I can't wait to move out and get my own house. I've had enough of my family treating me like a piece of s**t they've just pulled off of their shoe.

There's mum who doesn't accept that what I want isn't what she wants. She's like a screaming child who who take no for an answer whilst in the chocolate isle at Tescos. And there's my hormonal brother who drives me round the bend, saying I have no life because Im always on the internet and I lie about having friends and I make up their names. Wow, what a loving family I have. I couldn't be happier!


Seriously, as soon as I hit 16, I'm out of here.

Although I probably won't be, mum will lock me in my room and bolt the windows or something. Ooooh no, she won't have me going ANYWHERE.

And I keep getting s**t in my eyes. Everywhere I walk 'owww my eyes', really quite pissing me off now. Even now there's something in my eye.

And there goes the internet AGAIN. And skype AGAIN, and limewire. No music, no browsing, no matt for about another 10mins after I go and unplug the router and plug it back in again and then reconnect the bloody thing coz thats the only thing that'll make it work for another half an hour.

Ooh and fun fun fun revision time! Tonight's topics are chemistry and physics, my worst subjects! Well, next to Citizenship, which I can't do. And Maths. Only 3 more weeks though.