Post roll, post name/information/etc, post show, post matches, post results, repeat...

The same old tiring format that's been plaguing Gaia fed for the 15+ years of it's existence...

Anyone can do matches, anyone can post these roll calls
What stands the test of time? 'Matches' or story driven matches with larger than life characters...
The later obviously, moments matter
Moments are talked about...

I get it, I understand
It's exhausting, to keep track of the matches, the finishes.
People have lives, things happen

So, this is how EWA Rebirth

When you post in a roll call, give the desired information.
Not some meaningless s**t like "fave pizza flavor'.

I want to see your struggles to get to the arena, the tribulations that the story that 'you' want to present as it pertains to the story that 'you' are trying to tell.

We'll shoot ideas back and forth, and go from there.

Will matches be posted? Of course
But you're writing them, you're telling those stories.
Win, loss or draw...
That's what you should have planned out...

Where your characters go, their path is yours.
but know this...

EWA is a monthly angled fed based in the fictional location of Sevii Selegaria, Obviously your interactions and participation can help influence certain results, but here it is all about the stories of this federation and the people in it, and the staff will have the final say. This makes it still fun and interesting, but low maintenance for both people looking to get involved, as well as for the staff.

Now to go into a bit more detail about the winners of matches. Obviously if the particular story calls for your character to take a loss, they will take a loss, and you have to trust we will treat them right. Angled feds require the most trust in staff out of all fed types, cause everything is literally on us. We won’t make you look like s**t if you put the effort in, give and take and all that. That leads me to participation. There are both the show thread, other designated threads for things that happen to your character outside of the ring, as well as promos they may cut. Your participation there and the messages in other places (skype, PMs, etc) is what we will be looking at.

Now let me be clear, you don’t have to be super active on gaia and post both a promo and thread to win a match, nor are you guaranteed to win if you do. Like I said, it’s all about the story, (one more time with feeling, IT'S ALL ABOUT THE STORY) but if you aren’t participating even a little then you can’t really expect us to push you to the moon. To that end, just post any length, whatever you want to write, all I ask is that you write something if you are booked. (in the designated spot of course)

It can be 100 words if you really want, just something. Also, while the stories will be primarily decided by staff, but if you have segment or storyline ideas don’t hesitate to hit us up to discuss options.

It should also be noted that EWA is not starting from scratch, it's well... Well established, the longest lineage fed in all of gaia with its own roster and champions, the details on this can be found in the history section, as well as in the title history. Now with this in mind, the existing roster is not just there solely to job to your characters, and IC they are just as a part of the show as your characters are. At some point, it may suit the story for your character to lose to one of these characters, so I'm just putting it all out there now. You're not being jobbed, you're not being buried, it's all to build the story. Again, it's down to trust.

One last point, this fed will work on semi summarized results, for the shows
Of course there will be two championships for regular standard format matches. The rest will be story driven

Any further questions feel free to ask either me, or the designated crew person.