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PostPosted: Wed Jul 06, 2005 9:47 am
Profile etc.

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Basic Informations
Real Name: Inaba Hiroshi
Age : 41 (Sept. 23, 2005)
Birthdate : September 23, 1964 (almost 41 and DAMN! I'd still take him xp )
Sign : Libra
Chinese Zodiac : Dragon
Birthtown : Tsuyama City, Okayama
Fave Color : Red brown  
PostPosted: Wed Jul 06, 2005 10:19 am
Koshi's Childhood & First Love

1. When Koshi was in kindergarten, there was a play in which he was to sing in front of an audience. He turned up blushing red to the ear. Koshi's comment: "I was so embarrased. I never thought there were so many people watching. From kindergarten to junior high school, the only thing on my mind was sport and nothing else. Life is so unpredictable, isn't it?"
2. In primary school, Koshi started to listen to bands like "Queen" and "Kiss". When he bought a radio cassette recorder for the first time, he was so happy that now he could tape any songs he liked from the radio. The first song he ever taped was "Obladi Oblada".
3.. When he got a bit older, his growing taste in music was apparently to be the root of his music now. He started to listen to "Deep Purple" and "Aerosmith".
4. As a child, Koshi was an idol in the neighbourhood because he was so cute and easy to befriend with. Everyone called him "Heroshi".
5. In high school, Koshi and his classmates formed a band called "ICBM". Their first and last performance was on the school's culture festival day and it was reported in local newspaper. Afterwards the band dissolved, but they still had jamming sessions until 3rd year of university.
6. Koshi's first love was when he was 18. The girl was from the same tennis-club at school and they partnered as mix-double in a game once.
* Wasurenai, Koigokoro? (^ o ^) /
7. In university, Koshi's grade in Mathematic was the top-three in the whole country. (* Sugoi desu ne...)
8. Why do some people call Koshi "Sensei" ?
Because he has all the qualification needed to teach (math!). In fact he was really going to be a teacher if not because one school principal told him to cut off his hair before coming to teach in his school. At that time, Koshi was also enrolled in a singing school. So he made a life-decision and chose music as his path. But people still call him "Sensei" to joke around.
9. In primary school, Koshi once wrote in his notebook "Gyakkyou ni kujikeruna, Inaba Koshi" which means "Don't be discouraged by setbacks, Inaba Koshi". This phrase later was to be asserted as part of the memorable lyrics of B'z 6th single 'Easy Come Easy Go' : "Gyakkyou ni kujikeruna to ima, jibun ni iikikasete" ~


What is 178 ?
178 is how Japanese
fans refer to Koshi
because 178 is read
"Ichi - Nana - Hachi",
and when you gather it,
it becomes "Inaba".


When asked how many tattoes he has on his body, Koshi quietly replied, "Not many, only about seven..." (!)


Koshi has visited Indian camp. Once during tour, Koshi read a book about Navajo tribe, was captivated by their life-style. He said, "After the tour finished, I didn't think much, just took off to see for myself." Apparently his passion for Indian was to be extended on stages of "LiveGym-RUN" where he would open the show with an Indian scream "Ai ~ ai ~ ai ~ !" while strutting off Indian accessories. * Sounds just like Koshi to me ^ ^


Teru from GLAY once said that he likes to listen to B'z and learn vocal technique from Koshi's singing.


Koshi's dream is to become
a top breeder when he
retires from music business.
He said that whenever
he's very tired, playing with
dogs and cats cheers him up.


It is no secret that Koshi is a huge fan of Masakatsu Funaki (a Japanese wrestler, member of Pancrase Group). Once when B'z was doing "All Nite Nippon" radio program, it was arranged for Funaki to call in, without Koshi's knowledge. So when Tak asked "Not to be rude, but can you give us your name?" and Funaki gave it to them, Koshi was so surprised that he could not stop laughing, "It's a trick, right?" And then he asked twice to the phone, "Is it really you?!" He got so nervous that the conversation did not go smoothly.
Tak had to step in and help him, "Funaki-san, Inaba-kun is your biggest fan ever. Actually just before coming here, the whole time we were eating, he was blabbering about you again. And everytime we watch your video, he's always very noisy. He would explain every single detail to me, one by one. And he would rewind the same scenes again and say, "Here, look! He's so cool here!" And to Koshi, Tak said laughingly, "C'mon, Inaba-kun. There might not be another opportunity like this in the future."
Prompted by him, Koshi started asking so many questions to Funaki. Some cute and weird questions asked by a nervous fan, like "What do you do during off-days?" Even Koshi said to himself that he's asking weird questions.
* I think Koshi's exciment while watching Funaki's video is the same with when I watch Koshi in LiveGym video. I'd repeat the same scenes again and again. (^ o^ ) And I think Mat-chan is like a very nice big brother to Koshi, don't you think?


Koshi Says :
(1990) On chillin' out with a girl : When I think about it, she's gotta be a girl who can understand the way I think, although there aren't many who can. From time to time people always ask "What are you thinking about right now?" and I realize then, they can't understand me. It's not like I want them to, but when there is someone who I know I can connect to, it feels like time goes by so quickly."
(1992) I easily become relaxed when I'm reading any book.
(1997) On drinking : I become happy. I blush a lot (turn red easily)!
(199 cool I'm the type of guy who reads a book and if I find it interesting or amusing, I'd find more books by the same author and speed read through them all.
(1999) How would I spend a one month vacation? I'd still call around to ask for work.

Quotes from B'z Book "Twelve"


Koshi has gone through a divorce but now he's married again. He has just become a new daddy to a baby boy on July 23, 2002. ^^


All of th above info was taken from http://keenonbz.cjb.net/  


Vice Captain

PostPosted: Sat Jul 16, 2005 11:09 pm
Kosi's Wonderland~Erozaru's extra special translated version!

Ne, you closed the door and it seems you'll never move from there again
Such cowardice from you is too much to bear, here I am in disbelief
You tell me that I've changed inside, well I don't see the shame in that
Like somewhere out of heaven I take these words of mine, every word I mean to say

Gazing at your pretty face I see annoyance, defiance too
Somewhere along the lines you got the wrong impression
Who the hell do I really think I am to you?
Ah I feel like such an ass this time

Your sympathy seems in moderation
Do you have any left to give to me?

Thinking about those days again it seems so strange and wonderful
For some reason I don't quite get you felt a lot of happiness
The meaning in this belief has died because of me
Was it just something I said?

OH La La La
Take a look you turn my world upside down
We've got the courage to
Just let go, and cling to it so
Here we are in Wonderland

OH La La La
Take a look you turn my world upside down
We've got the courage to
The mirror it shines, there this darkness is beauty
Now we change to Wonderland

Something I've tossed away
Is picked from the junk
He shines it up, that thing that I lost
And all you can seem to do is laugh
Just laugh like you always do  
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