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The Quintessential Story Driven Last G-Fed Style Wrestling Guild Standing 

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BitW round list (references)

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Chrono Q Clepsydra
Vice Captain

Overpowered Genius

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 27, 2019 3:50 pm
First Rounds (Future Reference) (Rebirth 8 )

[Kelly King 2.0] v Draze
Mirai Clepsydra v [Omega] v Kody Gordert
[Karen Attwood] v Phoenixfire
[Mindy] v Hiro
[Harli Drummond] v Dion
[Claire Hawkins] v Cart
Fox v [Mirela]

2nd Rounds (Future References) (Rebirth 9 )

Hiro v [Kelly King 2.0]
[Claire Hawkins] v Mirai Clepsydra
Draze v [Karen Attwood]
Phoenixfire v [Omega]
Cartwright v [Mindy]
Mirela v [Kody Gordert]

3rd Rounds (Future References) Dementium 11

Kelly King 2.0 v Omega [Kody Gordert]
Mirela v [Cartwright]
Mirai Clepsydra v [Mindy]
Kody Gordert v [Claire Hawkins]
Hiro v [Karen Attwood]

4th Rounds Ignition 1

[Karen] v Omega
[Mindy] v Claire Hawkins
Cartwright v [Kody Gordert]
Dark Wylde v [Andrew Styles]

5th Rounds Ignition 2
Mindy v Karen
Andrew Styles v Cartwright

5th Rounds Ignition 3
Mindy/Karen v Styles/Cartwright

5th Rounds Slasherslam
Mindy/Karen/Styles/Cart v Kody

---anything/anyone to be included after this is subject to change--

Cyrus Leone (Pre Tourney)
Fox (Round 1)
Harli (Round 1)
Dion (Round 1)
Phoenixfire (Round 2)
Draze (Round 2)
Hiro (Round 3)
Mirela (Round 3)
Kelly King 2.0 (Round 3)
Mirai Clepsydra (Round 3)
Claire Hawkins (Round 4)
Omega (Round 4)  
PostPosted: Thu Jan 31, 2019 12:14 pm
This is a place holder  

Chrono Q Clepsydra
Vice Captain

Overpowered Genius

12,990 Points
  • Powerful Legion 100
  • Happy 13th, Gaia Online! 50
  • Married 100

Chrono Q Clepsydra
Vice Captain

Overpowered Genius

12,990 Points
  • Powerful Legion 100
  • Happy 13th, Gaia Online! 50
  • Married 100
PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 8:06 pm
After crunching the numbers, the initial plan was to do a round robin similar to the G1.. (but considering the end date, that might not be viable)

There was also a plan to do just a straight tournament but then I realized had I did that a lot of people were wanting to work with people in the tournament
The first 4 rounds will be posted, and it will be a point based system
The top 8 will continue on, the bottom 8 (see below)

Points will go like this

Everyone will start with 50 points

Match lasting 5 pages or more +10 (To both participants)

No lazy entrances +5 , Lazy entrances -5

Having an actual ending (before the deadline) +35 (To both)
(that's not 'decided by judges)

An auto hit is +5 (to the claimer) -5 to the person taking the auto hit
Auto win is +10 (Auto loss is -10)

Having more than two (or more) sentences per post +10
(Though I understand there's a 'deadline at times, so the above is clarified to
'No more than three posts with one sentences, ]
Any posts after the three, that are one sentenced will have 1 point removed per one sentence post. )

The EWA Legendary Champion will be defending the championship the entire time that they are booked. '
During this tournament, If the champion is pinned, submitted, counted out or disqualified they will lose the championship.
(The 2/3 falls stipulation is waved for this tournament)

There will be a '2nd chance' bracket
Out of the 8 lowest scores, the lowest 4 will be dropped out (Sorry)
The top 4 in the lowest scores will face each other mini tournament style
The winner of that will face the 2nd highest scoring person in a deciding match
The winner of that match will face the highest scoring person in the finals
For the EWA Legendary Championship

Will there be chances for other titles during this tournament? Absolutely


As there are storyline ramifications in the 4th round, that will later be revealed
I've split people in various sections, obviously there are 'reasons' for this
And you may have noticed there's the ZWA initials floating about..
Depending on which 'side' wins, EWA 'could' be ZWA...
If you somehow don't win, you should probably cheer your 'side' to victory.
You can also provide commentary in the unique commentary thread that will be posted
As the Legendary Hall of Famer: Freakshow will be on the call for commentary and interviews!

TBD 12
Karen Attwood
J.W. Caliber
Kody Gordert
Kelly King
Shin Omega
TBD 14
Cyrus Leone

Yes, I understand that "Oh, Chrono wants us to put effort into things'
Yes. Yes I do. This is the Best in the World tournament, this is to determine great creative minds and rebuild a community
To bring greatness. I know there are days where you feel lazy, or tired, lack of muse. I get it. I get people have lives.
Just 'try' and limit it for the sake of this event.
Try and put a little more effort than normal

Don't forget to tell stories, show emotions, show why you're the best  
EWA: Shattered Timeline ⎊

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