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A fanguild for the discussion of the Naruto pairing SasukexSakura 

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 29, 2006 11:10 pm
~The SasuSaku Resource~
~Your One Stop SasuSaku Data Bank~
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This thread, as said above, is meant to be our resource, in case we run into bashers and people who claim their OTP is more canon than ours.

Not that, of course, SasuSaku is canon. Yet.

Rules of this thread:
1. Don't post ANYTHING here, unless they are meant to be corrections about the facts in here, or they are additional facts/essays.
2. If you DO use facts from here, please credit the people who said so. We DID work hard for these facts and evidences to come to light. If you DO use stuff from here, it would be best to quote.
3. If you DO put facts around here, make sure they're well researched. Everyone likes to have hard proof.
4. If you post, don't quote everything, especially the main post. Please. Never quote in this thread unless absolutely unavoidable (like when you want to point out a mistake.
5. Some of the essays may be slightly out-of-date in terms of the manga timeline, but they are still here for reference.
6. Observe Guild Rules and Gaia ToS at all times.


This will be divided into parts:

2---Anime/Manga Proof
3---Databook: Haruno Sakura
4---Databook: Uchiha Sasuke
6 onwards---Sasuke, Sakura, SasuSaku Essays

heart [sentence] heart - BIG proof


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The Debate Thread

PostPosted: Sat Jul 29, 2006 11:43 pm
Anime/Manga Proof - Naruto Part 1
Taken from Windswept - a SasuSaku shrine, edited by me.
(I found it to be one of the most comprehensive. Please credit when used.)

By Episode:

Episode 3
The beginning of a beautiful relationship; they are placed on the same team along with Uzumaki Naruto. Sakura expresses her feelings for Sasuke, too bad this is Naruto in disguise. Sasuke tells Sakura that she is annoying.

Episode 5
Kakashi uses genjutsu on Sakura in the form of Sasuke. Sasuke recognises her scream. Sasuke watches over Sakura after she has fallen unconscious. Sasuke reveals a little about his past to Sakura. She is the first of the Rookie 9 to know this.

Episode 6
Sasuke protects Sakura (and Tazuna) from the two attacking ninjas.

Episode 11
Sasuke embarrassedly asks Naruto for Sakura's chakra control tips (to which Naruto refuses gloatingly).

Episode 18
Perhaps Sakura really does like Sasuke more than we initally thought for she is truly sad and despaired that he is lying there on the ground unmoving.

Episode 19
Sasuke wakes up after "dying" from protecting Naruto from Haku's needles, his first words being "Sakura, you're heavy".

Episode 20
Sasuke tells Sakura her abilities are even lower than Naruto's. Instead of using her time to be with him, she should practise techniques.

Episode 21
Sasuke asks Sakura to go for a walk. But this is just Sakura's preliminary Chuunin test which involves a genjutsu technique, but she sees right through it.

heart The test left Sakura a bit distressed, but Sasuke notices her strange mood and cheers her up by complimenting her genjutsu know-how. (In the manga, he gives the smallest secret smile.) heart

Sasuke gives Rock Lee a "O_o" look when he tries to ask Sakura out. Sakura holds Sasuke's (and Naruto's) hand and pulls them down the corridor.

Episode 22
Sasuke gets beaten by Rock Lee, but his fall is cushioned by Sakura.

Episode 24
Sakura is confident in Sasuke's ability to pass this written test but sadly, he doesn't understand a single question.

Episode 26-27
Sakura gushes about Sasuke for Konohamaru Corps. Sasuke trusts Sakura enough to leave the "mission" to her.

Episode 28
Sasuke fears for Sakura as he goes against the Grass ninja. Sakura and Sasuke are paralysed with fear but Sasuke manages to remove it with pain and saves Sakura from death.

Episode 29
Sakura's words (combined with Naruto's) encourage Sasuke to be braver and fight Orochimaru.

Episode 30
heart Sasuke receives the Curse Seal, grasps her hand tightly for comfort, and collapses in Sakura's arms. heart

Sakura nurses both Sasuke and Naruto.

Episode 32
heart Thinking about how she has been protected all this time (by Sasuke and a few others) gives Sakura strength to fight back against the Sound trio, cutting her hair (thus freeing her figuratively and literally) in the process. heart

Episode 33
heart Sasuke wakes up, powered up with chakra and seemingly possessed, demands Sakura to tell him who hurt her, and proceeds to kick Sound a**. Sakura thinks this is not the Sasuke she has grown up with and hugs him from behind which makes the curse marks go away and Sasuke returns to normal. heart

Episode 36
Sakura realises that the curse seal is really affecting Sasuke so she tries to persuade him not to use the Sharingan. Sakura supports Sasuke on the walk up to the tower.

Episode 38
Sakura wants to tell the teachers about the strange mark on Sasuke's neck but he stops her (rather viciously) from doing so.

Episode 39
Sakura has a flashback to when Sasuke trusts her not to tell Naruto about the curse seal.

Episode 55
Sakura goes to visit Sasuke at the hospital, daffodil in hand, only to discover he has disappeared.

Episode 66
Sakura shows she is not just a girl with a crush; she cares more about the curse seal than the fact Sasuke and Kakashi randomly disappeared for a month.

Episode 68
Sakura and team set off after Sasuke to prevent him from going crazy at Gaara.

Episode 75
Sakura tends to the fallen Sasuke after he has overused the Chidori.

Episode 76
heart Gaara launches himself at Sasuke but Sakura jumps in front of him to defend him with only a kunai at hand. heart

Episode 78
Sasuke tells Naruto that he HAS to save Sakura.

heart Sasuke claims Sakura (and Naruto) are important people and he doesn't want to lose important people a second time. heart

Episode 80
Sakura is released from the grip of sand and Sasuke jumps to catch her.

Episode 83
Sasuke painfully informs Sakura that it was actually Naruto who saved her. (In the manga, he is shown to have a slightly jealous look.)

Episode 88
Sakura sits by Sasuke's hospital bed, as she will everyday until Tsunade returns.

Episode 98
heart Tsunade awakens Sasuke from unconciousness and Sakura hugs him with joy. Naruto watches resignedly from the background. heart

Episode 101 (not canon)
Sasuke realizes that Sakura's witty verbal save has let them scoot past Kakashi's suspicion.

Episode 106 (not canon)
Sakura almost drowns, but when Naruto and Sasuke try to revive her, she is awake enough to wish Sasuke would give her artificial respiration, only to have Naruto try to do it. Sakura, with an injured arm, tries to stand up, but Sasuke grabs her wrist to prevent her.

Episode 107 (not canon)
As Sasuke falls off a cliff, Sakura, with her superb chakra control, goes after his falling body and manages to catch it.

Episode 108
Sasuke, in the hospital bed, is being tended to by Sakura, who peels apples for him. He, however, is too preoccupied about his apparent inferiority to Naruto, and when she tries to offer him the peeled apples, he hits them away with a wave of his hand.

As Sasuke challenges Naruto, Sakura tries to stop them, but both are too stubborn. When Naruto charges Rasengan at Sasuke, and Sasuke swings Chidori at Naruto, Sakura tries to run in between them to stop them.

Episode 109
Sasuke worries about hitting Sakura with the Chidori, not being able to stop his momentum, but Kakashi manages to divert them. Sakura decides to talk to Naruto about Sasuke's Curse Seal. When their talk is over, she feels something ominous, and instead of going home, goes somewhere else.

Sakura catches Sasuke just as he is about to leave, and tries to reason with him, trying to get him to remember the happier times as Team 7. Sasuke does not relent, and Sakura turns to telling him that revenge will not bring him happiness. Sasuke tells her that new paths will open for each member of Team 7.

heart Sakura tells Sasuke that she loves him more than anything, and that she'd do anything to make him stay. She even offers to give up her current lifestyle and go with him out of the village. Sasuke tells her she is annoying. She resorts to threatening to scream, but Sasuke knocks her out, but not before expressing his gratitude with a simple "Thank you." Sasuke leaves her on a bench, unconscious. heart

Episode 110-111
As Shikamaru's team set out, Sakura stops them to join them, but only to have Shika say she's done enough. She then begs Naruto to bring Sasuke back, which he promises, on his life.

Shikamaru says that not even Sakura was able to stop Sasuke.



PostPosted: Sun Jul 30, 2006 12:13 am
Anime/Manga Proof - Naruto Part 2
Taken from Naruto Manga Returns - a Naruto manga site, and edited by me.
(Please credit when used.)

We now come to the manga, because after the battle at the Valley of the End (VotE), the anime kinda muddled it, with their filler and all.

Chapter 236
As Naruto apologizes for not bringing Sasuke back, Sakura decides to train under Tsunade, for her to be able to bring Sasuke back with Naruto.

After Time-skip:

Chapter 246
When Sasuke's name is mentioned, Sakura (and Naruto) become terribly depressed for one panel. Kakashi realizes Sasuke's name is "taboo" for them.

Chapter 252
Sakura thinks back to how much she tried to learn about Sasuke, and explains that if they get close to the Akatsuki, they get closer to Orochimaru, and therefore, Sasuke.

Chapter 267
When Sasori mentions Orochimaru's name, Sakura's first thought is Sasuke, and she demands to know where he is, but Sasori doesn't heed her. Her determination to know about Orochimaru's hideout becomes her source of strength (and frenzy) in this fight.

Chapter 275
Sakura's efforts are rewarded when Sasori tells her of his spy who works under Orochimaru, who they can follow to get to Sasuke.

Chapter 286
When Sai badmouths Sasuke, Sakura stops Naruto from shouting at him. However, this is because she punches Sai to shut him up.

Chapter 306
Sakura berates Sai for "betraying" them, but then she hears a familiar voice say from above, "It's... Sakura..." She stares up slowly (which takes five panels) to see Sasuke staring down at them. "Sasuke... kun..."

Chapter 308
Sakura tries to fight, and Sasuke turns to strike her, but Yamato blocks the attack, therefore taking it upon himself.

Chapter 310
When Sasuke disappears with Orochimaru right before their eyes, Naruto starts crying, and Sakura tells him crying won't bring Sasuke back, but she's only putting up a brave front, and is crying herself. More of a Team 7 moment than anything.

Chapter 312
When Naruto whines about Sai coming with them, saying that he wanted it to be just the two of them so it could be a date, Sakura feeds him the line Sasuke gave her when they were twelve: "If you have that kind of time, study and train." (A chapter against NaruSaku.)

Chapter 319
Sakura sits alone in her dark bedroom, staring at her picture of Team 7 from three years back. She stares at Sasuke's face and her eyes silently flood with tears. The background fades, leaving only the moon and a teardrop glistening in the dark. The tear falls.

Chapter 347
Sakura berates Konohamaru and Naruto for associating themselves with perverted techniques when Konohamaru shows them his Sexy: Double Knockout Girls Technique. However, when he shows them Sexy: Double Knockout Guys Technique, with "Sasuke" and "Sai" in a suggestive position, her perverted side is revealed, though she tries to deny it to her disbelieving teammates.

Chapter 355
The nin dogs accompanying Sakura are the first to pick up Sasuke's faint scent.

Chapter 356
The nin dogs lose Sasuke's scent on Karin as soon as Karin and Sakura pass each other on the street.
PostPosted: Tue Aug 01, 2006 2:40 am
Haruno Sakura - Databook 1 and 2
Taken from Mangahelpers - a manga translation site, and Kairi.nin's post
(Please credit when used.)

Databook 1:


A pure-minded, pretty kunoichi (female ninja) who keeps her true feelings inside!

She makes up for her lack of physical strength with her superior intellect! Also, her talents in genjutsu are slowly beginning to blossom.


Rank: Genin
Ninja Registration Number: 012601
Height: 148.5 cm (4'10" wink
Weight: 35.4 (78 lbs.)
Birthday: March 28 (12 years old, Aries)
Blood Type: O
Personality: Top student, selfish

[Atop a picture of Sakura squealing about Sasuke.]
"Don't be so shy, you bad boy!"
"Oh, Sasuke!" [Insert heart here.]

True love conquers all!

When Sakura is assigned to the same squad as Sasuke, she jumps one step ahead of Ino, her rival for his affection! Hoping to immediately start taking advantage of this opportunity, she decides to make the first move and approaches Sasuke with her most alluring smile!

Love versus ninja training.. the trecherous conflict that troubles Sakura along her ninja way!

[On a picture of Sakura protecting Tazuna.]
"Tazuna, stay back!"

This kunoichi blossoms under pressure, showing her true mettle!
Sakura is always preoccupied with thoughts of love, but she never loses sight of her responsibilities as a shinobi! With her courage and pluck, she charges headlong into any kind of mission! She displays her true strength as a kunoichi by using herself as a shield to protect her client!


[On a picture of Sakura about to kiss Sasuke(Naruto).]
"All I really want.. is for you to accept me, Sasuke.. That's all.."

heart Sakura's goal is to have Sasuke notice her - for him to turn around and really see her - so that he might fall in love. Little does she realize that this goal acts as a powerful weapon in her arsenal, constantly motivating her to sharpen her skills as a shinobi so she can impress Sasuke during every task and mission! heart

[On a picture of Sakura answering questions on the Chuunin exam test.] Sakura possesses excellent chakra control and a formidable brain!

[On pictures of Sakura cutting her hair, and standing with her back facing you.]
"Now it's your turn.. to watch my back!"

As she slices off her hair, Sakura bids farewell to her former self! "I'd always trailed after my teammates.. watching them safely from the background.." Faced with a desperate situation, will Sakura's determination lead her to a miraculous victory?!

Ninja Relationships Sakura Edition

Sakura is completely focused on Sasuke, so Naruto isn't even on her radar! But now she acts as sort of a big sister figure in the squad, mediating conflicts between Naruto and Sasuke.

Sakura -> Sasuke, Huge Crush
Sakura -> Kakashi, Jonin Leader
Sakura -> Iruka, Academy Teacher
Sakura -> Naruto, Total Pest


The cruel Sharingan...

Sakura's desperation calls out to Sasuke..

heart "Sakura..

Who did this to you?!" heart

[On a picture of Zaku.]
"Watch this, I'll take care of the whole bunch of 'em.. in one fell swoop!"

[On a picture of Sasuke grabbing Zaku's arms from behind.]
"You seem to be very proud of these arms of yours."

The horrifying power of the curse mark begins to spread!

As Sasuke awakens, the effects of the curse mark are obvious. Stange, omnious patterns have appeared on his skin, and an eerie chakra surrounds his body, infected with the squirming shadow of Orochimaru! Terrified by this vision of a new, cold-blooded Sasuke, Sakura lets out a pained scream!

heart [On a picture of Sakura hugging Sasuke from behind.]
"Whoever that is.. it's not Sasuke-kun!" heart

Databook 2:

pg 130-135

"Next time, I’ll go too!"

No matter how many times she’s hurt, she gets up. The unbreakable girl who grows every day.

Ninja Registration: 012601
Birthday: March 28th (13 Capricorn)
Height:150.1 cm, weight: 35.9kg, Bloodtype: o
Personality: Perfect student, bratty (does things her own way)
Likes: shaved ice with fruit, green plum pickles
Dislikes: spicy food
Likes to say: courage
Hobbies: quizzes, writing diary

Graduated ninja academy: 12
Chunnin: _
Assignment ranking: D: 7, C: 1, B:0, A:1, S:0

People say that becoming an adult means more worries. Sakura too, is no exception as she worries and sheds tears at every stage. But her strength is her ability to find hope despite odds. With the pride of being a ninja deep in her heart she does not wither but faces all challenges.

[Pic of Sakura giving apples to Sasuke.]
Even with concern in her heart, she acts bright and happy.

[Pic of Sakura and Sasuke.]
“Sasuke! You’re doing it again. You don’t have to be shy. For certain, Naruto has grown stronger but that sand guy…”
Sasuke, “It’s true."

Her passion for Sasuke is unchanging. In front of Sasuke, her personality changes but his apathy is constant.

[Pic of Sakura with fish.]

As Tsunade’s student, she develops a new ability called medical jutsu. In the battle field she was unnoticeable, but she is endlessly heading towards becoming the greatest of female ninjas.

[Pic of Sakura with scary face]

A strong ‘other Sakura’! In front of Sasuke, the difference between their actions make it impossible for them to be the same two people. Is this a part of her charm?

Fighting Spirit!

[Pic of Sakura over Sasuke]
A spirit that doesn’t back down but fights back! To protect what is precious to her!!

“First we have to get out of here. Somehow I must get Sasuke to Kakashi sensei.” Emergency where Sasuke is down. There is no emergency greater than this! But she tries to calmly make decisions.

One can see her strong spirit during missions. She erases fears of the opponent, doesn’t back down, and bravely and boldly fights back.

What moves Sakura is her strong belief in becoming the greatest of female ninjas. She suppresses her fear which is about to explode and fights. Is this not true courage?

[Pic of Sakura crushed against tree.]
A female is likely to be the enemies’ target on the battlefield. Despite this, jumping into this world is courage itself.

[Pic of Sakura fighting.]
Towards a great enemy, she doesn’t take step back. This is to not shame her way of ninja.

With the growth of her two teammates, Naruto and Sasuke, their relationship also worsens. The conflict between the two ninja, this is sacred ground that no one can cross. Sakura can only believe… the happy days of the three.

Acknowledging Naruto’s power, Sasuke see red! As it is being crushed, her heart cries out.

She feels uncertain whether the three can get together again as a team. Her suffering will help a reliable and strong mind bloom.

[Pic of Sakura between Naruto and Sasuke.]
“Sa-Sasuke-kun, why are you doing this? Naruto, say something!”

She tries to get involved but there is no room for her. In front of their heated glares, she does not exist. Finally the conflicts brews before her. Sakura does all that she can but to no avail. She wishes for things to go back to as they were but....

At Kakashi's words that everything will return back to as they were, she nods her head. That thoughtful consideration helps bring reassurance to her mind at least for a little while.

heart A parting with a loved one that tears at her heart heart

[Pic of Sakura]
“How is it you never say anything, why do you always say nothing to me…”

Sasuke left the Leaf Village. Sakura’s heart did not reach him. Naturally lonely and peace loving, for Sakura, the loss of one teammate causes her great pain.

heart Thus, if that person is someone she loves, the pain is greater. So she shouts out her love which goes unheeded, squeezing the words out of her throat. It’s as if this is her imprisoning destiny.

“Sasuke, I like you so much I don’t know what to do!” heart


Totally unreliable and full of baseless confidence is Naruto. But this Naruto becomes to Sakura someone she can rely on the most. The moment she acknowledges this, one can say her true development began.

A companion is always by your side. It is because she knows this that she can get up again from swamps of despair.

The girl who travels a new path, her eyes only gazing at the future.


After realizing Sasuke is someplace unreachable, Sakura takes a look back at herself, as a friend and as a ninja. And she realizes this is not the end but rather the beginning.

A Sakura who pretends to be strong in front of Naruto. This is probably her bright attitude.

[Pic of smiling Sakura]
“Why are you apologizing?”

A New Beginning
Sakura who swears to begin anew. This is her resolution to bring back Sasuke by her own self. No matter how hard the journey, Sakura will never give up…because to her this is the ninja’s way.

[Pic of Naruto in bandages]
“Sakura, I’ll keep my promise. Because this is a once in a life time promise.”

Naruto’s words are always filled with hope. Sakura always finds hope in his words and moves ahead.

[Pic of Sakura]
“Take me as your student!”

In Sakura’s eyes there is passion. To become the person she does not even know, the girl chooses the last possibility.



PostPosted: Sat Aug 05, 2006 2:46 am
Uchiha Sasuke - Databook 2
Taken entirely from Mangahelpers - a manga translation site.
(Please credit when used.)

Databook 1:


The blood of the legendary Uchiha clan runs through his veins!

In addition to having abilities and in ninjutsu and taijutsu that are head and shoulders above the other students', he also uses the Sharingan. His awesome talent is known and recognized throughout the Hidden Leaf Village.. and beyond.


Rank: Genin
Ninja Registration Number: 012606
Height: 150.8 cm (4'11" wink
Weight: 42.2 kg (93 lbs.)
Birthday: July 23 (12 years old, Leo)
Blood Type: AB
Personality: Cool, acts tough

[Above a picture of Sasuke aiming to kick Kakashi during the bell exam.] "I'm not like everyone else!"

Sasuke's abilities have surpassed the genin level!
Sasuke displays extraordinary talent during the survival exercise! Even Kakashi is amazed at Sasuke's intense, successive taijutsu attack!

[On top of a picture of Sasuke crushing a rock in his hand.]
"You're a long way from home.. and you're out of your league."

There are no cracks in his cool facade!

When outsiders start picking on kids from the Hidden Leaf Village, Sasuke gets angry and comes to their defense. He seems cold on the surface, but inside him, there's a fierce loyalty to the Village Hidden in the Leaves!


Sasuke's Uchiha blood awakens the power sleeping inside him!

In the midst of battle, the Sharingan suddenly appears! With the awakening of his Kekkei Genkai (bloodline trait) power; which combines the abilities of insight vision, hypnosis vision, and jutsu duplication, Sasuke finally inherits the true power of the Uchiha!

I am an avenger.

The Uchiha clan was destroyed, with Sasuke and his older brother Itachi the only survivors. Sasuke's fervent ambition to kill his brother and revive the clan indicates that Itachi was intimately involved with the destruction of their family.

[On top of a picture of Curse Seal Sasuke, and a picture of Itachi's eyes.] "To follow my path, I must have power.. at any price. Even if it means being consumed by evil!"

Ninja Relationships Sasuke Edition

Sasuke used to show no interest in friendship or love, but since joining the same squad as Naruto and Sakura, he has gradually begin to care for his teammates.

Sasuke -> Naruto, Knuckle-head
Sasuke -> Kakashi, Jonin Leader
Sasuke -> Iruka, Academy Leader
Sasuke -> Sakura, ?

Databook 2:

pg 44-51

Ninja registration: 012606
Birthday: July 23rd (13 Leo)
Height: 153.2 cm,
weight: 43.5kg
Personality: cool, full of himself
Likes: tomatoes, tuna rice balls
Dislikes: Natto, sweet things
Likes to say: power
Hobbies: lessons, walking

For me, there is my own path.

The mind that desires revenge sweeps down to darkness.

The genius that inherited the Uchiha blood, the elite who was the top graduate of his school, countless words of praise, eyed with anticipation and jealousy…Also, the warmth supplied by his companions, despite the blinding brightness giving off of these, there is a shadow in Sasuke’s mind that cannot be erased.

Chidori to fell Itachi - the white light glows against a face filled with hate.

[pic of Sasuke with glowing face]
“Only to kill you….as you said, to blame and hate you and…”

The shadow of revenge caused by Itachi. The shadow becomes darkness, and the mind surrounded by darkness denies the light. Unless that darkness disappears, there will be no days full of light to visit Sasuke.

The cutting glare he gives to the Sound that attack him. He doesn’t lose his composure but unlike him, he is emotional. Is it because of the intense confusion in his mind?

[Pic of Sasuke talking to the Sound]
“If you keep at it, I won’t let you off anymore. I’m feeling very annoyed right now.”

A place found in the battlefield.

Sasuke fights with the Sand’s Gaara during the “destroy Konoha” fight. Sasuke fights above par against the attacks. The Uchiha gift, the Sharingan and Chidori are evoked forth in splendor.

The third Chidori

A third Chidori means death. Then why does he go against the forbidden number? It is not to survive. The Chidori used to protect his ninja way shines beautifully. At the same time, his body cries out as it reaches its limit…

[Pic of Curse-seal Sasuke]
The attack that cut through the strange sand. The price is the taking over of the owner seal.

Sasuke, who only had power for revenge, becomes stronger because of his companions. His true place would have been a future among them.

“I once lost everything. I don’t want to see my special companions die again in front of my eyes.”

The young lion opens his eyes with the lives of his companions in his hands.


To find that Itachi is interested only in Naruto surprises Sasuke. This seems to state that the value of his existence falls below Naruto’s. Thoughts of denial give birth to jealousy.

His weakness. The eyes of his brother in this thoughts make him feel this acutely. The blade of reality that cuts into his heart.

Hopeless Gap

The reunion with Itachi opens Sasuke’s eyes to reality and brings on devastating conclusions. The Chidori he trained for so meticulously barely scratches him. The incredible gap between skills renders him useless. Disappointment in himself fills him. And despair descends upon the bright future with his companions…

[Pic of Sasuke throwing up blood after attack on Itachi]
“It hasn’t lessened even a little , what is this difference? The same as then…”

The power deprived lion suffers and grieves!

For Sasuke, Kakashi is the teacher of Ninjas. But he knows that even more than that, Kakashi thinks of him as would a parent. That is why his admonitions fall more heavily on his ears but yet…

[Pic of Kakashi]
“Sasuke, Give up on revenge.”

It’s not as though he does not understand his teacher. That is why he feels anguish.

[Pic of Sasuke in thought]

The temptation of the Sound

The evil teeth that sinks into the anguished and despairing mind of Sasuke. “Orochimaru can give you power…” with just these words, Sasuke sees hope even though this might be temptation into darkness that cannot see light.

[Pic of Oro’s eyes]
Orochimaru’s eyes that appear before Sasuke. It seems to pierce through him and tempt him.

heart Separation heart
Towards darkness… The one to appear before him is Sakura. She confesses to him as he tries to leave without looking behind him. She confesses with a blindingly uncompromising mind that does not want to lose him. The one that filled his lonely existence was Sakura. But he cannot let her in. He leaves with just one word of thanks.

The Days When The Light Shown
In Sasuke room there is a picture…there are companions, a teacher and he who is not alone. This symbolizes the young (genin) days he spent at the Leaf. He lays flat this picture the day he leaves. Quietly, but for sure, he is saying goodbye to those days.

[pic ofpicture frame]
This was just a simple picture but it was still something special to Sasuke.

[Pic of Sasuke’s back]
I’ve walked the path with companions. Now I walk the lonely path of revenge.

heart Sakura who needed him to the very last. His words were real.
“Thank you…” heart

Severing all ties, leaving behind his companions towards the path of revenge.

Dreams with friends
Friendship and love, a future filled with warmth. But as long as he is there, he cannot make his dream come true. This is why he throws away a future with his friends. To make dreams of revenge a reality…

Power needed to make his dream come true. To fell a brother who dirtied his past with blood and filled his future with despair.

[A young Sasuke riding a piggy back on young Itachi’s back]
My dream is in the past, it exists only there.

His brother who was everything…and the one who took away everything.

Itachi who pokes at Sasuke’s forehead. That gesture shows clearly the relationship between the siblings.

[Pic of young Itachi poking forehead of young Sasuke]
“Forgive me Sasuke, next time.”

Even within the ‘strongest’ Uchiha, Itachi is still the stronger. That brother is the object of idolatry for Sasuke as well as that of jealousy. With his brother as his goal, he develops step by step. Because of his brother’s great existence, his father did not look at his own existence. Anyway, his brother exists and so does he. Itachi was everything his world for Sasuke.

The day Itachi killed his family and the clan a bloody shadow settles in his mind. As long as his brother’s existence does not disappear nor will this shadow.

[Pic of dead parents and Sasuke]
The sadness of watching his mother and father dead in front of his eyes, no one can fathom its enormity.

At the ends of fate, the attack that is let out at the finality!

The release of power

One reason that Sasuke went to Orochimara is the owner seal. The incredible power that comes with physical pain. Even knowing the dangers of this, Sasuke feels exhilaration. At the Valley of the End, he lets go of the power of the seal and reaches stage two. The destructive power that flows through his whole self satiates his ambitions.

The rising Chidori
The 'blade' given to him by Kakashi to protect those special to him. A darkness imfusd Chidori lets out not light, but darkness, not chirping but a roar. Ironically, it is used to sever all ties with his companions as well as that with Naruto.

[pic of stage two Sasuke with black Chidori]
The Chidori become the wings that help Sasuke fly towards darkness.

Toward endless darkness
The village, companions, Naruto, by his own hand he severs all chains and heads towards his goals. In the darkness, his new ninja way begins.
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SasuSaku-related Interviews and Articles
(Please credit when used.)

Shonen Jump's Naruto Anime Profiles: Episodes 1-37
(Props to Iia-san (Remedi) for contributing this.)

Page 194 -- Interview with Kate Higgins

Question 1: What did you think when you saw the anime?

Answer: "I really liked the dialogue, how they got into the psyche of each of the characters. I liked the action and the relationship between Sakura and Sasuke as well as Sakura's strength and vulnerability. I also liked the camaraderie between Sakura, Sasuke and Naruto."

Question 4: Besides yourself, who is your favorite Naruto character?

Answer: "Sasuke."


Page 196 -- Interview with Masashi Kishimoto

Question: Do you have a favorite episode of the anime?

Answer: "Episodes 17, 19, and 30."

[[I'm not sure if those contain any SasuSaku, so I typed it. >>;]]

Question: What will happen in the love lives of Ino, Sakura, and Hinata?

Answer: "I hope something happens! Ha ha!"

-=Picture of Ino: "Sasuke is mine!" + Picture of a distressed Sakura: "gloom..."=-

Question: Who is the most difficult character to draw?

Answer: "Sasuke."

-=Picture of Sasuke: "Hmph!"=-


Another Interview:

Shounen Jump: What is the theme for part 2?

Kishimoto: I want to continue "People accepting other people" theme. I also want to put in romance that I wasn't able to in part 1. It seems difficult though. *laughs*


Beckett Anime and Manga SasuSaku Article
--Yes, SasuSaku has been published!
(mentioned by Dark_Sakura_Kitsune, scanned by Iia/Remedi)

Cherry-Flavored Crush (By Pan-Chan) - Page 1
Cherry-Flavored Crush (by Pan-Chan) - Page 2
Cherry-Flavored Crush (by Pan-Chan) - Page 3
Cherry-Flavored Crush (by Pan-Chan) - Page 4

I hope you enjoy. ((This article REALLY focuses on how Sakura, over time, loses her "fangirl" status, and sees Sasuke as more of a friend. Though they do realize a confession is a confession. <3))


Shonen Jump US interview:
(Props to Kawaii9656360-san.)

SJ: Oda-sensei says he knows how One Piece will end – do you know how Naruto will end?

MK: Yes, I have the last episode clearly drawn in my mind. I’ve already decided on the layout, text and scenes. Not just the story ideas, but the visual ideas are solid.

Full Interview


Interview with Chie Nakamura, Sakura's VA:

(Courtesy of Kairi.nin)

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

XFusionX at NF
The big yellow words: In Shippuden, expect to see a ton of Sakura's inner personality!!

First big red words: Kishimoto agrees Sakura might get alot of spotlight!?

Following black print: Out of all the Shippuden characters, Sakura is quite possibly the one with the most improvement. Nakamura: Learning super strength and medicinal jutsus, Sakura has grown so much. Previously speaking to Kishimoto, he mentioned he may have given Sakura too much spotlight in part 2. (Chuckles) If Sakura is going to show her skills, myself as a voice actress should try hard too. Especially with her new ability of super strength, her "Inner Sakura" can be let out without constraints. I am excited to voice the new Sakura's "Shaaannaro!"

Second big red words: The changing feelings toward Sasuke

Following black print: In Shippuden, does Sakura's feelings toward Sasuke change at all? Nakamura: Previously Sakura just had a huge crush on Sasuke, but once he left the village, she got the mind set of "I'll do something about it." As the show progresses, I am worried as well as excited for Sakura.--- With Sakura's new skills, we have high hopes for Sakura's achievements in part 2!

nightmistress at NF
Actually guys, I had another friend of mine translate it and she said the title says "Holding my feelings for Sasuke more sincerely/strongly than I had before" and NOT "Sakura's changing feelings."

Of course, this is just a VA's opinion and isn't official, but I thought it might make some of you happy.



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To Sasuke's Defense

Several Pro-Sasuke Essays

Picture this.

You’re an eight year old child. You’re in school. You do well. You’re at the head of your class, you receive a great deal of praise, but your family still doesn’t think you measure up to someone that you idolize. So you use your idol as a goal to reach, something to strive for. “I want to be like him,” you tell yourself. “I want to do that.”

Imagine this idol is strong and smart and perfect, to your eight-year-old intuition. Everyone looks up to him. You want to be like that, so you can protect all of the people that matter to you, because you think that’s what he’s doing with his strength.

And then one day, you come home to an unsettling scene. The streets are empty. The lights are out. You turn a corner, and bodies are everywhere. Bodies of people you know, people you cared about.

Now imagine that your idol, deliberately and emotionlessly, went to your house. He would be welcomed, of course, because he is trusted. Imagine that man killing your mother, your father, your friends.

Imagine coming home to that and wondering, why…?


Uchiha Sasuke is a prodigy child. But he’s worked for it. Mastering the katon jutsu took time, and he devoted every spare moment he had to learning it, to improve, to impress. He wanted his father to look at him and smile and say “You are my son.” He wants to be claimed. He wants to feel like he belongs, in a world where excelling is expected, where genius is generic.

And in a single day, all of that is taken away. By someone that he loved and respected and looked up to. People don’t just recover from that. They bleed, silently, on the inside where no one can see it if they aren’t looking hard enough.

And then the prodigy, the boy genius, graduates and becomes a ninja. He’s flung into life or death situations, and he excels. He protects the people he wants to protect and is willing to sacrifice himself for them, though he himself doesn’t know why. “My body moved on its own,” he says. From that point on, in the eyes and hearts of three different people, he was student, rival and first crush.

Kakashi looked at Sasuke and saw himself. Saw a boy who watched his family fall apart and decay. Kakashi looked at Sasuke and saw a chance that he was never given.

Naruto looked at Sasuke and saw a jackass. A stuck-up, self-centered arrogant p***k, but one that would have died for him. Naruto looked at Sasuke and saw the first friend he ever had.

Sakura looked at Sasuke and saw a hero. A knight in shining armor who stood in front of her in a fight, who was cool and calm and collected. Sakura looked at Sasuke and saw someone she could love.

All three of them see bits and pieces of Sasuke, but only together do they see the whole of him. And that whole is a broken, fragile boy that none of them on their own can save.


Uchiha Sasuke thinks he’s worthless.

This is a canon fact. It’s not out and out stated, but boy is it implied. He’s strong, but never enough to save his precious people; he fights, but never succeeds. He deals with his demons on his own turf in his own time and he fails.

This doesn’t make him a monster. It makes him human.

That’s the part of himself that Sasuke most wants to kill. The part that cares, the part that cries, the part that smiles. Why would any sane person want to do that, you ask? They wouldn’t. Sasuke is not sane. Not entirely. He watched his family die. He watched his brother do it all. His brother who then crammed the fact down his throat with the unforgettable words, ‘If you wish to kill me, hate me, detest me, and survive in an unsightly way. Run. Run and cling to life.’.

Sasuke wants to kill that part of himself because it’s not necessary. Because compassion isn’t going to kill Itachi, nor crying nor cracking a smile. Power is the only thing capable. Power only Sasuke can achieve. Being human means he can be hurt. Risking his life for Naruto, smiling for Sakura, that endangers them. It makes them targets. The last time Sasuke loved anyone, he watched them die and was powerless to do anything about it.

He lived through that once, and he would go through hell before he’d have it happen again. He proves this. He runs away. He knows he could stay in Konohagakure no Sato. He knows he could grow up and grow old and learn to laugh and to love.

But Sasuke lives in a world of ghosts, and they will not let him go so easily. Ghosts that were almost quiescent, ghosts like wounds almost healed. And then what happened? Itachi showed up. Itachi showed up for Naruto. Someone whom Sasuke had come to regard tentatively as a friend. The man who took everything from him was back in his life and again in the vicinity of someone Sasuke cared about, however grudgingly.

What did he do then? He panicked. Part of it was resentment (why isn’t he here for me?) part of it was terror – not for himself, but for Naruto (why is he here for him?) He ran off, recklessly, endangering himself and not caring. Looking for Itachi – looking for Naruto. He had every intention of killing the one to save the other.

It’s doubtful he expected he could beat Itachi. Maybe he thought he’d die trying, but damn, he was going to try. He formed the hand-seals for chidori, and went immediately on the offensive.

Itachi all but ignored him. And when challenged, brought him down without breaking a sweat. “Even now, the gap hasn’t closed at all…”

And then, everything that Sasuke had overcome, everything that he had fought for, his memories, his past, and those ghosts that lingered still, in the blink of an eye it was all brought back. The wounds were no longer four years old and fading. Itachi dug his claws into Sasuke’s fragile, broken mind and he undid all of the good that team seven had done for him. It was, quite bluntly, a psychological rape. It was Itachi showing just how much power he still had over his little brother. It was Itachi using that power, cruel and cold.

Sasuke is not a strong person. Somewhere in his mind, there is still a lost eight year old child, asking again and again, why did all of this have to happen? Sasuke is not a strong person, and the fragile threads he’d been building up, the tentative friendships and all those bonds were not enough to anchor him.

He ******** snapped.

Maybe if he hadn’t been so badly beaten. Maybe if Naruto had actually needed his protection. Maybe then he would have survived that encounter with his personality intact. He didn’t. It tore him apart and once again showed him how he powerless he was.


Sasuke isn’t a hero. He isn’t a shining paragon of perfection. He’s not the sort of person you want to become, because he is flawed and because he is broken and because of all the things that made him that way. He carries himself with a sort of desperation, like someone who has dug their own grave and resigned themselves to the fact that one day they will fill it. And in many ways he has.

He walked away from his old life. It was a conscious decision, sparked by Itachi, fuelled by Orochimaru and although all of his precious people tried desperately to save them, they forgot that the theme and heart of the series Naruto is ‘teamwork’. They tried on their own. They failed the same way. Kakashi tied him to a tree and tried in his quiet, damaged way to appeal to his intelligence. Sakura appealed to his emotions. Naruto appealed to everything else.

Sasuke wants them to stop believing in him. He’s not a knight in shining armor; he’s not a very good friend. He wants to be a weapon, and they’re getting in his way. He doesn’t understand what they see in him, why they aren’t willing to let him go. He sees only what’s wrong with him. How many times he’s failed, how frequently he’s fallen down. He doesn’t realize that when he fails, they’re there to pick up the pieces, and when he falls, they’re there to get him back on his feet. He doesn’t realize that he doesn’t have to be perfect to be loved. Sasuke has tunnel vision. At the end of that tunnel is Itachi’s death. Along the way is everything he is going to have to sacrifice to get there. But Itachi is in stark color, black and white and red, and everything else is just shades of gray.

Sasuke is single-minded. He is determined. He wants power and he is willing to do anything for it. Why? So he can rest. So he can be at peace. So the ghosts in his mind can go back to their graves, so he doesn’t have to live in fear every day of his life that Itachi is still alive. He lives in the past. He’s frozen in time, still eight years old, still asking that same damn question over and over again. He desperately wants to hear an answer from Itachi’s own lips.

He’s selfish, in that regard. He’s willing to make a martyr of himself. He’s strung himself up on a cross and waiting for the end, hoping it will come in fire and fury and Itachi’s bloody death at his hands. He doesn’t want help. He needs it, and it’s possible he even knows it, but he doesn’t want it. Why? Because he’s seen what Itachi can do. He’s seen him kill, seen him inflict horrors that no one should ever have to live through. If he goes alone, he’s only risking himself. That’s what he wants. That’s the way he thinks it should be.


Sasuke can’t save himself. This is also canon. He’s never tried, and doesn’t understand why he should. He’s not worth the effort.

Kakashi wants to save him because it would be like saying, ‘I told you so,’ to a stubborn fourteen year old boy who got his best friend killed.

Naruto wants to save him because he needs to. Because Sasuke was his first friend and his only rival. Because Sasuke is the one person he couldn't save, and if he can't save Sasuke, he might as well not be able to save anyone else, either.

Sakura wants to save him because she knows just how broken he is, how lost and young, and she desperately wants to protect that part of him, and love the rest of him.

And they’ll only ever do it together. As a team. As a family.

One day, even if it takes them the rest of their lives, they’re going to bring Sasuke home.

-- by sunsitenthai

But Sasuke isn't the only person to have a tough childhood. Iruka's parents were killed and he's like the nicest guy in the village. Same thing happened to Naruto, I'm pretty sure Iruka saw his parents be killed also. When it comes down to it it was Sasuke's character, that drove him to it, not just the events. Chouji grew up being shunned and made fun of by everyone until one, and only one, person decided to be his freind. Naruto had no family, and was hated by the entire village. Sasuke didn't have to deal with that once that huge event happened. Naruto grew up in a world that hated him, he didn't go and start killing people though, he had a strong enough character to get through it. Sasuke was alone in the world because of his own actions, Naruto was alone because no one wanted him.

Sasuke was adored by every girl his age, while once again, Naruto was unloved, and unwanted. Except for Hinata, but he didn't have a clue. Sasuke, through work I'll admit, was the best of their class. While Naruto who worked just as hard as anyone else, if not harder, was still the very worst.

Sasuke's situation wasn't unique. I think Anko thought of Orochimaru as a father, he betrayed her also. Kakshi found his father dead one day, he had commited suicide. It's hard to even find someone who hasn't had a rough time in life.

Now I'm not saying that I could have gone through what he did and come out any better. I'm just saying his actions are still his responsibility, and he made more than a few bad choices.

--The Trusty Sidekick--
Yes, but you see what your missing there is that Kakashi still hasnt gotten over it. Thats why he favors Sasuke. Whether people admit it or not, Kakashi favors him because he sees himself in him. Iruka, though they dont say, did the same thing. He used to hate everyone.

And Naruto. Naruto hated everyone. He admited that with the fight with Gaara. He was just like Gaara there. He hated the world and only wanted to fight for himself. It wasnt in Sasuke's character before he saw his parents killed. Sasuke was sweet and loving but never a prodigy like his brother. In which people say that Sasuke is, he was said to be probably one of the most ungifted [next to Obito which was a lie] of the Uchiha's.

Naruto, Had a sad childhood, BUT he didnt have the feeling of having a parent and a good life and then BOOM the only person that you ever loved and ever wanted to be in life, killed the only thing you ever knew.

Its not saying Naruto is anything less. Naruto did have anything at all. No parents to run to. He has no memories what so ever to hold on to. But what people dont realize about Sasuke is, He was 8 years old. Can you imagine walking home when you are 8 to see your entire family brutally murdered by your brother, the same brother who you want to be just like.

And he is 13 when we first see how he is. There isnt much time to start to lose those images. Anything says, he dreams about his parents death every night. He replays the day in his mind everyday. And he wants revenge like any other human being does. Everyone wants revenge. Yes, even Naruto wanted revenge on Sasuke for him and Sakura. Until they became friends.

Anko did Indeed look up to Oro as a father, and Its not saying that she wasnt as sad as anyone. She was the same though. The reason he picked her up was she had hate, not enough for his liking in the end. But she was willing to kill herself for the same revenge that Sasuke wants against Itachi. When It comes down to it, Anko and Sasuke are a lot alike.

Chouji was shunned, until he found someone. Though you see, Sasuke did start to turn around, If it wasnt for the Sound Four, Naruto and Sakura and Kakashi probably would have made him stay. But just like any other human, If someone said "Hey I have to power for you to Kill that one person in your life" I would do that right away.

It may seem as a bad choice, but In his point of view it was the only thing he could do. Now he could have killed Naruto. But didnt. He doesnt want to be like Itachi. But like I said, When Power comes knocking on your door, and that one AMBITION in your life is to kill a certain someone then I would go running head first for that. The reason that Konoha doesnt want him dead is because they understand why he did it. I mean, he openly said thats what he was going to do was to kill Itachi. And remember, he finally had an incounter with him and even when learning Chidori it wasnt enough. The gap between their power ranges was just as wide, if not widened.

Naruto was shunned from society because what was in him. Its not that his parents died, and for a while he was the same way, hated everyone. If it wasnt for Iruka to take him in. Just like Sasuke, he got better, and there was more to him. He opened up and became best friends with Naruto, when Naruto befriened him. But Sasuke's family was distroyed not so long ago. And he was left because Itachi just wanted him to suffer. He wanted someone to avenge him. He wanted to make Sasuke that way.

And Naruto was only alone for so long. Until Iruka and the Third Hokage treated him like he was someone. Iruka stepped in as a father figure in his life. So like I said, he wasnt alone. Iruka, Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke changed Naruto. Changed who he was and how he viewed life. He didnt sit there and watch his family get murdered before his very eyes just four years prior. Kakashi had a similar expierience but he has had time to recover and not fully. And he didnt have someone to take revenge against. His father killed himself. As for Obito, you can see, he hasnt even fully recovered from that. And how many years ago was that?

Sorry for this incredibly long rant. I respect your opinions. If you dislike him, you dislike him. But that is just my opinion on it. I dont want anyone saying that Im a closed minded person. Because I used to hate Sasuke with a distinct passion. But I have changed. Because looking at other POV helped. And Im not saying you dont because obviously you do. I was just ranting because its what I do best.

-- by --The Trusty Sidekick--  
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A Collection of SasuSaku Essays
Taken from the opinions various members of Sincerely Yours
(Please credit when used.)

i m o g e n

Well, one of the reasons why I enjoy SasuSaku is that both characters develop. Sakura's love for Sasuke motivates her to challenge herself. Sasuke learns to acknowledge those around him, especially Sakura. He's gentle with her and never goes out of his way to deliberately hurt her. (The Gaara fight scene- where Sakura is trapped by Gaara - is a good example to use here.) Finally, Chapter 181 signified that Sakura did indeed mean something to Sasuke. She was someone preciuos, thus why he didn't coldly knock her out without saying anything to her. He instead thanked her, acknowledged her feelings and love (databook entry reference!), and then knocked her out (and gently placed her back onto a nearby bench).

Also, there's that whole question of the Team 7 bond. Naruto and Sakura, from my standpoint, share a bond, but one of very close friends. Sasuke ties the two together. Sasuke and Naruto share an intense bond of rivalry and friendship.

This leaves the question of Sasuke and Sakura. What relationship do they share? I say romantic because that is how I personally feel it has been developed.

(Will add more later).

I was going to put this in on the SasuSaku resources, but I got majorly lazy. So when your essay is finished, I'll probably put it up there. Get ready, it's a looooooong one:

Why I love SasuSaku

The Canon Factor:

"Canon" means being the one which is closest to the story, or really in the story itself. In this respect, SasuSaku-ers believe that SasuSaku is the most canon, if not one of, in Naruto.

One reason for this is that SasuSaku, among all the het couples (taking that yaoi hardly happens in most shonen), has the most moments together, not counting the moments they are seen together. The biggest are the Forest of Death scenes, the Team 7 vs. Gaara, and the one with the most emotion - the "thank you" scene.

Talking of the "big" moments, these moments are in which there are turning points in the story. The Forest of Death scenes were the parts where Sasuke got the Curse Seal (a fundamental cause to his leaving), and when Sakura cut her hair (a symbol of the beginnings of her growth). The fight with Gaara was where Sasuke finally acknowledged his teammates as his most precious people (meaning he isn't as cold as before) and where Sakura jumped between Gaara and Sasuke (meaning she's trying to beyond her apparent uselessness - another sign of growth).

Finally, in the "Thank You" scene, Sakura confesses her love ( a love that has been long debated as just being a crush, or being a true one, but has been stated in the Databook as a true one), and Sasuke leaves Konoha (beginning the third of the greatest conflicts in the current story).

These moments are some of the most emotional parts of the series. The Forest of Death scenes portrayed Sakura's frustration in not being able to be useful, and in always being protected, while Sasuke comes in conflict about his family died and how he needs power to avenge them. Also, we see Sakura's terror of Sasuke's curse seal and her brave move to stop it, and Sasuke's concern of who hurt Sakura, even amid his crazed state.

In Team 7 vs. Gaara, Sasuke finally grows emotionally, when he tells Naruto he'll do his best to give them time to run away.

Lastly, in the "Thank You" scene, we see the most emotion. It has been voted in Japan as the most touching scene in the series. Sakura pours out everything to Sasuke, knowing in her heart it's futile, but she does it so that he'll stay. Sakura must have induced some kind of emotion in Sasuke (though it's unclear as to what it was), since he thanked her at the very end. When he knocks her out he takes care to leave her on a bench, not on the cold hard granite. That is the most thoughtful Sasuke can get for the moment.

Besides, I don't think many people believe that Sakura "really really really really really likes Sasuke" just that much.

Sakura's and Sasuke's Part in the Relationship:

It's mainly Sakura's feelings that are involved in canon, as she was the one who said she's in love with him. In the beginning, she has been a rabid fangirl of Sasuke, and Sasuke's attention served as a benchmark for how much better she was than Ino.

But when the story progresses, this schoolgirl crush grew into something else. The more time she spent with him, the more she realized that he was more than just a pretty face. The more she saw of all sides of him didn't make her shirk away (seeing as how Sasuke's a big jerk most of the time), but rather, it was a cause for her to love him despite his imperfections. This makes her stronger in a sense. Being the naturally nurturing girl she was, she unconsciously tried her best for Sasuke to feel loved and cared for.

Finally, in the last real conversation they had, it seems that Sakura realized that what she felt for Sasuke was no longer just because he was "perfect" or because she wanted to be better than Ino. It was because she truly cared for his well-being and loved him unconditionally.

If they did get together, Sakura would reach her inital goal from the start of the series. With her caring nature, she'd be instrumental in Sasuke's emotional healing. But for now, it's only speculation on how she really feels for him, but for sure, she still bears her love for him as a friend.

Sasuke, on the other hand, doesn't seem to be interested in Sakura, or in anyone, but his brother. It's revealed at the very beginning he just wanted to kill him. But as time passes, he seems to grow closer to his team, and as he forges a bond with Naruto, whatever disdain he has had for Sakura gradually leaves.

Naruto, being the main character, is of course focused on more than his teammates. This leaves Sasuke and Sakura just spectators at times, giving them more time to interact. Since both of them seem to agree on things like Naruto being annoying but reliable when needed, on the strategies they have to take in various situations, they interact more and more.

Sasuke seems to start caring for Sakura as a teammate more during the Wave arc, and as a friend during the Chuunin Exam arc, when he almost killed the one who had hurt her. He also seems to value her opinion when she tries to tell the teachers about his Curse Seal, and he tells her, "No one can stop me, not even you, meaning he valued her opinion, but he can't accept it right then.

As for whether Sakura thinks of Sakura as more than a friend is yet to be seen, but most fans want to think he was jealous of Naruto saving Sakura, rather than Naruto being stronger than him. But the most emotion he could ever show her was during, again, the "Thank You" scene, since he acknowledged her feelings with gratitude.

Sakura loving Sasuke is advantageous to him, though. She nurtures him emotionally, and her being the sunshiney girl she is, she could bring happiness and light to his cold and lonely life. Plus, if he were to restores his clan, he would need a woman to help him, and Sakura is already at hand. Plot-wise, Sakura would be the best choice as she's the one girl he's closest to (though hopefully he'd marry her for love rather than just his goals).

The Themes of Their Relationship:

The themes of SasuSaku actually jibe with the themes of Naruto, and that is one of the reasons I love it so. There are several themes we could connect to them, and this is the list of it.

Acceptance. For the relationship to work, Sasuke must accept Sakura, her feelings, and the fact that he could reciprocate and he'll get more love by reciprocating. He must take in the knowledge that she's grown stronger over the years and isn't some girl to be ignored. Sakura has already done her part - she has gotten over the fact that's not just a handsome genius, but also an arrogant, selfish jerk of an avenger. And she still loves him for all his imperfections.

Opposites attract. Though this principle isn't usually a very solid theme, it's still perfect to SasuSaku. Sakura, being happy, hyper, and a little naive, is balanced out by Sasuke, who is dark, brooding, and experienced in the dark side of life. If they can balance out each other, then Sasuke can lessen being so glum, and Sakura can be stronger during trying times. They don't complete each other - they complement each other's completeness.

Reaching goals. Sakura's initial goal was to get Sasuke attention, and one of Sasuke's goals was to restore his clan. Sakura's current goal is to get Sasuke back, and when she gets him back, there is a bigger possibility of him learning to love her. And as for Sasuke's current goal to kill his brother, Sakura is instrumental because she can help by being his support. In each other, they can find fulfillment of their goals.

Minor Reasons:

Other pairings. SasuSaku actually makes it possible for other characters to have a romantic "happily ever after." When Naruto lacks his Sakura, he can turn to Hinata. When Ino can't have Sasuke, she can have Shikamaru or Chouji.

The un-canonness of NaruSaku. It's been argued about over and over again - the sanctity of the Team 7 relationship is broken if ever Naruto and Sakura get together. NaruSaku just shuts Sasuke out so much, with him having little to do in the relationship, while SasuSaku hardly shuts Naruto out - he is vital in the relationship, as seen in different fanfics fans have spawned. Though it has been said that Sakura is doing all that she is doing for Naruto, it's truer to say she's doing it for the three of them.

Kishimoto's say. Let's face it. He's implied so many times about Sasuke and Sakura's relationship. He has said that the theme of Naruto will play a part on the couplings, and we've seen the possible themes right above, and we see how 2 out of 3 match with what could be the theme of the story. He has also created so much plot build-up for these two, and if he doesn't follow through, then he has flushed the whole plot build-up down the drain.



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A Collection of SasuSaku Essays
Taken from the opinions various members of Sincerely Yours
(Please credit when used.)


Ino also plays a part in the relationship of Sakura and Sasuke. Had Ino not loved Sasuke, Sakura wouldn't have had the determination to make Sasuke her own. After she realizes his imperfections, and even calls him a chicken during the Forest of Death, she also realizes she needs to protect Sasuke's gentle, caring side. Before that, she was shallow; only thinking about her rivalery with Ino and of Sasuke's good looks. To her, Sasuke was the kinght in shining armor.

He did save her from one thing: Her fantsies.

After she cuts her hair, which is most precious to her, she vows to become stronger for Sasuke... AND Naruto. That way, whenever they in danger she can be there to save them.. To protect them. Like when Gaara was going to kill defenseless Sasuke, she overcame her fear with her instinct that she needed to protect Sasuke. Gaara's stunted emotions realized this was an act of love, and smashed her against a tree.

Soon after Sasuke got a hold of himself, the sand that held Sakura was falling quickly; she was going to fall if someone didn't catch her. Being the caring comrade he was, he saved Sakura and gently laid her down next to Pakkun, telling him to keep Sakura safe no matter what. Soon, Naruto joins the fight. Sasuke tells him to grab Sakura and run away, and that he'll hold Gaara as long as he can.

Although after this, Sasuke's at death's edge. Naruto comes just in the nick of time and Sasuke collapses. Naruto fights Gaara, while telling him that they're alike. Without Sakura, Kakashi, and heck! Even Sasuke! Naruto would have collasped long ago. Gaara is, after a long period of time, defeated. Sasuke is brought to the hospital quickly, and during this time Orochimaru kills the 3rd Hokage. This means they'll need to find a new one.

During this time, Itachi returns in search of Naruto, not Sasuke. Sasuke hears of the news that Itachi is somewhere in the village. He also hears he's going after Naruto, and Sasuke knows if Itachi gets to Naruto before he does, Naruto could die. He finds Itachi in the hallway that leads to Naruto's room. Kisame, Itachi's partner, asks who the squirt is. Itachi replies, "My little brother." Sasuke first tries Taijustsu agaisnt his brother, but ends up getting kicked into a wall. This doesn't stop him. He powers up his new attack: The Chidori. He uses it against his brother but stops short, and Itachi takes this time to attack him, making him fly into another wall. Itachi leaves again, but leaves Naruto. Sasuke turns out to be in acoma.

After Naruto and Jiyara comes back with the new Hokage, Lady Tsunade, Sasuke is still in acoma. Sakura has been by his side ever since he went into acoma. This shows dedication to Sasuke, even though he's such a jerk to her. Tsunade tells her not to worry, and that she needs her rest. The next, she waits in Sasuke's room for him to wake up.

When he does, he gets a face full of Sakura's hair. Sasuke, who would've pushed her away, didn't push her off. He realized she needed to hug him and to know that he's alive and that he exists. Naruto, who is alsoin the room by the time he wakes up, realizes that Sakura loves Sasuke too much, and that he may never have a chance with her. Sasuke rests again, and is awoken by a haunting dream.

My reasons for loving SasuSaku. <3

Through-out the first half of the serious, SasuSaku was an extremly developing relationship. From starting off at Sakura being a fangirl, and was actually more interested in her looks, and Sasuke, 'dis-liking' Sakura in some sense, because he was stuck with two idiots on his team. In the end, Sasuke changed his thoughts, and respected everyone in his team. In the next few paragraphs, I'll be talking about the many scenes, and hinting in this amazing couple.

I first orginally started off the series by liking Sakura as an amazing character. [I guess the pink hair caught my attension] Then when Sasuke entered, I instantly loved him. His looks, attitude, and abilities drawn me to him. Over time, hinting started popping up in different spots of the plot.

The first one that I really liked was the SasuSaku 'hand-clasp' scene. If you think about it, Sasuke knew that he could trust Sakura enough that she would be there for him, and help in situations that he might not be able to handle. Sakura ended up taking on the huge responsibility of watching over her two team-mates, and took care of them for the time being. She was devoted to her task, and took it to the heart.

After a day, the Sound Ninja's attack. Sakura is forced into a situation where she has to protect her team-mates, or else their pretty much all deadmeat. Lee comes in an attempt to help, but ends up getting knocked out in the end. Sakura's taken by her hair by the only female on the Sound's team, Kin. She contemplates in her mind that she doesn't want to be weak anymore. She doesn't want to be a step behind everyone. She wants to be strong and independant.

If your not devoted to something so critical, why would you cut your hair off in such a situation when your not devoted, Hrm? She cared enough for Sasuke, Naruto, and Lee because they were all there for her. Now it's her turn for them.

The second scene I found in the series was the 'hugging' scene in the Forest of Death. Sasuke wakes up, the curse mark going crazy and spreading over his body. But the only question he asks is who did that to Sakura? If Sasuke didn't even at least respect her then why would he even bother to beat up the Sound Ninja's in such a ruthless manner? There goes that sugestion about SasuSaku not even possible.

The third, (and the final scene that I'm going to type up) is the 'Thank you' scene. That has to be the most touching scenes in the entire series. Sakura pours her heart and soul out to try to even get Sasuke to stay - Or if she has to, be some kind of help if He'd let her go with him. That's all she wanted, was to be near him, next to him. At least Sasuke cares enough not to leave her on the damn, cold ground. If he really didn't care about anything she said, do you think he really would have put her on the bench. Or even say Thank You to her? Out of the entire series, that has to be one of the only times he'd ever say thank you to anyone.

Sakura now takes the goal to become stronger and bring Sasuke back to Kohana. Even Naruto wants to help out because he knows of what Sakura went through when he left. He's made it his goal to get stronger and get Sasuke. If the both of them didn't care enough then why would Sakura even bother to waste her time training with Tsunade.

Thus, Is the end of my short reasonings for SasuSaku


Why I Support SasuSaku [Sasuke x Sakura]
I'll start off quoting the post I made in a "Do you think Sakura should end up with Sasuke or Naruto?" thread..

"I just can not see Sakura being with Naruto. Maybe it's because I'm such a big SasuSaku shipper, but I can't help it. I detest NaruSaku[absolutely NO offense to the NaruSaku fans]. Their relationship.. it seems so much like a brother/sister type thing. I can't see the two of them developing feelings for each other. Sure, Naruto liked her at first, but that was like a crush -- like what Sakura had with Sasuke, only her feelings developed into something more once she got to know him better.

In my eyes, Sasuke and Sakura would be a good couple. Sasuke's the kind of guy who needs support.. not just any kind of support, but emotional support, which is why Sakura would be very important in his life. People are always calling him emo, aren't they? Emos just need someone to be there for them.. And whenever she could be, Sakura was always by Sasuke's side.

I know Sasuke seems to have no sexual preference right now, but that's only because he is focused on nothing more than gaining power to kill Itachi. What about after that? If he lives, I mean.. His next goal was to revive his clan, and sure that can be taken more than one way, but I honestly think he meant making little Uchiha babies. Now I wonder who he would go to for that.. but not just for that. I'm sure, deep down, Sasuke cares for Sakura. Maybe not in the romantic way quite -yet-, but as a true friend.

Quite frankly, I think Sakura does deserve Sasuke. She put up with his attitude throughout a good portion of the series, and wound up loving him? That girl has patience, I'll give her that much. When a person sticks to someone for that long, they're not going to give up so easily. She really has grown over the past two-and-a-half years as well. I really don't think Sasuke would find her as 'annoying' as he did when she was twelve.

My answer should seem pretty clear now. However, if Sakura does end up with Naruto, or Rock Lee, or whoever in the manga, I'll live with the decision Kishimoto makes since Naruto is his creation. I'm just saying I could die happy if she ends up with Sasuke."

I've heard some anti-SasuSaku people say, "SasuSaku fans brush off all NaruSaku moments as sibling-like moments. Who's to say all of the SasuSaku moments aren't meant to be seen in the same way? Not every situation is proof that they're a couple." While it's true that I tend to brush off [Insert name of anyone other than Sasuke]xSakura scenes as either 'brother/sister" or "good friend" type moments, I do keep an open-mind and know that not every scene where Sasuke and Sakura are together counts as a SasuSaku 'moment'. I usually just stick with the meaningful happenings.

Moment #1: In episode 5, when Sasuke tells Sakura about his past. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure she is the first person he ever told.

Moment #2: Toward the end of episode 21, Sasuke takes note of Sakura not acting like her usual self. When they, along with other shinobi wanting to take the Chuunin exam, confront two of the examiners using an illusionary technique to trick them, Sasuke admits that he knows the truth before praising Sakura's skills at seeing through things such as that. He actually tried to cheer her up, and of his own free will. They took it out in the anime, but in the manga, one panel showed Sasuke smiling as his bangs covered his eyes after Sakura blurted out that she knew all along.

Moment #3: A good portion of episode 33. When Sasuke first wakes up from the Cursed Seal, the first word he says is "Sakura", then he demands to know who the hell hurt her after seeing the condition she was in. I doubt he would have done the same with Naruto, or anyone else for that matter. He probably would have verbally insulted them. Not long after that, when Sasuke heads toward Dosu to finish him off after injuring Zaku, Sakura runs up to him and wraps her arms around him from behind. When he sees her tears, the Cursed Seal slowly begins to vanish.

Moment #4: In episode 36, Sasuke allows Sakura to assist him in getting to the tower. There was no scene showing how the gesture started, so it's unclear whether or not Sasuke asked for help, but it still seemed a little strange for him to be accepting her aid without expressing any displeasure. I sincerely doubt -- again -- he would have let Naruto or anyone else help him. [Also, at the beginning of this episode, Sasuke helps Sakura to stand by taking her hand in his. ;3]

Moment #5: Near the end of the first movie, there is a scene where Sasuke's head is resting in Sakura's lap. They -both- looked very relaxed and at ease. Sasuke didn't seem to be bothered by it at all, unlike in the beginning of the series where he was trying to shove Sakura away because she was "too close."

Moment #6: Episode 80. In a previous episode, Sakura risked her life to protect Sasuke from Gaara. You don't risk your life for someone you have a simple 'crush' on; you risk your life for someone you care about deeply. Unfortunately, Sakura is injured and pinned to a tree by Gaara's sand. In this episode, the sand disappears, and Sasuke catches the falling Sakura in his arms before laying her down as gently as possibly. He looks at her with a, in my opinion, pretty intense gaze. Prior to leaving to check on Naruto, he tells Pakkun, "Take care of Sakura." [Sasuke also told Naruto in an episode before this one that he doesn't want to see any of his 'important friends' die in front of him. Seriously.. at this point I think it's obvious that Sasuke views both Sakura and Naruto as much more than simple comrades.]

Moment #7: In Episode 98, Tsunade wakes Sasuke up from a coma he's been in since fighting his brother. Sakura, who has been coming to visit him day after day, cries and throws her arms around him. He seems to be in a daze, but he's looking right at her, and makes no move to push her away. In the manga chapter, right after she does this, Naruto says, "Sasuke, you.." but doesn't finish. I find the scene more important in the manga because, in the anime, it looked as though Naruto was about to say, "Sasuke, you woke up!" But in the manga? It seemed as though Naruto realized something about Sasuke, before that sad look of realization crossed his face. It was then that he realized how Sakura truly felt.

Moment #8: The ending of episode 109. It had me crying. When Sasuke said, "You really are annoying"/"You're still annoying" [the line varies since not all subbers agree] I think he was only admitting, in his own words, that he remembered everything Sakura had mentioned, everything Team 7 had been through. And his "thank you"? It could have meant so many different things. Personally, I think he said it to show his gratitude for her admitting her feelings and attempting, yet failing, to keep him in the village. Then again, I'm also leaning toward it being gratitude for Sakura always being there for him. After that, he knocked her unconscious. Had Sasuke honestly NOT cared nor acknowledged her feelings, he would have left her lying on the ground. But instead, he placed her on a bench before he left. It demonstrated that he did care.

There are many more "scenes" I could have listed, but I only wanted to name the scenes that I actually thought were purposeful moments.

It has also come to my attention that whenever speaking to Sakura alone or when no one is paying attention, Sasuke uses a softer tone of voice. He doesn't sound as cold as he does when he's talking to Naruto, or even Kakashi. Though there may not be any reasoning behind it, I felt that it was important enough to be mentioned.

I know that Naruto is an on-going manga and doesn't look to be ending anytime soon, so I do NOT claim that SasuSaku is canon. Hell, NONE of the pairings are canon. Naruto isn't a romance story. It's more of the action genre, really. However, Kishimoto did state that Part II will contain more romance than Part I. While I have high hopes of SasuSaku actually happening, I will be fine with what ever couple comes to be. Like I stated in my post that I quoted above, it's his creation. Not mine.


Why do you think Sasuke and Sakura are good together?

First off, I love blue/black and pink/red together.

Secondly, they trust each other. In a relationship, trust is essential. It was obvious on more than one occasion that Sasuke trusted Sakura. Two examples: when he started telling her of his past, and when he asked her not to tell Naruto about the Curse Seal.

Third, I like to think of Sakura as Sasuke's cure. And yes, I thought of that before finding out that she had become a medic nin and was training under Tsunade. But the Forest of Death scene, anyone? Sasuke was practically going on a killing spree, and her hug/tears affected him so much that the Curse Seal receded and he was able to calm down. Kishimoto had to have made that happen for a reason..

And finally, Sasuke needs her. Yes, he needs Naruto as well, but like imogen said, only as a brother/best friend. Honestly, I think Sasuke and Sakura complement each other perfectly. He's silent and calm, whereas she's loud and out-spoken. The two of them mutually complete each other. In a relationship, most people look for a complement; not someone identical.

Also, Sakura really understood Sasuke. I mean, really. How else could you explain the fact that she knew he would be leaving the village that night?

Sakura has had the patience to deal with all of Sasuke's insults before, and that is why I believe she'll continue having that patience if he were to return to the village and still act like a b*****d. He needs someone like that, someone who will stay by his side no matter what. And that is exactly what Sakura will do.


My Reasons for loving SasuSaku

Reason #1:

Sasuke is cold hearted, torn up inside by something wrong that happened to him. He is distant. He is afraid. He needs somebody to lead him out of that darkness and into the light. He needs her. Sakura. She's the only one that can do it for him because he can't let many people in.

Reason #2:

Without Sasuke, Sakura wouldn't have grown. Her love for him was a challenge all in its self. It made her work to become stronger, faster, more capable of anything for him. Why? To proof that she honestly loves him.

Reason #3:

If they come together they can balance each other out. Him, a cold hearted b*****d to some because they don't get his pain.It's not that they can't they choose to see it another way. And her, a happy girl, with emotions like most of use. She's exactly like ALL of us that fantasize over Sasuke, except her fangirl-ishness grows into real love. When they come together and realize their love for one another it will be full of ANGST not FLUFF it isn't a mushie pairing and it never will be. Yet, when I see them as a couple I look past that and I see them as a happy couple with problems of his past, his betrayl, and her undying love that was her sole essince.(sp?)

Reason #4:

Even if they were going to be a fluff couple they would still be the best couple from Naruto in my eyes because they BALANCE each other out.
-He's the yin to her yang.
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Two Roads, One Destination: A Sasuke x Sakura Essay

A small girl comes out of her shell, finding a crush on the cutest boy in her age group, and falling for him. Then by a stroke of luck, years later, ends up being placed on a team with him, but to her dismay, another disappointment - he still sees her as an annoying little girl who follows him around. After enduring mission after mission and protecting the ones on their team, they begin to feel more like friends and less like "Boy Meets Fangirl." The girl’s crush molds into more than a like, and blossoming into love. This boy, having had a horrible past, wants nothing more than revenge and can’t see past his hate and anger, leaves one night, leaving everyone and everything he ever knew behind, in hope for the power to kill the one person that he hates most in his life.

Even if everyone sees this as shallow, the girl loves him for who he is, and not because of how cool this boy may seem, but the way he makes her feel. After she expresses her love to the boy, hoping that telling him her feelings will make him stay, he thanks her for her kindness then knocked her out, gently laying her on a nearby bench in hopes she doesn’t yell for someone to find him leaving. Upon waking, she finds a cold empty feeling in her heart, the feeling that she lost something so precious to her that it’s almost unbearable. This pain make the girl strong, in hope that she can bring back, by force if necessary, the boy that she loves with all her heart and soul. This girl with such strength is Haruno Sakura, this love that she lost, this heart wrenched boy who is so caught in his revenge is Uchiha Sasuke.

There are many factors that go into this story of a love so full of angst that it’s almost unbearable. The maturity of this love is broken down to its simplest state to where the couple seems inevitable. Naruto is a story based on theme. The main theme of the story is reaching goals. Naruto’s main goal is to become an acknowledged ninja and become the greatest hokage ever. Sasuke’s main goal, as stated, is to restore his clan, but first he has to kill Itachi. Haruno Sakura’s goal is to be the one to get Sasuke. Ever since she was a child that has been her goal, and now it’s to bring him back. Whether or not it’s stated, Sakura’s life is based on Sasuke. From the beginning, we see that Sakura has what seems to be an unhealthy infatuation with Sasuke, and for the most part, Sasuke ignores it, or tells her to buzz off and he doesn’t have time for this. What seems like a cruel gesture is probably one of the best things he could have done for her. By him telling her that she was annoying, he made her a more bearable person, to his standards. For the most part, just them interacting made them grow closer together. As Naruto, the main character has his goals and for the most part, works on his goals in his off time alone. While it gives Sasuke and Sakura more time to get to know each other on more of a person basis.

The first example of this change seems to start during their first real mission in the Wave Country. Sasuke’s Sharingan awakens which gives him the ability to fight Haku. But to a disappointment, Haku gets the best of Sasuke and “kills” him. After Naruto beat Haku and his Ice mirrors fall, Sakura sees Sasuke dead to her eyes. This horrific sight sends her into hysterics and burst into tears, crying over what seemed to be her dead comrade. Being that she hadn’t dealt much with death in her life, even the thought of the boy that she has been crushing on since she was a kid killed her. But to her surprise he wakes up. Haku, the boy that only wanted to make Zabuza happy, couldn’t bring himself to kill someone. And some so precious to Naruto, upon waking up he feels Sakura and hears her crying. When she looks at him, she breaks into a relief of happiness hugging him, being said to be the beginning of her crush formulating into love.

After this, Sakura begins to mellow out on her fangirl feelings. You can tell that she still overly obsesses over him, but not as loud as before, and mostly in front of Ino. Sasuke starts to treat Sakura like a true shinobi, and respects her as a friend, as well. He begins to trust her as well as Naruto. By my views, the Wave Arc brought Team 7 together. At the beginning of the Chuunin Exams, Kakashi challenges Iruka’s presumption that his former students aren’t ready for the exams. By this, he puts each one through a series of tests. Sasuke’s more to his known weakness, Naruto for his weakness, and for Sakura to hers. Sakura was set up by Iruka that Sasuke wanted to walk with her, and then running into a ninja. Sasuke pushing Sakura back and trying to take the ninja on, and within a few moments, Sasuke is covered in Kunais. Sakura runs over, as seen in the Wave Arc and starts crying. Sakura then starts laughing, surprising the ninja, then states that Sasuke wouldn’t even think about asking her to be go walking with her, let alone stand time, showing that she even knew that his feelings weren’t at the time of romantic, walking through the cheap Genjutsu. Then when the team showed up together, Sakura walked up and didn’t even make a fangirl-ish gesture towards Sasuke, leaving him with the thought, “What’s with that? She’s different.” Leaving that, he has noticed her for the fact that her fighting has made her a less annoying person by his standards.

I believe that we really see the change in Sasuke during the scenes in The Forest of Death. When the emotions and stamina of Team 7 are really pushed to the brink, Orochimaru makes his entrance and reveals his true purpose is to take Sasuke Uchiha. He attacks him by biting him on the neck, leaving a weird mark on his neck. The power of this brought him to a point of pain to where he was holding Sakura’s hand and ends up passing out falling on to her. Naruto, as well falls into unconsciousness, leaving Sakura alone to take care of them. Taking shelter she does her best to stay awake and take care of both her unconscious team mates. As the three Sound Genin take the position they inform Sakura to leave Sasuke to them. Sakura stands up and defends them on her own, especially after Rock Lee failed to stand up to the Sound nin.

This leaves Sakura becoming badly hurt and the Sound Ninja Kin, grabbing her by her long hair - it was public knowledge she and Ino and many other girls grew their hair out because Sasuke rumors were that he liked long-haired girls. If that’s true, it’s never known. The most prized thing she has is her hair. Sakura, in tears, then pulls out a kunai, cutting the hair that held her back. Signifying the start of her growth, Sasuke then wakes up to a beaten and bruised Sakura, and demands who did that to her with no other concern for anyone other than Sakura, showing that he was deeply affected by what happened. With the strange chakra circling around him he takes Zaku’s arms and breaks them. Horrified, Sakura watches Sasuke start leaving to attack the others. She hated to see him like that, knowing it wasn’t the real him. Sakura stands up and runs wrapping herself around him in a hug, him looking back with an enraged look in his eyes, seeing the tears of terror that are streaming from her face, that then made the curse retract. Sasuke then falling to the ground, Sakura at his side once again and him staring at his hand and shaking in terror of what he has done.

After that, he goes on to see Sakura really starting to care, so much that she almost risked the team to inform the examiners about the odd mark that Sasuke had wrapped around him. He then informed her that nothing could stop him from what he was doing and she didn’t understand why he was taking the exam, which showed that he did care about her opinions, and comparing that to when they first met, he could care less about what she had to say, let alone do. This growth shows a drastic change in both of their characters from the beginning of the story to where they are now. Sakura has let everyone know that she isn’t weak - she won’t be the damsel and when it comes to her fighting she won’t let her emotions for Sasuke cloud her judgment, and by that, it shows Sasuke showing respect for her.

After the Chuunin Exams, Sakura is left at a standstill. She can ultimately tell that Sasuke is broken between staying and seeking the power that he has once felt. The power that made it seem like his goal was possible. Sakura is scared for what is going on. She doesn’t know if he is going to be okay, or if he is just falling apart. And when the Sound Four appear, talking about how Orochimaru would like to train him, she gets scared for an unknown reason. And then that night, he prepares to leave, Sakura realizing what he was about to do as she walked home.

This leads to the well-known “Thank You” scene. She stops and tries to get him to stay by saying things that she hoped would make him stay. When she sees that it’s failing, she opens her heart and spill out all her guts on him, everything. She tells him her deepest feelings, and hopes that shouting that she loves him more than anything would make him stay, showing that he did have someone. Someone that really cares for him, not how cool he is, but him as a human being, his life, his health, and his future, in hope that he will stay, she says that she would help KILL someone for him. She would leave with him, everything she ever loved and knew behind. Sasuke had no intention of knocking her out at first, no matter what people say of how “cold” it was. In fact, if Sakura didn’t threaten to scream he wouldn’t have had to do it. He had to go, so he appears behind her, and the last thing he says is “Thank You.” Those two words have been said to mean many that he was thanking her for her feelings, for opening up, for actually loving him. Though, he can't even fathom being in love at the moment, he has to complete his goal in life, and he couldn’t just take her along, because by taking her along, he would be endangering her, and he cares too much for her to let her do that. And by knocking her out, he stopped her from blocking, in his mind, the only chance for him to gain the power to destroy Itachi.

By his desertion, he opened both Naruto and Sakura to be strong. Naruto couldn’t bring Sasuke back, and since then, he has been beating himself up for it, and thinks that he failed Sakura, and now he is compensating for it. Sakura on the other hand, decides to get stronger to help Naruto bring him back. She wants to show him that she can. She became strong not only for herself, but for Sasuke so she can bring him back.

Post time-skip, when Sai first enters the series it is seen that the emotional wounds are still fresh from his leaving. After insulting Sasuke, Sakura begins to hold a personal grudge towards him though it is lessened when she learns more about him.

Moments aren’t the only factors that play into the relationship on Sakura and Sasuke’s going canon. It’s the facts. Other couples just don’t work like Sasuke and Sakura - this couple is probably one of the most canon of them all. And by canon, for all of you who are wondering, are a thought, or pairing, closest to the main story or that will be played in.

Other couples such as Naruto and Sakura just wouldn’t be as possible. For those who are wondering why, it’s because if Sakura doesn't work out, there is always Hinata. Not that Naruto even notices her right now, but Hinata has been in love with Naruto since he was a child. And those in themselves show moments. The relationship between Sakura and Naruto has grown, or at least matured, but there are no solid clues really revealing these feelings are romantic, and from a certain point of view, it seems more sibling feelings her way towards Naruto, a family relationship. But that just isn’t the only reason; another is leading back to the main theme, the reaching of goals. Sakura’s goal has always been Sasuke, and if she didn’t reach that goal it would throw off the whole story line. Sasuke’s goal in life is to not just kill Itachi, but to restore his clan. And the only girl that he could even begin to think about would be Sakura. Someone that truly cares for him, wants to be with him, loves him for him, even after he leaves, even with all his faults, she loves him, and that would lead to the decision of Sakura.

This leads to the trust factor in this relationship. This started when Sasuke opened up in one of the first episodes and manga chapters, he tells Sakura about his family, something he probably hasn’t done openly since it happened. Showing that he did indeed trust her, she later she throws herself in front of Sasuke during the Gaara vs. Team 7 fight. She threw herself in danger for him. For a silly crush that wouldn’t go canon, it’s a sign that she’d rather him live then him die and her knowing that she could have done something. Something a girl in love would do. And with that, I believe that that may have opened Sasuke’s eyes a bit, that he could really trust her, she would jump in front of anything for him without a second thought.

There is also the Naruto factor of this. Naruto openly says that he knows that she loves him. He acknowledges it. It's seen with the moment where Sakura hugs Sasuke after he is awoken from a coma by Tsunade, wherein he only looks on with a sad smile. And finally we see that he accepts her feelings when he promises her that he was going to bring him back. "Sakura-chan likes Sasuke very much," he said. "Don't worry, I'm bringing Sasuke back!" (ep 110.) The likeliness of NaruSaku happening is very slim by standards of reason, Naruto is a loyal person and with Sasuke’s absence, he wouldn’t move in on Sakura when he knows how she feels about him. They might go on casual dates, but face the facts, friends eat dinner together, friends walk together and friends spend a lot of time together. The relationship is all in the eyes of the beholder. And the relationship perspective is not just on Naruto - there is Lee, too. Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of this manga, is very into symbolism when he writes, and in the forest of death Lee drops leaves and says that if he can pick up all the leaves he will win Sakura over. Lee was never able to get the final leaf, symbolizing that maybe Sakura is his first love but will move on soon enough.

Sasuke himself would have his goals shattered by this couple not going canon. If Kishi were to pair Sakura with someone else, who would Sasuke turn to? Naruto is going to bring him back, the series is called Naruto and that makes the story about him. This Arc is called ‘The Sasuke Retrieval Arc’ for a reason, because Naruto is going to bring him back - its his goal, he wouldn’t have trained for two and a half years in vain. Kishimoto wouldn’t do that to the main character - it's unreasonable. Sakura is the only female he trusts in full, the only one that he could turn to, and by pairing her with someone else, it would break Sasuke’s goal of reviving his clan. And as said before, the theme of Naruto is achieving one’s goals.

The boy and girl leading a journey of love in this rocky road of life are put through many challenges, dangers, threats, and tests. But love is never easy. Yes, they are very different, but two magnets of the same charge won’t attract, just repel, but someone with certain faults complimented with someone who has their faults as a strength will bring the Yin and Yang together. In this case, Sakura and Sasuke are the most likely to go canon. There are no claims seeing as Kishimoto-san dodges the romance question each time it's asked. There are no definites, though he does admit that he hasn’t given thought to the romance all that is seen comes naturally as he is writing. Though, at this point in time, it hasn’t been proved, there is more then enough evidence to support this pairing in full.

To conclude this essay, Sasuke and Sakura have the most possibility of going canon due to the already full details that have been built up in Part I of the series. What is next is up to Kishimoto-san to fulfill, but leading away from this couple seem to have been a waste of a plot build up in Part I, and utterly ending the goals of each main character in vain.

"To have a precious someone to protect will you become truly strong."


Written by: --The Trusty Sidekick—
With special thanks to: i m o g e n, tenshinohana-chan, PeacefulLight, Brittney-chan, Kairi.nin, and SasukeUchihaismyman
Dedicated to: Sincerely Yours: Sasuke x Sakura.



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