Figured I should rewrite this one. It was the first one I wrote on my old account that got hacked way more times then it should have. crying stare

Hello there. ^___^ I'm new. Well lets see...
I've lived in Vegas my whole life,
I'm a girl,
You can just call me Cara,
My b-day is Feb. 26 so I'm a Pisces and I'm a rat(Chinese zodiac),
I don't smoke, drink, or do drugs,
I am about 5'7"/5'8" maybe 5'9",
I have wavy and curly dark ash blonde/light ash brown hair,
I have green eyes,
I wear glasses,
I have freckles,
I'm a huge Anime and Manga fan,
I make up my own characters for different things(even though they all look about the same, silly me not making big differances(sp?)xD), and I am also an "Anime Freak" as my friends say. Not that it's a bad thing of course. They also say that I'm an "Anime Encyclopedia(sp?)" and always come to me with questions. They say I know everything about every show, I think I just know alittle, maybe alot. They also call me the "Anime Library" because they say I have all the Anime in the world.xD I don't I just have alot.

I like to sing, draw, write, read books, watch movies, play video games, and go on the computer. I'm also big on myths and legends. I'm also facinated by things like dragons, vampires, pirates, shamans, elves, faries/fairies/faeries, the fae, the fair folk, magic/magick(or however else you spell it), and other things like that.

Thanks for reading this and I wish you all Love, Peace, and DOUGHNUTS. o^__^o Hehehe too much Trigun.

I have a Sheezy Art My Sheezy page and DA account My DA page you can check them out if you want.
My sister(nekospookychan on here) has a section on DA she's called necrospooky you should check hers out too. Sisters DA page

If you really care what I look like here are some pics
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Also I don't know if you know this site ( but it has some funny/interesting videos. Here are a few links to ones I like
My favs are the ones with the bunny and the cat and Shii's song. I hope you like them. ^^

You Know You're From Nevada When...

You prefer In and Out to McDonalds and Del Taco to Taco Bell

You can count cards

You know that prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas

You've wondered if your cab ride will end up on Taxi Cab Confessions

More of your friends were born in California than Nevada

Your car's overheated - before you started driving

You know what all the combinations mean on a slot machine

You don't answer the phone during UNLV basketball

You see more billboards than trees on the road

You've seen a red leather male chastity belt in full color on the front page of the living section

You have legal brothels within a half hour's drive of your state legislature

You have a smoking section in your supermarket

You have ever thought New Jersey sounded like a nice, wholesome place to visit

You know that Pahrump is not actually the punchline of a bad joke. At least, not always

You know which one is Roy and which one is Siegfried

Your car payment is higher than your rent

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Nevada.

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You Know You're From Las Vegas When...

You know which one is Sigfriend and which one is Roy

You've played slots... in 7-11

Your car payment is more than your rent

You've seen a porn star up close

Your McDonald's has a hand-painted portrait of Marilyn & Elvis

The slot machines in the airport drown out the PA announcements

You've attended a drive through wedding

You've been to a museum... at a casino

Your favorite form of mass transport is free

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Las Vegas.

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Your match is GOKU!!(theif-you know, you can alwaystake the quiz again and leave him to me^^J/K)He loves to eat, annoy Gojyo, and kick someevil youkai a**! He loves to fight the toughestdemons. He's alittle(okay alot)Childesh, butwho doesn't love kids?(Sanzo doesn't count)Hemay not look like he cares about you on theoutside, but deep down he cares.(No seriously,take the quiz again...You can always changeyour answer!!!)
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Ryunosuke Umemiya - Good god, I never thoughtsomeone would get this guy.. Ryu is alwayslooking for his 'Best Place' and I`m sure thatits really you! He`ll take you for rides on hismotorcycle. Just watch out for his hair, itweighs about 20 lbs and could knock you out ifit collides with your head.
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Certificate of MarriageThis is to certify thatCara + Ryuwere marriedon the 26th day of January 2005 ~~~~~~ MYFC ~~~~~~

Hi. Guess what? It's my B-day! I' old again...oh yeah I'm physically 26. ^_^ O_o Wow, I forgot I was that old physically. Probably cause everyone thinks I'm 15-18 when they look at me, oh well. Oh and I say physically because mentally I think I'm about 6. ^_^ And to all who have my B-day Happy Birthday! To those that don't A Very Merry Unbirthday! xd