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Kayl Ardrus De'Valaer

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                                  Kayl's eyes went wide at Camilla's sudden quick and panicked answers, confused as to what she was saying, at least at first. As she continued to speak however, the context of her words started to become clearer, and he realized that she got the wrong idea from what he had asked her. As she was rambling on, seemingly inside her own head at this point, Kayl put his hands up and gently grasped her by her wrists, "Whoa, slow down," He would say while looking in her eyes, at that she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, and then smiled at him and spoke once more. After apologizing, and offering instead to spend the day with Nephtys, Kayl shook his head as a slightly exasterbated look covered his face. She kissed him, returning to a somewhat playful tone while still assuming the things that she conjured in her head, and Kayl couldn't help but chuckle.

                                  "Camilla, Honestly what's going on in that pretty little head of yours..." He would say between the ramblings of Nephtys trying to back Camilla's words up, like the true friend that she was. "Camilla," He would say again after a moment, a bit more forceful so that he had her full attention, and so that she would listen to what he had to say. "I was worried about whether or not you were ready to take that step, not the other way around," Kayl would say while bringing his hands up to her face now, cupping her cheeks gently while stepping closer to her and staring into her beautiful eyes with the strongest of willful gazes. "You are the one thing in my life that I have never second-guessed and have never had second thoughts... In regards to you, I've already made my decision..." Kayl would say, his words hinting at something so much more, without completely spelling it out in the open. At that, Kayl lightly caressed her cheeks and gently smiled at her. "Don't get the wrong idea... I'd be happy to have you with me, if you so choose..."

                                  At that, Nephtys kicked in again, knowing that either way they would all be heading to the same place at least initially, whether it was the awkwardness of being present for their bittersweet romantic moment, or perhaps simply not wanting to waste any time, Nephy suddenly caught their attention and asked if they should depart, a funny little dancing gesture towards the door following suit. Kayl smiled again while letting go of Camilla, and he too made a gesture, holding his hand out for her like the gentleman that he was. He would follow once they were all ready, and head to the smithy together.


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