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Tome of Knowledge
Nothing Messenger
I found a little nothing
He made me think of you
He may just be a nothing
But what he knows is true.

He is here in this letter
And when this is through
My nothing will let you know
That all I think of is you

Whenever I can't say
Whatever it is I feel
This little nothing will make
All those unsaid things real

I may not speak it
And I may not be with you
But all my little nothings
Are a way of saying I love you.

I wrote this at 4 in the morning, a time when I am pretty tired, but apparently pretty creative as well. Because of the state of mind I was in when I wrote it, and because I don't trust my opinion once my head is inflated by the praise I recieved from the person I wrote it to, I would like my fellow Gaians to tell me what they think. Yes, it is a love poem. Yes, it is in a different style than the rest of my stuff. Yes, I am answering questions that haven't been asked and might not be. I'm sorry, just used to posting poems onto the forums. Most of the people there give bland commentary that critiques the grammer and mechanics. I know that my writing breaks the rules of grammer. I DON'T CARE. I want to know what it made you think and feel. Later on, if it is bad enough, I will polish the mechanics and grammer. The piece needs to actually have feeling before it is worth making it look

I know this is starting to get lengthy, but a little background might help you understand it better. I send on average about 15 messages to my girl a day. Txt, IM, myspace, livejoural, email, little notes on napkins, ect. Most of these things are bits of conversation, but at least one a day is a nothing. When I have some emotion or wish or whatever that I want her to know about, but can't make it fit into words or interpretive dance (just a joke, if she ever saw me dance, we probably wouldn't speak to each other again...), I tend to send a message that says absolutely nothing of value. But she told me that those messages make her day. This thought kind of grew on me, and so the 'nothing's in the poem are actual nouns, and they are these messages I send. I have a feeling that most of you could have picked that up without me spelling it out, but again, after posting to the forums, I figured a little explanation would go a long way.

Oh, and feel free to share my stuff with your friends. Don't plagurize or anything, but I definitly don't mind people sharing things that they love with the ones they love. If anything, it means more to me to know you do share it, seeing as you wouldn't take time out to share it if it sucked. I would like to know what those people thought about it, though. Feedback from my friends is the only reason I post things and keep adding new friends. Anyways, I wrote more than was fair for me to make y'all read. I am going to bed to dream of the person who has brought me out of my shell. Good night, Gaia.

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Zanep Lodes
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    Cannibal Pufferfish
    Community Member

    Tue Jul 31, 2007 @ 07:47am

    The piece needs to actually have feeling before it is worth making it look

    So true, this poem is probably the best love poem I have ever read, it leaves a warm feeling after reading. Hope you dont mind me posting in your journal.

    Questing Cap A La GingerBread 710/1000
    Community Member

    Sat Aug 04, 2007 @ 09:49pm

    I don't think enough people out there get their "nothings". Because really, alot of times they feel like the best thing in the world.

    I really like this piece. Makes me wish I had a guy who did the whole "nothing" thing.

    I don't know you, but it seems you'd be one of the better fish in the sea, so kudos to you, sir.

    Keep writing!

    User Comments: [2]
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