Bug Report Format (info in your post)

The following is needed in your bug report. Providing this information will make it faster/easier for Gaia Staff to isolate the issue. Please copy/paste the info into your report, that's in between the stars and add your answers after each line.


  • The Bug
    Try to explain in your problem detail.
    • where it happened
    • how did it happen
    • what were you doing when it happened
    • provide links if needed
    • screen shots can be very helpful

  • Operating System
    Specify for the computer used when you experienced the issue.
    • Windows (Vista/XP/Win7/Win cool ,
    • Mac
    • Linux/Unix.
    • For more detailed definitions, please click this link.

  • Internet/Web Browser
    The program/application in what you use to view gaiaonline.com.
    • Internet Explorer
    • Firefox
    • Netscape
    • Opera
    • Lynx
    • Safari and many more.
    • Not sure? Click this link and copy and paste the sentence that it says is your browser, such as: Mozilla/5.0


Include the exact error message you are getting in your report. Describe what you do immediately before the error happens. If there is no error message, say that too. Tell us how you produced the error so that someone else can attempt to duplicate it to find out more information about it. Screenshots can also be helpful.
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