There were a lot of ponies trickling in. Far more than the years previous that Morning Glory could recall, but that didn't seem to bother the unicorn any! He smiled sweetly and started gently tossing small flower circlets over random passers by as he continued to finish organizing and setting up his stall.

He hummed a gentle little tune as he took in quite a few more faces he'd recognized, but shrugged as they all seemed wrapped up in greeting each other. He'd have his own moment with most of them soon enough! He then turned back to setting out his finished circlets to start really getting into the season and festival!

By the time the blind pony had managed to back away from the cluster of his friends and make his way over in Morning Glory's direction, he was in the process of digging out his satchels and baskets of flowers to begin working on fresh new bits to add to his collection and wares. An ear soon flicked back and perked to an all too familiar voice calling out one of his favorite nicknames.


Morning turned, settling his turquoise gaze on Royal briefly before a warm smile crossed his lips. He then plucked one of his favorite circlets - one of the more elaborate ones with the larger flowers and softer colors of blues and purples - and brought it over. As gentle as can be, he settled the crown down on top of Royal's head, positioning the item in such a way that it would block most of the sun and light from bothering his dear friend. "Hello, Royal." he practically cooed and tilted his head. "It's good to see you again. I see you've made it here safe and sound, as usual."