Welcome to the all new, all different EWA
EWA: The Rebirth

What makes this any different from any other guild out there?
Firstly, because you the community continuously ask to bring it back (mulitple times)
Because EWA is the pinnacle of evolution and originality when it comes to gaia feds...
Because EWA has the most diverse roster, the most diverse matches and of course it's newest concept that changes the game completely...

The Choose your own adventure path.

For too long, the community was given the whole
'Post roll call, post matches, post optional promo, post results, repeat'

This time around the game has changed...
There will be no 'direct' path to any championship (unless otherwise stated)

Every choice you make matters, story telling gets you noticed, promos get you noticed...

Each 'show' will feature various paths, some paths of course reserved for specific feuds...

But the others? Free reign.
You choose to go on a specific path, and the story will unravel.
Some paths may have choices specifically lead to rewards
Some paths may have pre-determined choices
Some paths may change mid-path...
But all you have to do is take the chance...

The rewards are vast and great.
Are YOU willing to see where your story unfolds?

As long as you have a profile, and post in the appropriate 'interest' thread
You're good to go.

A profile of course so people can know your character
A post in the appropriate 'Roll call' thread, to show that you're going to be there.