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The fantasy world known as Eoana, where each human is born with a unique power. What will your story be? 

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Calliope Callas// First Year Diviner//

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Echo Galen rolled 5 6-sided dice: 5, 5, 6, 6, 4 Total: 26 (5-30)

Echo Galen

PostPosted: Wed Aug 15, 2018 9:39 pm
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              ๐“ฆ๐“ฑ๐“ธ ๐“๐“ถ ๐“˜?
                    โ†’ Name: Calliope Callas
                        โ†ณ Nickname: Calli

                    โ†’ Age: 17
                    โ†’ Gender: Female
                    โ†’ Sexuality: Pansexual
                    โ†’ Kingdom: Rimal
                    โ†’ Position: Student// First Year
                    โ†’ Sees Fairies: Yes
                    โ†’ Physical Stats: 15
                        โ†ณ Strength: 2
                        โ†ณ Endurance: 2
                        โ†ณ Agility: 4
                        โ†ณ Intelligence: 4
                        โ†ณ Charisma: 2
                        โ†ณ Technique: 1

                    โ†’ Raiment Stats: 26+3=29 - S Class)
                        โ†ณ Power: 8 (6+2 from student)
                        โ†ณ Control: 7 (6+1 from student)
                        โ†ณ Speed: 5
                        โ†ณ Range: 5
                        โ†ณ Technique: 4

              ๐“ฆ๐“ฑ๐“ช๐“ฝ ๐“’๐“ช๐“ท ๐“˜ ๐““๐“ธ?
                          ๐“ฆ๐“ฑ๐“ช๐“ฝ ๐“’๐“ช๐“ท ๐“˜ ๐““๐“ธ?
                                โ†’ Gaia Name: EchoGalen
                                โ†’ Knit: Diviner
                                    โ†ณ Raiment: Mirror the Echo
                                        โ†ณ Calliope can create seemingly harmless intricate mirrors varying in size around an area where she looks. The mirrors are not physical constructs, and instead are more like energy constructs. These mirrors appear to be filled with bright light when an opponent stares into them, and when an attack is caught by one of them, it appears and fires from a connected mirror. Because it only has one line of sight, the mirrors have to be pointing toward an initial target to fire, though this is bypassed by how large the mirrors can become. It can also absorb and fire Calli's physical attacks into one mirror and come out another that is pointed toward the opponent. This way it is not just a defensive, but an offensive attack as well. The mirrors must always be in her line of sight, or they will gurgle and disappear, however another mirror can be made almost instantaneously to insure redirect is not harming innocents. The mirrors cannot absorb organic matter, therefore bones, humans, blood, and animals cannot pass through. The mirrors are destroyed by way of how they are attacked, that they cannot absorb. If she does not choose to redirect energy, the mirror will explode in the way it was attacked.

                                    โ†ณ Stat Growth:
                                        โ†ณ Power: 8 This state dictates the capacity in which Calli can withstand in one mirror, as well as how large the mirrors can become
                                        1-4 Small mirrors, stretching 2 feet high and 1 foot across. They can take minor physical and magical attack, though they break much easier and a few good slashes will have them melting away.
                                        5-7 Moderate mirrors, they stretch from 3 feet high and 2 feet across. They can take moderate physical and magical attacks, and it takes more of them to break the mirrors, usually something as strong as an arrow strike can pierce through.
                                        8. Large mirrors, they stretch from 5 feet high and 4 feet across. They can withstand great force, and they can usually withstand an attack that could bisect or a mid energy fireball
                                        9. Colossal mirrors, they stretch from 6 feet high and 5 feet across. They can withstand greater force, though they will disappear if a large boulder is thrown or high energied magical attacks

                                        โ†ณ Control: 7 This stat dictates how many mirrors Calli can control before rest, each mirror number is the maximum of what she can create at a given time before rest. She can create them all at once, in pairs, or separately.
                                        1-4. She can create 2 mirrors with great effort and concentration, each mirror will take more out of her, and she cannot create more than another pair. She will need an hours rest to be able to create again.
                                        5-7. Calli can create 6 mirrors in total with little effort. The more she creates, however, the harder they are to hold their solid form. She will need to rest for 45 minutes before being able to create again.
                                        8. She is now able to create 10 mirrors with minimal effort. The more she surpasses this, however, the harder they are to hold their solid form. She must rest 30 minutes before being able to create again.
                                        9. There's no stopping her now, for the most part. Calli can create 12 mirrors in succession without wear or tear, though it will become harder to hold the mirrors form after this number. She must rest 25 minutes before being able to create again.

                                        โ†ณ Range: 5 This stat dictates how far away Calli can create the mirrors
                                        1. 5 ft away
                                        2. 10 ft away
                                        3. 15 ft away
                                        4. 20 ft away
                                        5. 25 ft away
                                        6. 30 ft away
                                        7. 35 ft away
                                        8. 40 ft away
                                        9. 50 ft away

                              โ†’ Body Physique: Calliope is quite muscular. Within her desert life, before coming to Valor, she was always walking or running to her destination. Food wasn't wholly a problem, and she learned quickly that as a female, you had to be imposing to take care of yourself.
                              โ†’ Strengths:
                                  Desert Ratโ†ณ Calliope grew in the desert away from the natural springs and oasis. Because of this she is rather capable, being able to handle herself when the need ever arises. She knows how to fight, just barely, and she definitely knows how to defend. Of course she is more versed in running away from things than fighting, which is why she knows more defensive styles of sparse combat.
                                  Memoryโ†ณ Calliope's memory is astoundingly good. She has a photographic memory and deduction abilities, a form of panmnesia, and as long as she has seen something once she will always remember it. Of course multiple years old information would be muddied by the consumption of newer information, but as long as she has a moment to remember a certain event, she can pull every detail up in her mind's eye.
                                  Hunger for Moreโ†ณ Among what the outside world called "savages", Calliope decided at a young age she would refuse such a title. To facilitate this, any book she got her hands on she would read. It didn't matter what it was, as long as there were words, she would sit, eat, and download the information that was given. Because of this, she is very articulate and she is always striving to learn more. Of course there is no better option than a proper school!

                              โ†’ Weaknesses:
                                  Eyes on the Prizeโ†ณ If she overexerts herself, she will suffer from temporary blindness, and continuing to do so will cause her right eye (the eye that manifests the mirrors) to become permanently blind, thus forfeiting the ability as she does not know how to manifest the mirrors without the usage of her eye.
                                  Flirting with Dangerโ†ณ Calliope, while smart, still loves the thrill of altercation and possible failure. There have been multiple times she has put herself in danger just to feel the adrenaline rush, and even more times that can be counted she has caused temporary blindness in her right eye. While this danger seeking behavior has been moderately fixed, she will still intentionally get herself into dangerous situations just to run away, or defend herself past exhaustion.
                                  Whipsโ†ณ Because of her past, Calliope does not do well around whips. Even at the sight of them she will shut down or run away. If she has no choice but to stay in the vicinity of them, she will continuously lose focus and become extremely agitated. Even hearing a whip crack can cause her to spiral.

                              โ†’ Unique Features:
                                  Her right eye glows a strange orange color, marking her divine ability. And, of course... the scars that practically outline her face.

                              โ†’ Personality:
                                  Calliope is a hard girl, learning at a young age no one else would ever be there for her except herself. While she can only count on herself, she prefers letting others rely on her. While she enjoys the company of others, she does not trust easily, watching with a calculative eye. One of her biggest personality traits is her love for food. Place food in front of her, and you will most likely get her ear. When you've got her ear, you can bet Calliope will do whatever job you want done. She would rather help others achieve what they set out to do rather than try to reach some goal of her own.

                                  She took her jobs in Rimal seriously enough, usually only caring about getting out of the walls of the village. Words never really seeming to reach her unless said from the mouth of one she considers a friend or an unfortunate soul mentions her scars to her face. Being gracious is something Calliope holds in abundance.

                              โ†’ Likes:
                                  โ†ณ Food, all the food
                                  โ†ณ Music
                                  โ†ณ Books

                              โ†’ Hates/Fears:
                                  โ†ณ Being stared at
                                  โ†ณ Bad/spoiled food
                                  โ†ณ She fears that even with all of her studies, even with her joining the academy, she will still be looked at as a savage

                              โ†ณ Calliope was born in the harsh desert of Rimal. She was born with heterochromia iridum, the strange phenomena of different colored irises. While this wasn't common, it was truly uncommon to have an eye color that was not normally found in nature. Due to this, in her small tribe, she was hailed as one of the divine. She was kept in secret, away from other tribes that could steal her away, and not even the children that were around wanted anything to do with her. That was, however, until she started helping them with things. It was small at first: steal some food from a hut, grab a dagger from the back of the tribe's hunters. It was things the girl had no problem doing, because at least it earned her some semblance of friendship.

                              A request came when she was older, maybe around sixteen. One of the boys she had grown with, one who always had a request for her and paid her in currency or his friendship, told her of loot outside of the village. They were not nomadic, choosing to stay in one place over continuously moving themselves, so others knew they were in the vicinity. That didn't pass her thoughts, sadly, and the girl took the request and set on her way. The leash was not as tight anymore, Calliope simply walking out the front gates instead of finding a way around or bribing the hunter. Her parents did not follow that same sentiment, but there was not much they could do to stop her. She wanted, needed, friends and because of them she had to resort to favors to get them. They could allow her this, now that she had a voice to dispute it.

                              The friend did not tell her it would be heavily guarded. There were many men about, they wearing the normal attire for Rimal: armor made of wool and leather, strapped together by cordage made of vines. They were not the usual fare Calliope would steal from, but she had made a sealing contract with the boy back home, and she intended to keep it. Needless to say, she was wrong to think she could do anything. She was held in their camp for four days before anyone came looking for her. It seemed her friend had thought she was just staking out the place, moving in for the assault. From what her parents tell her, they had to almost beat the boy to tell them where she had gone. Not that it mattered, she had thought as she stared at her knees with one eye. Blood had already soaked through the gauze, it had to be changed. A story for another time.

                              She didn't have to hear news of the two nations finally brokering peace after that day. Calliope already had her things in order to leave. When the word of an academy sprinkled its way back to them from the more wealthy tribesman, she set her mind. It took her almost a year, but she arrived at the gates of the academy finally and she was ready to truly learn by others instead of herself. And if getting away from her parents, from her friends, was the only way to do it... so be it. Hello~

Echo Galen rolled 1 4-sided dice: 1 Total: 1 (1-4)
PostPosted: Thu Aug 16, 2018 10:30 am
Fae visibility  

Echo Galen

Echo Galen

PostPosted: Thu Aug 16, 2018 11:48 am
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nnnnnnโ”โ•ƒ. . .C a l l i o p e โ€  C a l l a s . . .โ•„โ”nnnnnn

xxxxxxxxxDeath is not the greatest loss in life...



...The greatest loss is what dies inside of us while we still livexxxxxxxxx

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[align=center][size=18][u][color=white]nnnnnn[/color]โ”โ•ƒ. . .C a l l i o p e[color=lightblue] โ€  [/color] C a l l a s . . .โ•„โ”[color=white]nnnnnn[/color][/u] [/size]

[size=9][align=left][color=white]xxxxxxxxx[/color]Death is not the greatest loss in life...[/align][/size]

[size=9][align=right]...The greatest loss is what dies inside of us while we still live[color=white]xxxxxxxxx[/color][/align][/size]
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 15, 2018 8:52 am
Echo Galen

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Echo Galen

PostPosted: Wed Oct 24, 2018 4:14 pm
Midterm barely passed, add a dash of hard work with her body= 1 physical point going into strength making it a total of 3. Well at least she can throw a mean punch now?  
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