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I MISS EVERYONE X 1000000000
So I'm in English at the moment.

I've been browsing through peoples' journals for the last while ( I've been extremely bored... and I'm a horrid stalker. ) and it occurs to me how much everyone else has fun. Everyone writes about cool stuff and about eachother and I write about angst angst angst. Dx

I'm so tired of complaining about everything and I miss everyone alot, especially the people I haven't seen in such a while ... like Gabby. And Gabby is mad at me because she thinks I prefer Steven over her, but I like both of them and now that they hate eachother it's impossible to get them together and it feels like I have to pick sides and.. and... T__T Gabby, if you ever read this ( though it might be unlikely. ) you have to know that I DO miss you alot and I hope we can be friends again and that you'll forgive me for being a jerk. >__< I hope that me and Kora can along soon again too.

I'M SORRY EVERYONE!! For everything, really! Always complaining and never shutting up about me... I can't seem to help it, and I don't know why ... I just want to be with everyone and have fun.

Now I'm going to put the people dearest to me here ( This is in no particular order ) >>

Azzy (Brittany): You're my best friend, always there and willing to listen and we've been through thick and thin! We can pull memories out the air as quickly as a magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat. So many funny things have happened to us, good things, and bad things too. I dread to think what would of happened if I never sat beside you that one time in Grade 8. I hope we're friends forever, because, life would sure be alot less meaningful without you. Also, I hope you and Brandon are together forever! >w<

Choco (Chloe): You've been a great listener and I trust you with just about anything and everything. Sometimes you don't have much to say about something, but I know that you care about me and that makes me happy. I care alot about you too! You're way too good at hiding the things in your life, and I think sometimes you need to open up a little more, you know? Don't forget that I'll always be willing to listen to you .. and I still think that you're one of the best artists I know. x3 By the way, you and Jamie are soo cute. ^^

T-mix (Tyler): What would I do without you? Many a night you've been there to consult and console me through my worst spells of depression. Your advice is ace and always uplifting, and there's no one I'd rather go to. Only recently we've started hanging out in real life, but it's been lots of fun, hasn't it? ^^ You're one of those people who don't talk too much about yourself without alot of prompting, but I think that I wouldn't mind getting to know you a little better sometimes, so don't be afraid to tell me anything. XD I hope that there'll be many more great days where we do things. By the way .. pirates rule. XP

Ricky: We've sure come a long way, haven't we? There was surely a point where you disliked me very much, but I hope that nowadays you consider me a good friend. I know that you're a very important person to me, afterall. ^^; You can never fail to make me laugh and smile with your crazy antics, and surely there's no one more daring. Even if sometimes you're a little cold, and you shun away from assistance, I know you have a good heart and you shouldn't be afraid to confide in me, even if I know I do happen to do things to make you angry sometimes. I'll always be willing to help you if I can .. and I really do hope that all your dreams ( You know which ones ) come true. ^^ By the way, as of this month, it's been a whole year since I used to throw your binders down the hall, LOL. X3

Sheldon: You've been such an awesome friend to me, always helping where you can and trying to brighten the days of others. You sure have run into some rough patches.. but you've come out of them for the better, right? There are some days I feel like I have treated you rather badly, but I do feel upmost guilt for them and I hope you've forgiven me and we can continue to be good friends. :3 I won't forget any of the things you've ever done for me. Don't you ever stop smiling! Also, next time, just call no matter what anyone says about me doing anything. XD;;

Sheru (Steven): You've known me the longest out of our ToA group, having met me some fateful day in Science where I was really rude to you. xD; Nonetheless, we turned out to be good friends, right? Although there sure are some things you've done that I won't ever forget to look darkly on. You're my best phone buddy, and I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't call you to bug you for 2 hours or so on a nightly basis. XD Although I know that you get tired of some of the things I complain about.. I'm sorry, you gotta know I appreciate how much you've been there for me. Sometimes I regret having not gotten to know you better sooner when I had the chance ... and to me, you'll always be The Prodigy. XD Keep rocking on the World you .hack nut!

Kiki (Gabby): My forgiveness is in the second paragraph. The first few times I met you because of my other friends, I thought you rather disliked me and I shyed away from you .. but then I started going to Steven's house in the summer and found out what an awesome person you are. ^^ You're crazy, quite perverted, and we've been able to share some heartbreak woes together at the mall and everywhere else. It makes me happy to think that in some way I helped you and Kelley be together, and although I'll always miss the times it's been you, me, and Steven, I'm hoping that you're as happy as you can be. :3 I really do hope you'll accept my apologies and start talking to me again.

Shika/Kyoko (Kora): Ohhh the times we've sure had, huh? X3 I don't know anyone more of a crazy fangirl then you. xD Who else will I squeal loudly about Naruto with as we traipse down the street? I bless that day in Science where we united over Edward Elric. Sometimes we get into really heated debates, but usually it's forgotten about in two days or so and we're good friends again. We don't see eachother much anymore and it's a big shame, but we're going to make time to hang out eventually, okay? Dx Also, I WILL go back to Widdifield, I swear upon it. Shadow is yours forever! x3

Also, everyone from the group ( Azzy, Christie, Dustin, Aaron, Brandon, Brandon, and even Crystal ) will always have a dear place in my heart. We all need to have another poker night soon, you hear me? >_>

Well, that's about all for now I reckon. Don't forget I'm visiting Widdifield this Wednesday with Jamie and Azzy! Byebyeeee!

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commentCommented on: Mon May 07, 2007 @ 09:35pm
Booya~ I was first on the list. xD
...>.> Thank ya Brit. Very kind. <3
We'll always be best friends/Photographer buddies (as of this summer. xP) and will always share completely random things, from bombs blowing up in the halls, exploding pimples, to Iraq and Pee Pee. xD
xD Either way, don't forget kid, I'm always here for ya.


And I'm god. I made Brandon agree to being a model for my photography this summer. xDD


You didn't mention him. Shock and awe. xD Anywho, end of comment. <333

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