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In Good Faith

Dapper Entrepreneur

PostPosted: Sat May 04, 2019 2:16 pm
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OOC Owners: In Good Faith & Ruler of Everything
PostPosted: Sat May 04, 2019 2:16 pm
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(Click for larger map*)
*Original map created by Pandorus Sphinx

Geographical Placement
    The pack is located in south-west region of the Kell's Forest and is therefore heavily wooded. It serves as protection, camouflage, and is abundant with life. Birds are the most common creature, but deer are the primary source of food, hares when deer are scare.

The Dens
    The nesting area of the pack, located in the heart of the territory. Typically, the whole of the pack sleeps within distance of each other but of course seek privacy when needed. The exception are healers who frequently sleep near their charges while they recover in the cave. The den is distinct by the piles of bramble, leaves, and grasses used for beds.

The Cave
    Where the sick and injured are cared for, located east of the dens. The healers stock the cave with grasses, leaves, and other bramble as beds in order to soften the rock floor and keep theirs charges dry. It is situated near the creek but at an elevated placement which prevents flooding in high rain season.

The Burrows
    Used by expectant mothers as birthing nests, located south of the cave. Burrows are maintained near the cave in order to allow ease of access between healers and mothers who are giving birth. They are large, semi-underground nests which are padded with bramble to provide as much comfort as possible. Mothers who are near their time may move into a burrow, sleeping and nesting until she is ready to welcome the newest members of the pack.

The Creek
    To the east, there is a creek which runs vertically through the territory and supplies the pack's water supply. Occasionally hunters are able to snatch fish from the shallows but it is most often used for the occasional rinse off and drinking water. The height of the water varies depending on the season, occasionally nearly drying up completely in long droughts.

In Good Faith

Dapper Entrepreneur

In Good Faith

Dapper Entrepreneur

PostPosted: Sat May 04, 2019 2:17 pm
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    There is a three-tiered hierarchy in place, with ranks within each tier. The top most tier is called the Point and includes the alpha, beta, and elder. These three form the leadership of the pack. The middle tier is the flock. This comprises the largest sect of pack members who have selected a vocation. Vocations include hunter, protector, caretaker, and healer. The beta oversees the hunters and protectors while the elder oversees caretakers and healers. The bottom tier are the grounded, including the youth and omegas. Youth are the young of the pack while omegas are those who are unable to have a vocation. Often this is due to age or illness but is not limited to these conditions. See Ranks & Members for detailed descriptions of each rank.

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    Different positions are obtained through different methods. The alpha is elected when the former alpha either dies or steps down. This means that any child(ren) of the current alpha are not guaranteed to fill their parent's role. Once elected, a new alpha will then appoint his or her beta and elder. Often times a new alpha will select a beta which is a trusted confidant, and therefore, a new alpha commonly means a new beta. Elders, however, will frequently continue to serve the succeeding alpha (though this is at the discretion of the new alpha). The four vocations of the flock are subject to approval from either the beta or elder, depending on which vocation is being sought. This provides both control and awareness between the point and the flock, but also will assist the youth in selecting a vocation which best fits their skills. Lastly, the grounded are assumed. This means two different things between a youth and an omega. A youth assumes a grounded position by simply being born. An omega, however, will assume an omega position when they decide they can no longer fulfill the role which they held previously. If pride is a factor, often times a beta or elder will have a word with the wolf as encouragement to relieve themself of the burden. In the history of the pack, there has never been a wolf to assume the omega position unwarranted.

Mates & Breeding
    The bonds between pack members is very fluid. What does that mean? It means that while some chose to mate for life, others are less strict in their courtship and breeding. Most often a pair will chose to be monogamous with each other for a time, if not for life, but it is not frowned upon for wolves to have polyamorous relations or even flings. This is because any resulting pups from any courtship will be the responsibility of the pack regardless of whether its parents were monogamous or not.

    Because litter-rearing does not rest solely on the parents of the youths, there is not the stigma that parents must be bonded to create life. This also means that an alpha may chose to not have a life-mate by his or her side during their tenure, but still produce pups. Officially, children of the alpha are not given any special treatment though it is not unheard of for caretakers to dote on them as a means to gain favor with the alpha.

    At this time, pack members are permitted to breed outside of the pack. This is in response to the low number of pack members. In canon, a plot as to why the pack has shrunk in size is currently under development. Former breeding policy: The only restriction is that pack members may not breed with outsiders. This is especially so with female pack members, as she would be thrusting responsibility for the children of a stranger onto the the pack. The resulting pups, and their mother, would be outcasts and effectively ostracized. Males get off easier merely because it is harder to discover and/or prove when they have bred with an outside female. If it does become known though, the male will also be ostracized with the intent being he would seek out the mother, and their pups, to raise them. The best way to avoid these repercussions is to have the outsider join the pack. An alpha would be highly encouraged to accept the outsider for the sake of the pack member and their children. (There would be no stigma once both parents of the children are official members.)

Naming Conventions
    Most Swiftfell pack members have names that are associated with either birds or trees (ex: Willow Bark or Dovetail). Outsiders who later join the pack would not be expected to change their name or be considered less of a wolf if their name were outside the norm. It would, however, be a tell-tale sign that the pack member was not born into the pack.

    The Great Rush. Once a year, the members of the pack come together in the spirit of friendly competition for the chance to be distinguished as the fastest wolf in the pack. The wolves gather at the brim of the forest and, at the signal, attempt to outrun their pack members to the finish. The winner is crowned the Swift Champion and given an especially hearty dinner in celebration. This competition takes the form of a dice game, the details of which have yet to be fleshed out. Ideally there would be a prize to offer the winner!

    The Hare Hunt. Also once a year, the wolves of Swiftfell compete against one another in what is a day-long hunt for the red-tailed hare (a hare whose tail has been dyed red). The wolf which successful brings the hare back to the alpha is given great honor as the first of the flock to eat at meals, after thebpoint takes their share, until the next Hare Hunt winner is declared. This competition takes the form of a 'choose your own adventure' game, in which each round contestants select from a series of options. (Depending on the number of players, there will either be eliminations or a point system in place.)

    Those who are not indoctrinated members of the pack are not welcome within its territory. The game, resources, and shelter is for the sole use of the pack and it is defended as so. It is the Protectors' responsibility to fend off outsiders or, alternatively, escort outsiders to the alpha if they are seeking join the pack or ask for asylum. The pack is generally open to new members who will strengthen the flock, though there may be some distrust until they are well-established in their role. At this time, there are no quarrels or alliances with other packs. Interested in plotting one? Contact Faith!

    A swift is the sigil of the pack, originating from the large flock of swifts which nest in the trees within the pack's territory. Birds, generally, are common in the forest and it is forbidden to kill them even for food. (Food is aplenty in the forest, with the primary game of the pack being deer.) Because of the swift's presence, and their tendency to be very vocal, the pack territory is often filled with the music of swift twitters and chirps. This is also a tool used to alert the pack to outsiders. Because the birds are familiar with the pack member's scents, they are undisturbed by their presence. Scent of outsiders, however, will silence their song almost immediately. [21 Facts on Swifts]

    The pack, as a whole, is semi-nocturnal. Much activity occurs at night, including hunting, scouting, and socialization. To accommodate these high priorities, the pack is active most from midday to dawn. Note that there are always sentries who monitor the pack territory when the rest of the pack is at rest.
PostPosted: Sat May 04, 2019 2:18 pm
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Point (limited). The leadership of the pack. Stems from the fact when birds fly in a formation, the leader is at the forefront, or the point, of the flock. Also related to the phrase "to run point."

    Alpha | Elected (1/1)
      The head of the pack and final say in decision making matters. Elected from the flock when the previous alpha dies or steps down. Often chosen because of experience, wisdom, and physical capabilities. He or she is advised by the beta and the elder who the alpha appoints.

    Beta | Appointed (1/1)
      Advisor to the alpha. Typically appointed by a new alpha when they assume his or her role. Serves as leadership to both Hunters and Protectors of the pack and therefore commonly has hunter and/or protector experience.

    Elder | Appointed (0/1)
      Advisor to the alpha. Typically does not change during transitions between alphas. They are leadership for both Caretakers and Healers and commonly was a caretaker and/or healer previously. Despite the rank name's connotation, an elder does not necessarily need to be old but experienced.

Flock (unlimited). The largest subset of the pack. It contains most non-leadership ranks and is what most new members and/or youths assume once they reach adulthood. The beta must approve any member seeking to be a hunter or protector, while the elder must approve any seeking to become a caretaker or healer (though there is very rarely cause for either to turn away a member seeking a vocation). Often times the beta and elder accept members in batches (for example, when litters grow into adults).

    Hunter | Approved (∞)
      Provider of food for the pack. Typically has great stamina and physical strength with skills in stalking, herding, tracking, and killing. Expected to work well with his or her hunting party. Partially nocturnal in that hunting parties often set out after dark.

    Protector | Approved (∞)
      Secures the safety of the pack. Expected to maintain physical strength and train in both combat and killing regularly. Responsibilities include keeping the peace within the pack, guarding the territory against outsiders, and defend the pack when necessary. Partially nocturnal in that there must always be protectors monitoring the territory and its boarders.

    Caretaker | Approved (∞)
      Ensures the wellbeing of the young, old, or disabled. Responsibilities include monitoring and teaching the youth, ensuring plenty of food and water for their charges, and the general needs of the grounded are met. May work closely with the healer in cases where both are needed.

    Healer | Approved (∞)
      Restores the health of pack members to the best of their abilities. Responsibilities include tending wounds, foraging for herbs, creating salves or herbal remedies, and monitoring the recovery of injured pack members. Often works closely with Caretakers where there is need.

Grounded (unlimited). Those who are ineligible or can no longer fulfill the roles of either point or flock. This can be due to youth, prolonged illness, disability, or age but is not limited to these conditions. This subset is highly cherished and the pack would never tolerate abuse of anyone considered a grounded.

    Youth | Assumed (∞)
      The young of the pack. Must always been in the care of either a parent or a caretaker (though mischievous little ones may try to go off on their own). Daily activities include practicing skills, learning pack traditions, and napnaps.

    Omega | Assumed (∞)
      Pack members who can no longer fill a role of the flock. Often includes those who are elderly, terminally ill, or otherwise prevented from performing day to day activities.

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Thrush ♂ (In Good Faith)

Willow Bark ♂ (Ruler of Everything)



Red Oak ♂ (In Good Faith)
Bluebell Wood ♀ (Ars Naberius)

Hawkflight ♀ (Pandora Talie)
Ghost ♀ (Ruler of Everything)

Magpie ♀ (Ruler of Everything)
Rain Song ♀ (Kyrieko)
Hidden Away ♀ (Ruler of Everything)
Minnow ♀ (Nymphiea)

Sparrow ♂ (Pandora Talie)


Sambar ♂ (In Good Faith)

In Good Faith

Dapper Entrepreneur

In Good Faith

Dapper Entrepreneur

PostPosted: Sat May 04, 2019 2:19 pm
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Availability: Open!

[b]Name:[/b] (+link to cert)
[b]Desired Rank:[/b]
[b]Brief Personality:[/b]
[b]History:[/b] (if any)
PostPosted: Sat May 04, 2019 2:21 pm
Open for posting!

I’d love, love, love feedback, suggestions, critiques, or anything else you could offer. heart

In Good Faith

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Ruler of Everything

Devoted Cultist

PostPosted: Mon May 06, 2019 7:34 pm
Name: Willow Bark
Owner: Ruler of Everything
Gender: Male
Desired Rank: Beta
Brief Personality: Willow is a very soft and caring wolf. He truly has the interests of his pack and his Alpha and Elder at heart, and displays that in everything he does. As a young pup, he worked as hard as one could to train himself to be good at those skills necessary to defends and secure the pack, including hunting and claw-to-claw combat. His focus is always on that of the good of the wolves around him, and it constantly shows. Although rather mushy on the inside, he has a bit of a reputation for being a flirt, inside the pack and out. All in all, he's just a good dude with the best intentions and a greater-than-average taste for blood.
History: Willow Bark was born in The Swiftfell, hailing from a mother who joined the pack when she first realized she was pregnant and may need help caring for the litter. There were three wolves birthed to her, Willow, his sister Maggie, and another male pup that was stillborn. His mother, a strong female though she was, died in childbirth. Therefore, Willow ended up being raised by the whole pack - even moreso than a cub with two doting parents. He made a name for himself first as a skilled Hunter, but later, with the permission of the Alpha, switched to Protector when he found himself bored of killing less sentient animals. On his first day on duty as a Protector, he killed a vicious wolf that threatened the borderlands of the pack and because of this, found himself quite well-respected within the pack. Riding on that wave - and continuing to cement his place within the pack - he was eventually appointed Beta to the reigning Alpha, Thrush.

Name: Magpie
Owner: Ruler of Everything
Gender: Female
Desired Rank: Caretaker
Brief Personality: Much like her older brother, Magpie is a very soft and caring wolf. She is not the flirt Willow is, but with her generally sweet demeanor, those who do not know her as well often mistake her for flirting. Although she's not quite sure she sees herself settling down one day with her own family, she adores her role as a Caretaker within the pack, specifically because of her strong maternal instincts. She is patient and kind and just generally an all-around good wolf, though she has always envied her brother. It doesn't show often, but when it does, it manifests itself quite harshly - such in her choosing the role of Protector when she arose to adulthood.
History: Maggie was born in The Swiftfell to a dying mother and an absent father. Soft-spoken and gentle, it was a surprise to all those around her when she decided to become a Protector, something that the Alpha at the time hesitantly approved - an action she took in an effort to silently one-up her brother. She wasn't terrible, but no one would call her a great asset to the team. While out on rounds one moon, her group came across some malintentioned outsiders who meant to threaten the group. Maggie was in the line of fire, and instead of defending herself immediately froze, her mind draining of all the training she had received since puphood. She had to be saved by one of the other wolves in her group diving in front of her and taking the sharp teeth of the the wolf to his arm. After that, she asked if she could step down and take up the role of Caretaker, something that everyone around her knew to be better-suited to her demeanor. She still maintains a low level of PTSD from the failed attack moons prior.  
PostPosted: Tue May 07, 2019 9:48 am
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I’m so looking forward to developing Thrush’s and Willow’s relationship! Welcome aboard ;D!

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Magpie/Maggie is going to have her hands full dealing with all these boys. I look forward to her keeping them in line!

Ruler of Everything

In Good Faith

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Hilarious Werewolf

PostPosted: Sun May 12, 2019 1:29 pm
Name: Rain Song
Owner: Kyrieko
Gender: Female
Desired Rank: Caretaker
Brief Personality: Rain is a very affectionate and shy girl that grows curious and wants to learn and understand things. However, she battles with a fear of being alone and will grow anxious. She is very much dependent on having others around her, but too large of a crowd will make her timid. She really just wants to find a place to call home and not feel so alone and maaaybe learn how to be brave.
History: Rain Song doesn't really remember what happened after she was born. Only that she was left alone at a very young age and had to figure things out for herself. It was a big scary world and it made the young shewolf afraid of everything. But she grew curious about things. It lead her to exploring the forest more, watching how deer interacted with their mates. Ravens taught their young to fly. Plant life began to grow after the rains. Her curiosity led her to stumble on the territory of the Swiftfell, who intimidated the young wolf at first. But finally seeing another wolf made her heart sing and she took that brave step in asking to join their family. After spending a moon or so observing their lifestyle and learning where she fit in best, Rain requested to have the opportunity to become a Caretaker. A place she felt was fitting for a smaller wolf like herself.  
PostPosted: Mon May 13, 2019 9:36 am
User Image

Welcome to the pack Rain Song! She seems like a real sweetheart and I look forward to her influence on our less gentle wolves!


In Good Faith

Dapper Entrepreneur

In Good Faith

Dapper Entrepreneur

PostPosted: Mon May 13, 2019 2:41 pm

After some discussion, the breeding restriction limiting pack members to breedings within the pack has been lifted! This is due to the low number of pack members and the opportunity to introduce new blood. What led to the sharp decrease in pack members, in canon, is under development and will be posted as soon as it is determined. Thank you!

In Good Faith

Ruler of Everything

PostPosted: Wed May 15, 2019 5:44 pm
Name: Sparrow
Owner: Pandora Talie
Gender: Male
Desired Rank: healer
Brief Personality:
Don’t mistake his relaxed manner and calm demeanor for laziness. Sparrow is patient and reliable. Careful to the point of being down-right meticulous, he is the type that always follows through on a promise. He is also quite imaginative. Although they aren’t always great, ideas come easily to him and he does enjoy the occasional flight of fancy. Despite his laid back ways, Sparrow is a curious fellow. He loves to meet new wolves and see things from their different perspectives.

Strengths: Patient, Reliable
Weaknesses: Sensitive, Takes things personally

Sparrow grew up in the northern part of The Forest with his folks. As a pup, he learned healing and herbalism from them. They were traveling traders, making their way around the region.

He was always a quirky fellow. During one of his trips he was given a small “doll” as a thank-you for helping another wolf with a particularly annoying splinter. Made out of tightly bound sticks and pine cones, the miniature wolf has long been his faithful traveling companion. Kept as a good luck charm, it is one of his treasured possessions, and he carries it to this very day.

One fateful morning, he hurt his foot while hopping atop some loose rocks. Rendered unable to travel, he was forced to stay at camp while his parents went about their business. This time, however, they did not come back. Sparrow is understandably distraught. His mind raced with thoughts such as if he was with them they would still be together. He decided to stay until spring then he begins his journey south in hopes to find a pack.  

Pandora Talie

Shy Kitten

13,925 Points
  • Waffles! 25
  • Cat Fancier 100
  • Novice Mage 100

In Good Faith

Dapper Entrepreneur

PostPosted: Mon May 20, 2019 1:44 pm
User Image

Pandora Talie

Welcome to the pack Sparrow and Talie! It’s sad to wonder where his family has gone but Swiftfell is grateful for his knowledge and will be his family should he wish it!  
PostPosted: Mon May 27, 2019 1:08 pm
Name: Sambar
Owner: In Good Faith
Gender: Male
Desired Rank: Grounded
Brief Personality: Quiet, easily spooked, hesitant
History: Sam was an orphan that nearly died alone in the forest... that is until a deer-mother found him in the bramble, half delirious and too weak to stand. She had lost her own baby while fleeing from a wolf through the forest. Separated, she had been looking for her child since. This is was led her to find Sambar in the weeds: a small brown bundle that could maybe, just maybe, be her baby. Once discovered the deer's heart sank... but she also felt it ache for the poor little one, obviously left alone to fend for himself. She brought him to water and scavenged for what food she could--though of course little to no meat. She eventually discovered she could nurse him, though it wasn't the ideal diet for a wolf. Eventually, when the wolf had finally escaped certain death, the deer decided to seek out the near by pack. Perhaps they would accept him into their protection and ensure his survival?  

In Good Faith

Dapper Entrepreneur

Ars Naberius

Dapper Seeker

PostPosted: Mon May 27, 2019 1:11 pm
Name: Bluebell Wood (no cert yet!)
Owner: Ars Naberius
Gender: Female
Desired Rank: Hunter
Brief Personality: She thinks and talks as fast as she runs, which is fast. Chatty, excitable, and kind-hearted.
History: She's pretty much a blank slate! Probably joined the Swiftfell relatively recently after breaking away from her old family's little group to go out and explore on her own!  
[OOC] Pack / Plot Recruitment

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