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PostPosted: Tue Sep 18, 2007 11:18 pm
1) I absolutely CANNOT stand bad English. My country's english level is, frankly, not so good, so I have to deal with weird grammar and spellings on signboards and ads. And everytime it happens I'll spend time critisizing it.

2) I must sleep with my blanket and pillow arranged in a particular way, because the pattern must be upright.

3) Certain foods cannot or must go together. For example, I can't eat chocolate with banana, jam with peanut butter, tuna without lettuce, etc etc

4) Hate sweets. I prefer salty, sour or bitter stuff (mmm, dark chocolate...)

5) I'll only serve food I've cooked when they look presentable, which means proper plates, garnishing, and all of that.

6) I absolutely worship make up. Whenever I go to a department store the first thing I'll visit is the cosmetics section. This isn't so bad until you consider that I tend to dress and act like a tomboy.

7)I tend to fantasize about violence or sex when I'm bored. And in those fantasies, I'm a guy, but a gay one.

cool I'm a tough gal whose first reaction to an insult from any guy is to rearrange that guy's face, but when I see touching scenes on movies or tv shows, I burst into tears.

9) I love physical activity. Whenever I have to climb a set of stairs I almost always run up...even when I'm wearing high heels and skirts. I'm always the first to volunteer for any school activity that requires plenty of physical work. Partly for the exercise, but mostly to watch my male schoolmates collapse in exhaustion while I'm still going strong xd

10)I don't have 'friends'. I only have many 'people I know' and ONE best friend at a time.

More to come....  
PostPosted: Thu Oct 04, 2007 11:24 pm
o1. I have 3 laptops belonging to me, and a total of 8 computers in my house
o2. I i get called emo at school hence the [.Miss.Emo.] user name
o3. I hate illiterate whores on myspace
o3. British accents irritate me.
(no offense i just have some deep unknown hate of British accents)



PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2007 10:18 am
1) I have accentia/decentia phobia. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the fear of going up and down staircases (and escalators).
2) I used to have sphereophobia- the fear of balls (yes).
3) I like to squish my cats up against my boobs- warm and fuzzeh cats.
4) I prefer to drink hot tea lukewarm, but ice tea has to be freaking cold.
5) I can't tell how long I've been in the shower until all the hot water is gone
6)I sleep with my head just below the pillow, instead of ever on it
7) I sound awful when I sing in English, but I can't speak any other language fluently, I just memorize the words and pronunciations in other ones
8 ) I can eat chicken everyday for two weeks straight without getting sick of it.
9) I always wished that I could sign checks in green...  
PostPosted: Wed Oct 17, 2007 5:14 pm
1) I have accentia/decentia phobia. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the fear of going up and down staircases (and escalators).

I used to have that... Like, seriously.

Moar secrets?
> I have an anxiety disorder.
> When I'm bored, I have imaginary conversations with my OCs.
> Madonna, Finola Hughes, and Janice Dickenson scare the heck out of me.



PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2007 1:27 am
1.) I have a very short temper. It's just that I hide it well....somehow. I'm sorry. That made no sense. sweatdrop

2.) I am a HUGE hypocrite; I lecture my friends about homework and responsibility but procrastinate whenever I can. I'd be a good adviser though?

3.) I am a kleptomaniac for pens. I don't know why, but if I see a stranded pen, I'll just swipe it. If it's a pen that belongs to someone else, I'll try to resist, but if it's really, really pretty or cool, I'll swipe it regardless.

4.) Apparently, I have a comma fetish. Whenever I write or type, I'll just put in a comma at any available pause. Most of the time, it's grammatically correct, but it just looks weird.

5.) I'm more uke than seme. This is the only time I'll say it since so many people keep asking me (an unbelievably large amount too...shameless kids). Although, it probably doesn't help that I'm posting this in a guild forum, does it? =/

6.) I like pretty and cute things. Seriously, it may be because of the whole gay thing, but I just can't resist cuteness. A lot of my friends think it's weird... crying

7.) I'm very sarcastic and cynical in real life. Over the net, I'm at least somewhat friendly, but if any of you meet me in person, you'll probably think I hate you. Oh, but I don't hate you individually! My hate is evenly divided amongst all humankind. 3nodding

8.) I hate mushrooms, but I like drawing them! I include a lot of them in my art (too lazy to post right now..) and a lot of people think it's weird that I draw them as much as I hate them.

9.) I'm extremely self-conscious. I may come off as aloof with a "I don't care about anything" type of personality, but trust me, in my mind, I'm actually freaking out.

10.) I type a lot of bullshit. 'Nuff said! rofl  
PostPosted: Sat Dec 29, 2007 6:19 pm
Not so many secrets online...

Though when it comes to real life, I am a closet Bi, so I have to hide my love of yaoi. Even though I know full well my parents would except my sexuality I still choose to hide it. I am a 20 year old, who's never been kissed, and never even had a boyfriend or girlfriend.

I tend to type too fast sometimes and end up making a lot of spelling errors, or even completely replace one word with another word I was thinking about. On top of that, my grammar sucks.

I have a bit of a Texan accent, I just hide it. Though lately it's been slipping out every now and then.

I type with my Texan accent/grammar, so don't be surprised if you see me say aint a lot.

I procrastinate with just about everything, especially drawing. Which sucks, since I need to practice drawing 'cause I want to make my own comics someday.

I sometimes have random mood swings, which lead to short depressions.

I want to attend a yaoi convention, but I tend to get nervous and chicken out at the last minute.

I was raised in a smart-a** family, so I can come off as a smart-a** sometimes. But once people get to know me, I can be a really cool guy.

I think I am too thin... yes, too THIN. My weight shifts between 115 and 120 lbs, and no matter what I eat, I cannot gain weight. I don't eat healthy at all, no veggies, lots of junk food, and McDonald's every day at work. Yet even with all that, I don't gain weight.

And before I make this list any longer I will end up with one last note. I LOVE the Power Rangers... the original Mighty Morphin'.  



PostPosted: Sun Dec 30, 2007 2:19 pm
- This is kinda looney but.. I kind of feel like there are two of me. There's the one everyone sees and communicates with and there's the inner me that talks in my head. Yes, they are different and yes, I know I should be locked up. x.x

- if u type lik dis on teh internetz w/out gud grammer, I immediately think you're less intelligent.. I'm really trying not to judge that way, though. x.x;

- I love it when my friends get cuddly and don't really mind it when they touch me. But, when my family tries to hug me and do anything near cuddly it makes me uncomfortable and awkward. I dunno why. o.o;

- Sometimes I have trouble eating infront of others, I get all self-conscience. But then other times I couldn't care less who's watching me.

- I hate dresses/skirts. I will never ever be caught in one. When I was little and was getting some.. sacrament in church(I dunno what, not religious anymore). The only way my mother could convince me to wear a dress was if she gave me 20 dollars. Haven't worn one since then. <.<;

- I have trouble finishing things or starting something I want to do. I dunno why.. I WANT to do it, but I just don't have much motivation. :/

- I hate crying. I especially hate crying around others and will do A LOT just to get alone if I can't hold my composure when I'm upset. It makes me feel weak and vulnerable. D:

- I'm very attentive to my friends and do my best to help them or give them advice. But when I need help I never seek assistance and will refuse to admit there's a problem.

- I've never been kissed or done any real relationship type activities. This would shock many because I can act like such a perv and know prolly too much sometimes. x3

- I totally love British accents. They make me swoon and I wish I had one. <3

Umm.. That's all I got right now. I hope I'm not too crazy. :B  
PostPosted: Sun Dec 30, 2007 8:27 pm
Eh you ain't too crazy Sigii... in fact, you and I have a lot in common based on your list. Your list describes me better than my own. And here I thought there wasn't anyone else as crazy as me. 3nodding  



PostPosted: Mon Dec 31, 2007 7:26 am
Eh you ain't too crazy Sigii... in fact, you and I have a lot in common based on your list. Your list describes me better than my own. And here I thought there wasn't anyone else as crazy as me. 3nodding

Haha, that's a relief. After typing that all down I was like, "Damn.. I have issues...". Glad to know I'm not alone. x3  
PostPosted: Fri Jan 25, 2008 10:53 pm
1.) I've never posted in this forum before because I RARELY use gaia but I lurk all the time looking for fanfiction. (lulz)

2.) I think incest is fascinating too, but I like a lot of really weird stuff anyway.

3.) I have a strange obsession with staring at/touching my face and hair all the time. ALL THE TIME. Whenever I'm at home I randomly get up from my computer to look in the mirror at my face. I don't know why I do it but I have a theory that it's because I'm subconsciously trying to think that if I look at myself enough, I will become better looking.

4.) I get turned on by music and songs and things. Really loud trance (good trance) and stuff is a major because I'm a raver girl, but music with lyrics I find sexy in general works for me. Massive Attack, Metric (<3), Sneakerpimps, etc. Voices can do it too. For this, I guess really, sounds and WORDS. Words just... man. Like GOOD HONEY DEW SYN FANFICS. ;D

5.) I get insanely jealous over everything with all of my friends or whoever I'm dating or whatever. Like, unnaturally/unhealthy jealous, in terms of "Oh, the other day I was talking to ____ and blah blah" and I think "why weren't you talking to me?" I think I may have some sort of personality disorder.

6.) I am a really big hypocrite and I'm totally lazy. A lot of people think I'm amazing because I do so many things and never have any time.. I have my own clothing brand I'm working on for premereing in a fashion show at a con (lulz it's lolita), I'm the president of two clubs and the founder of both, I work at least four-five days a week after going to school from 8-3 (longer if I have a club) and I recently got dragged into the school newspaper as an art... thing. But in reality I'm so lazy that whenever I have free time and I need to do something important like homework or sewing (working on said fashion brand) I end up surfing the internet because I have some unhealthy addiction to looking at lolita clothes. And there's always world of warcraft.

7.) I used to roleplay every day... and I don't anymore... and I really wish I did and I'm sad that I don't. I miss literate awesome one on one yaoi roleplays and now the closest I get to that is... reading fanfiction. =w=

8.) I'm a dominant uke. Don't ask me how that works.

(this is like the first time I've posted to gaia in like a year, I thought it would be interesting to just write all this down and get it out... so... thanks Honeysyn guild. XD)


Kai Artemios

PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2008 5:46 pm
Eh, whenever I have a favorite character, I usually end up having a dream about him/her and he/she are usually very angry at me and wish to leave me exceedingly and painfully injured. AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHY!

Also, my favorite characters end up dead. It's very traumatizing, actually. I had to stop reading for a while after three of my favorite characters died one after another. AND THEY WERE ALL FROM COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SERIES!

Uh, never had a boyfriend, and don't want one...and for some reason people find this strange...and they've questioned my sexuality because of it confused

I don't freak out about bugs as long as they are away from me. I completely spazz if I feel one crawl on me.

Hate romance unless it's of the BL variety...I don't know why and it makes me sound like a hypocrite but I can't help it.

I am always considered the "mom" of the group and I try to be in control of myself at all times.

I have personal space issues. I cannot stand being touched at all. I stiffen up whenever anybody sits too close to me. My friends even invented and named a hug after me which goes through all the motions of hugging without actual contact. The only people I can be touchy with is my mom and my siblings. In fact, it's just this past year that I have developed the ability to pat people on the shoulder.

I have a "rape-proof" jacket. >.>

People think I'm one of the nicest people around because I'm always polite and courteous but I actually don't like people in general. I don't hate them but I don't feel any affinity for them either.

Yeesh, I never realized how weird I am!  
PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2008 10:15 am
Let's see what I can dig up about myself.

1. Unlike the seriotypical girl, I love almost everything a 'normal' girl would think gross. I especially like watching needles go into skin.

2. I have to have everything in even numbers, or only one. Especially cookies or marshmallows.

3. I alway step in the middle of the tiles on a tiled floor (unless they're too small to step in the midde of).

4. I'm the srongest girl I know, and a lot of my friends are a bit scared of me because of that.  



PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2008 12:59 am
- I'm transsexual, female-to-male, but I like men. I'm afraid that people don't believe me because of that. I really want a boyfriend, too, but I feel like no guy will like me, because I'm not a "real boy." Because my loneliness in that aspect, I have a great desire to do comics about gay transguys... but I'm not motivated enough, and scold myself constantly for that.

- I hate when my friends drop by randomly. I always have to prepare myself, because I feel like I'm giving up my time for them without them asking me. I'm silently annoyed most of the time ... Yet, I've always wanted a surprise birthday bash.

- I'm terrified of the dark, and am absolutely afraid of my window at night. = And I hate sleeping alone. It can take me up to an hour to fall asleep if I'm by myself.

- I came out of my (silly) high school depression because of Tohru from Fruits Basket. Lol. She made me so happy and thankful for what I had ... but I still graduated early from high school because I hated it. My parents' expectations were a year ahead of me because of that.

- I'm in love with Japanese mayonnaise. D: It goes best with grilled cheese. I wonder if it's the MSG?!

- I don't care for straight couples; fictional or not. They're not as beautiful, to me, as homosexual relationships. [Don't get me wrong, I don't hate heteros! heart Most of my friends are...] A lot of times in movies I'll replace the characters just to make them same-sex relationships instead, or come up with alternate endings.

- I fantasize about getting in a fight with someone, especially if I'm defending my family. I feel like a super hero! But more than that, I think I just want to punch someone.

- Hugs from behind by men scare the shiz out of me. I absolutely hate it. I think the only person I would not freak out doing that is a significant other.

- If I'm reading something, I HAVE to catch up with it. For instance, when my friend sent me HoneySyn a week or two ago, I read it to the latest update in one sitting. I read this whole thread, a few others, and superdickery.com too... It's ridiculously hard to pull myself away.

Honeydew Syndrome

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