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Problem Child 420

PostPosted: Wed May 21, 2008 10:20 pm
Real Name: just call me Penny Lane wink

Gaia Name: Charlotte the Harlot420 (i love my Maiden)

Age: 18

Location: YOUR FACE

Gear (your guitar, amps ect.): Line 6 Spider 3 75w, and Boss Pedal
PW-10... i think
my 3 babys (soon to be 4)
B.C. Rich Warlock delux Series, soon to change the pick ups to 81 85s
DXK2 Koa Martin Acoustic... oh dear god it plays SOOO Sweet...
and my beater baby.. Estaban Rosewood acoustic/electric

and as of the moment i have and SG special on layaway, and im gonna change those pick ups to P90s

Favorite Music: METAL FOR THE MASSES.... mainly bands like Black Sabbath, Metallica, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, well just go to my pro and ull see... wink

Favorite Guitarists: Angus Young, Kirk Hammit, Van Halen, Dimebag, guy from Tool, and my bf ^_^

What you like to play: Metal, hard Rock, phsycodellic
Songs you can play: Sin City, Wish you Were Here, Not of this World, parts of Of Wolf and Man, and a bunch of AC/DC songs

Been to Any Concerts:ahem...
Iron Maiden, Korn (twice), Social D, ZZ Top, Poison, Ratt, Queenscyre, Heaven & Hell, Alice Cooper, The Pretenders, Stray Cats.. more to come

When You Started : 16 although i still suck balls

Bio: i heared TNT when i was seven and all hell broke loose  
PostPosted: Sun Jun 08, 2008 5:52 am
User Image

Real Name: Benny

Gaia Name: - iAstt -

Age: 17

Location: Essex, England

Gear (your guitar, amps ect.): Ibanez Rg370dx, with emg's, boss metal zone mt-2 pedal, vox ad15vt practice amp and some cheapish 150 watt amps

Favorite Music: Melodic Death/Black Metal, Industrial/EBM, Jrock

Favorite Guitarists: Paul Gilbert, Jesper Strömblad, Björn Gelotte, Kerry King.. Could go on

What you like to play: Metal! I love playing riffs that me and my band have come up with.

Songs you can play: Few Slipknot and Devildriver Covers, anything my band has made

Been to Any Concerts: Few :/ Best was probably Metallicas concert last july

When You Started icon_wink.gif : When I was 15  

- iAstt -


PostPosted: Wed Jun 18, 2008 8:21 am
User Image

Real Name: Aikman

Gaia Name: Aagark

Age: 20

Location: The transitional plains of eclectic paralells, England

Gear (your guitar, amps ect.): Some baby 15 watt for practice, saving for a Marshall, possibly JCM or Brit J, with a line 6 pod XT (I miss analog effects, and this needs a foot pedal, but it's comprehensive).
Looking at acoustics
Epiphone SG
Looking for a Fender too, possibly 60's or 70's Strat
Getting A Vintage with custom sig pickups and a Hum

Favorite Music: Notated or improvised, it ALL kicks

Favorite Guitarists: Saul Hudson, Django Reinhardt and Pythagorus

What you like to play: Whatever the mood flows

Songs you can play: Life

Been to Any Concerts: A few, not enough... can there truely be enough?

When You Started icon_wink.gif : I've always dabbled with music, but took it up properly about 3 years ago

Bio: degradable? yogurt? logical warfare?
PostPosted: Wed Jun 18, 2008 4:57 pm
User Image

User Image

Real Name: Dylan (I go by many names though)
Gaia Name: Busproof
Age: 16
Location: Concord, NC
Gear (your guitar, amps ect.): Washburn V, a Bentley Acoustic, Roland 20 watt Amp

Favorite Music: Classic Rock, Older Metal and Punk (Three favorite bands: Megadeth, Alice in Chains, and Pink Floyd - odd combo I know)

Favorite Guitarists: Dave Mustaine, Marty Friedman

What you like to play: Megadeth, various classic rock songs (Black Sabbath and Zeppelin) and some folk-inspired acoustic stuff.

Songs you can play:

I'm not actually good enough for most solos (I'm more a rhythm player), but songs I can play rhythm for all the way through include:

Dread and the Fugitive Mind, In My Darkest Hour, Return to Hangar, Tears in a Vial, Peace Sells <-- All by Megadeth
Paranoid, War Pigs, Iron Man, NIB <-- Black Sabbath (even though all four dont have an official rhythm section)

And I have several acoustic songs I've written.

Been to Any Concerts: Nope, sadly. I want to see Megadeth and Blind Guardian both.

When You Started: I messed around with an acoustic for a bit about two years ago, but didnt get my washburn or get serious about playing till around sixish months ago.

Bio: I really don't have too much to say about myself. I've only been seriously playing guitar a good six months. I have, however, been writing lyrics for well over three years now (I've got a binder with about three hundred different poems and songs written in it). Just ask me for my myspace if you want to know more.  


Ze Waffle

PostPosted: Thu Jun 19, 2008 2:52 pm
Real Name: Kali
Gaia Name: Ze Waffle
Age: 15
Location: US
Gear (your guitar, amps ect.): Brownsville strat thing..it's crap, i need a new one.
Favorite Music: Post-hardcore, hardcore punk, pop punk
Favorite Guitarists: Tom Delonge, guy from Papa Roach, David Kennedy, lots of others
What you like to play: Same as favorite music
Songs you can play: Never Too Late by Three Days Grace, Unknown Soldier by the Casualties, Rite of Spring by Angels and Airwaves, Adam's Song by Blink-182, Bloody Romance by Senses Fail, Pieces by Sum 41, parts of other songs
Been to Any Concerts: no T-T
When You Started: 3 and a half years ago
Bio: I don't really know what to put here..I guess when I was like 7 years old I got into Disturbed, Papa Roach, and Godsmack..lol cause my dad would always play it in the car. And then I started liking more pop-punk stuff like Blink-182 and Simple Plan and that's when I picked up the guitar. Now I'm getting more and more into post-hardcore/hardcore punk like Senses Fail and The Unseen and stuff...I REALLY want to be in a band and make it a career.  
PostPosted: Wed Jul 02, 2008 1:05 pm
Real Name:Nickie
Gaia Name: chusabari
Age: 14 on the fourth
Location: Port Orchard, WA
Gear (your guitar, amps ect.): I dont know what my guitar is, or my amp.But I do have a monster cable biggrin
Favorite Music: Rock, techno and pop
Favorite Guitarists:hide, Tom Kaulitz, Takuya
What you like to play: Rock and pop
Songs you can play: Crazy a go! go! and some other LM.C
Been to Any Concerts: Jingle Bell Bash?
When You Started icon_wink.gif : when I was twelve originally, then my mother confiscated it for seven months.Its back now
Bio: uhh,I always loved muysic obsessivley and now I'm playing it  

doctor Aika

Twisted Mr Brown

PostPosted: Mon Jul 07, 2008 7:16 pm
Real Name: Charlie Brown

Gaia Name: Twisted Mr Brown

Age: 24

Location: If Florida is the p***s of America I guess I live in it's butthole (that would be San Diego)

Gear: Gibson SG Standard (Black on Black), Gibson Les Paul (Black and Silver), Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 602, Line 6 Delay and Modulation Modelers, BOSS Metal Zone MT-2, Super Chorus CH-1, Super Shifter PS-5, Flanger BF-3, Equalizer GE-7, and Compression Sustainer CS-3 pedals and an Ernie Ball Volume Control Pedal. I'm thinking about investing in a wah soon and have also started to look at rack mounted effects. I also like to carry alan wrenches and a screwdriver with me for some wicked impromptu guitar effects ala Sonic Youth and Rage Against the Machine.

Favorite Music: Avant Garde Free Jazz influenced guitar, but I also get down with all kinds of metal, hardcore, industrial, jazz fusion, 60's and 70's guitar rock, ska, and a couple progressive bands like Vander Graff Generator. Lately I've been listening to alot of Leftover Crack, Botch, and At the Gates. Converge and the Mars Volta are always mainstays, Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart blow my friggin' mind, and Syd Barrett was one crazy twacked out b*****d.

Favorite Guitarists: Kurt Ballou, Omar Rodriguez Lopez, Bill Harkleroad and Jeff Cotton, Syd Barrett, Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo, and last, but probably should have been first, FRANK ZAPPA!!!

What do you like to play: I like to let my own intuition inform my playing and generally have avoided learning everything there is to know about music and guitar. I may not be the flashiest or fastest player you've ever heard, but damnit I sound unique, and that's more important to me than anything else. I have a pretty good ear too and don't have a hard time picking out what notes somebody is playing and jamming along with them competently. I prefer very dissonant sounds and have an endless enthusiasm for exploring different techniques to get a unique sound out of my guitar, be it by fingers, pic scrapes, pedal manipulation or screwdriver.

Songs you can play: I've done my best not to learn ANYONES songs and write all my own material and find my own way to my own sound. After 7 years of that I decided to learn a couple songs that would compliment my own material, such as "Exit Music (From a Film)" by Radiohead (which I play a whole step lower cause it sounds better to me that way) and "Asilos Magdelena" by the Mars Volta.

Been to any concerts?: Do I breath and have a pulse?

When you started: I started around 18 years old, prior to music I had an ongoing interest in art.

Bio: If you want my life story, get to know me. I think it's better to let these things come out through interacting with people rather than dumping my garbage on you when you probably couldn't give a ****.  
PostPosted: Fri Jul 11, 2008 12:08 pm
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
[I'm the one with the curly hair and glasses.]
User ImageUser Image
User ImageUser Image

Real Name: Isabelle Anne (I'm filipina I have like two first names)

Gaia Name: (is this really necessary?) xLongIis4Loversx

Age: 14

Location: New York Bitches

Gear (your guitar, amps ect.): I own four an Ibanez electric acoustic, a Epiphone SG, a Fender Strat, and My first guitar a Fender DG-7 I named Roxanne after the song by The Police

Favorite Music: Really everything except things with meaningless lyrics

Favorite Guitarists: Slash (duh), John Mayer

What you like to play: Anything I feel cool being able to
Songs you can play: anything from Weezer, Brain Stew by GD(who cant?), Good Riddance by GD, Behind the Sea by Panic at the Disco, and others I'm too lazy to think of

Been to Any Concerts: only local ones (Part the Sea, A Farewell Fire, etc)
When You Started: Started what?

Bio: Umm just look at my actual profile  

Quack Quack Mutherducker


PostPosted: Sun Aug 03, 2008 6:17 pm
User Image

Real Name: Amber
Gaia Name: AerisYunaTifaRikku
Age: 15
Location: SoCal! biggrin
Gear (your guitar, amps ect.): I only have a light blue Squire...
Favorite Music: Most Rock... But I'm especially fond of Aeosmith. :p
Favorite Guitarists: Joe Perry and Slash
What you like to play: I'm a beginner so I can't play too much. sad
Been to Any Concerts: Marron 5, John Mayer, Radio Disney, and Kelly Clarkson... You know, when I was little. stare
When You Started: I started two years ago with my lessons, but dad pulled me out and I need to reteach myself.
Bio: Uhhhh... Just ask away, if you want to learn more. smile
PostPosted: Tue Aug 19, 2008 3:31 pm
User ImageSongs you can play: James Bond Theme
This House - Jasper James
Return to Innocence - Enigma
Declare Independance
Pagan Poetry
Army of Me
Alarm Call
Hidden Place
Human Behavior (all by Bjork)
Tribulations by LCD Soundsystem
User Image

Real Name: Cory Shallow. I'm serious.

Gaia Name: Cory

Age: 19

Location: Montreal

Gear (your guitar, amps ect.): Jim Turser X-Plorer, Orange Mega

Favorite Music:

Favorite Guitarists:
What you like to play: Synth Grunge
Been to Any Concerts: My faves were Bjork, Garbage, and Mindless Self Indulgence
When You Started : Yesterday, literally.
Bio: Dawson College YEAUH!  

Cory Shallow

Profitable Sex Symbol

8,100 Points
  • Mark Twain 100
  • Invisibility 100
  • Megathread 100


8,850 Points
  • Invisibility 100
  • Elocutionist 200
  • Nudist Colony 200
PostPosted: Wed Aug 20, 2008 2:24 am
Too lazy to find a decent picture, sorry.

Real Name: Courtney -cringe-
Gaia Name: .Vindicated.Of.Sanity.
Age: Sixteen
Location: British Columbia, Canada.
Gear: Epiphone strat, Paul Reed Smith SE Paul Allender, Coffin Case, cheap Traynor amp that is soon going to be replaced once my bank account recovers from the PRS, Planet Waves patch chord...
Favorite Music: Almost anything. I always love rock. Any kind, really. Currently very into J-rock and jazz.
Favorite Guitarists: I've actually never really put a lot of thought into this question. I'd have to say Die and Kaoru from Dir En Grey, Paul Allender from Cradle of Filth, Django Reinhardt, one of my friends, he's an amazing guitarist...
What you like to play: Rock, a little metal, jazz... Not too picky.
Songs you can play: Blackbird [Beatles], Minor Swing [Django Reinhardt], Twelve Bar Blues is one of my favourites, Gangsters [The Specials], Bossa Nova, Paint It Black [The Rolling Stones], Hypnotize [System of a Down], working on Stairway to Heaven [Led Zeppelin] and The Pledge (Acoustic) [Dir En Grey] for now. I know some other assorted junk, but that was with my old teachers, who weren't worth the money.
Been to Any Concerts: Avril Lavigne back in the day, Three Days Grace... Sadly, I think that's it. I'm barred from going to Dir En Grey for a reason that still isn't clear to me, other than it's in Seattle...
When You Started: 'o3? I think?
Bio: I've always loved music. Obsessively. Car rides are usually either silent, or spent singing. It's... my life.
I played clarinet in my middle school's band. It sucked hardcore.
I honestly can't remember when or why I wanted to play guitar, but apparently my mother found an 'electric guitar fund' somewhere in my room, so we decided to get me what I needed to start playing. I paid for half, and my dad supplied me with the rest of the money I needed. When I was younger I was lazy and didn't like to practice, but now I pretty much breathe guitar.
My life's goal is to become a rock star. I'm quite honest and serious here. That's what I want, and that is pretty much all I want. I doubt it'll ever happen, but I won't give up without fighting for it. My goal for this next year is to find a band. One that will probably dissolve by graduation, but hey. Gotta' start somewhere, with someone.
I'm taking lessons, I've been taking them for four years, though in my eyes, the first three years didn't count, because those teachers were second-rate and I learned pretty much nothing. This teacher I have now is amazing. Anything I want to learn, he can teach, and in a way that sticks. So I'm actually getting somewhere now. I'm trying to get comfortable enough with my instrument so that I can write my own music, but I think I'm a long ways off. For some reason, I can't even get soloing down. XP I fail in that aspect, like I'm going to sound horrible.
PostPosted: Mon Sep 08, 2008 1:29 pm
Real Name: Anthony Davenport
Gaia Name: Kyato Akiyashima
Location:Houston, TX
Gear (your guitar, amps ect.):
Chained in this order:
Homebuilt Custom Wolfgang style guitar OR Ibanez 93' Talman -> Digitech RP250 -> EHX Metal Muff with Top Boost -> Custom built Fuzz Pedal ( Old Skool Fuzz with Midrange boost, built custom for me by a professional) -> Alesis Bassfire 60 or Fender Frontman 15G
Favorite Music: Wolfmother, Nirvana, White Stripes, Dir en Grey, Metallica, The Bravery, Audioslave, Muse
Favorite Guitarists: Andrew Stockdale, Jack White, Tom Morello, Matt Bellamy
What you like to play: Alternative Rock, Metal, J-rock, Blues
Songs you can play: Entirely to many to name, but the ones I've been recently playing, are Slither, random Wolfmother, and originals from my own band.
Been to Any Concerts: Projekt Revolution '07 and '08, Buzzfest 21, Incubus/The Bravery in 07, Van Halen Reunion world tour ( =] )
When You Started:About.....2 1/2 years ago.
Bio: I started playing guitar after I heard the song Original fire by Audioslave, and wanting to be able to play a song like that, and wanting to play onstage infront of others, for fun, and to have a good time. I fell in love with the sound of it, and I still am, and I also love finding new sounds to make with it, and incorprating them into my bands sound, which is basically Heard rock/Metal with a bit of a techno. I plan to become a professional Luthier or a touring band member. Any other questions, just ask away =]  

Doctor Stockholm

Major Epic Awesome

PostPosted: Tue Sep 09, 2008 3:09 pm
Real Name: Trevor Rooney
Gaia Name: Major Epic Awesome
Age: 15
Location: South Carolina
Gear (your guitar, amps ect.): I've got a crappy replica of a 60's Fender strat and a First act guitar. Aka, two walmart guitars becasue I'm still trying to get a guitar that's worth the money. I'm looking to get an Ibanez RG350EX, and a Fender XD Superchamp Combo amp. But again, money is my problem. Oh yeah, I have a good acoutsic guitar, an epiphone, acctually. And I have a Squire amp, that's half broken.
Favorite Music: Rock/Hard Rock/Metal
Favorite Guitarists: Slash, Dan Donnegan(Disturbed), Munky(Korn), Daron Malikain(ex. System of a Down)
What you like to play: Rock. I'm going to learn jazz and blues for the sake of making myself more marketable.
Songs you can play: Smells like teen spirit by Nirvana, and I'm working on the Metal, by Tenacious D.
Been to Any Concerts: I only wish
When You Started: 6-7 months ago
Bio: I started playing about half a year ago, and I absolutley love the guitar. Sometimes I spend more than five hours a day practicing. That's all for now. I'll write more later. I will add this. I was listening to udas Preist when I was 4 and I was contemplating the cover of the album Nevermind by Nirvana when I was six. I was raised on metal and rock. I am a die-hard metalhead.  
PostPosted: Fri Sep 26, 2008 2:05 pm
Real Name: (I'm not happy with it)
Gaia Name: Destroy Destruction (I'm not happy with it)
Age: 18
Location: here
Gear (your guitar, amps ect.): Schecter Damian 4 or 6 (one guy at guitar center said it was 6, then another guy later said it was 4, i don't know) with Floyd Rose bridge, tiny Line 6 amp.
Favorite Music: anything but pop, R&B, blues, jazz, metal, folk, and country. and the only rap i like is the beastie boys. I also love ska but I don't have any full albums from any ska artists, just a couple songs here and there. that's probably my favorite genre
Favorite Guitarists: uh, i tend to go by bands instead of individuals: Modest Mouse, White Stripes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Weezer, The Killers, Jump Little Children, Styx, Queen, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (I just like the songs they have that involve screaming), Beatles, Chicago, Smashing Pumpkins
What you like to play: anything I can, i've got a Beatles sheet/tab book, plus tab from internet (its often wrong), and I'm working on learning by ear (mostly modest mouse)
Songs you can play: can't really play a full song through, the only music i have that i know is right is my beatles book, internet tabs are usually way off or far from being complete. I've learned a lot of Modest Mouse riffs (they're easy, i know, but they still sound awesome), and i'm working on learning White Stripes (Seven Nation Army = easy, I just don't know the solo yet) and some Chili Peppers (I have a drum book for Stadium Arcadium with chords, that might help some)
Been to Any Concerts: a concert with Breaking Benjamin/Three Days Grace/Nickelback - I don't like any of these band. My friend also got free tickets to a small Aqualung/The Fray concert. I haven't been to any good concerts yet tho sad
When You Started : got guitar for graduation in June, but haven't really gotten much time to play it. maybe once marching bands over i can
Bio: eh. not much to me. look at my profile if you're interested in my interests  

Destroy Destruction


PostPosted: Sun Oct 12, 2008 11:04 pm
User Image
(i was a sophmore in this picture i'm a junior now)

Real Name: Sam

Gaia Name: Chromatic-Death

Age: 16

Location: Hell's Pass Texas

Gear (your guitar, amps ect.): Jackson RR1, Marshall JCM 2000, Jose Ramirez Classical guitar, i have other guitars, but that's all that really matters to me. I don't use pedals...Just stock Distortion, I like things to be as easy to manipulate as possible...i don't wanna struggle onstage tap dancing on pedals like an idiot.

Favorite Music: Thrash Metal, Speed Metal, Classical Music...Basically Anything that doesn't include country music and that isn't related to trivium or Avenged Sevenfold...those guys are just idiots...

Favorite Guitarists: Andres Segovia (first and foremost), Randy Rhoads, Jason Becker, Yngwie Malmsteen (even though He's a cocky turd), Joe Satriani, Joe Stump, Paul Gilbert, Michael Romeo, Tiago Della Vega, and Eliot Fisk.

What you like to play: Classical Guitar, Transcriptions of my own, original compostions, counterpoint, A couple of thrash songs...I matured out of playing Stuff from other bands, although covers can be fun...and i still love some good old metal...but it just seems pointless to learn some other band's song to me...

Songs you can play: Well...the ones i usually am guilty of playing once in a while are: Scarified - Racer X (Paul Gilbert), Far Beyond The Sun - Malmsteen, Snowblind - Black Sabbath, And Caught in a mosh - Anthrax

Been to Any Concerts: Too many!...but they're always fun smile My first concert was Ozzfest (2000), Where I saw Pantera and Ozzy...That completely changed my life...I've also seen Boston (2004 Over America tour), The Scorpions, Motley Crue, Ted Nugent, Dream Theatre, Pepe Romero, Judas Preist, Testament, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, Joe Satriani, Anthrax, Rob Zombie.

When You Started: I would say about 5 years ago...

Bio: I don't have much to say about myself...I just like to play...All I can say is that, I thank my father for all that he's done for me...which includes introducing me to guitar and music in general. My father has tought me to always be modest and friendly, and to never give up on my dreams...I keep his words near and dear to my heart.  
The Guitarists Guild of Gaia

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