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Kawaii Bookworm

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 3:11 pm
(Placeholder not sure which group I'm in >.< )  
PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 3:55 pm
Group 1: A.) Investigate the mineshaft.

Scampering at top-colt speed, he finally caught up to the group… and it wasn't long before something appeared again! Only… this wasn't like the previous shadow… And big, hairy, and bulky was -not- bug-like. Or spider-like. Or anything remotely interesting to Spider Eyes. Still, he went with the others as they chased and cornered…

A poor lost gorilla.

Well, that was disappointing. Just as Spider was about to add his displeasure the the big white bat-phony's, the first shadow appeared again. He gasped, a thrill running down his spine. This time, someone caught the tiniest of glimpses in their flashlight… Red and gleaming? Wait… "Eyes of coal…" Spider mused out loud. But, to his dismay, there were not -eight- eyes of coal. So… not a spider? But he'd also heard moth rumors, and those were cool too… Either way, he was gonna find out!

After they lost the shadow for the second time, Spider found himself and the others staring at a creek bed and what appeared to be an old mineshaft? Those… could be dangerous… and filled with more bats… The colt shuddered. What else were his options? Meander around the woods some more? Follow the arrow this time? Go back? Nah, going back was -not- an option. It seemed a few of the others were poking their way towards the mineshaft, so he figured if he stayed around bigger phony's hooves that any bats wouldn't be able to get to him. In particular, he moved close to the white phony, though rolling his eyes at the 'lure to doom' comment. He looked batty, but also bat-y, so maybe he'd have a little sway over the animals. "Kay, well, I'm sticking with you in case there are bats in there. Tell em' not to eat me, yeah?" He made his voice as casual as possible, though it might be noticed the words 'bat' and 'eat' were a little squeakier than the rest of them…

Fea Line


Astraea Pandora

PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 4:17 pm
Labyrinth paused and looked away, pretending to cough so she wouldn't be caught blushing at such a tense moment.

"Uh, yeah, I mean, if you want too. I won't twist your hoof or anything." Her smile is a little sheepish and a little shy.

Huni Pi
PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 4:27 pm
Muck beamed, "Cool! Imma do that then! You've been kind of a good luck charm on this adventure so far."

Astraea Pandora

Huni Pi

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Maxx D
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 4:27 pm
Group 2 - B: Why does it matter? I'm here to rave.

Oh boy. Fireflight's night just got a lot more complicated. This theme park is just too big - the fact that it could support a marauding cybergoth rave group hidden in its midst was just Phonyland all over.

Fireflight threw his arms open welcomingly to the querying CG.

"What does it matter? I'm here to rave."

He knew how to dance. Golden wings flared, he started to utz to the Eurobeat, all together too familiarly for a Phony who existed after the peak of Eurobeat. Perhaps he was literally born with it. Maxx did have a Super Eurobeat CD, back when CDs were still relevant.

As he busted a groove, Fireflight mulled over just how he was going to report this. The first thing he imagined was both Quill and Prowl screaming "SQUATTERS" but if they'd just meandered into Phonyland's vast landscape recently, that might be too harsh. As he shuffled under a tree, hooves flailing, he decisively whispered into his walkie-talkie: "Sky Flare reporting. Unlawful gathering of cybergoths in the deep of the forest." He looked back at the swaying crowd. "...probably substance abuse too, I reckon. Unfortunately no 10-20, I can't tell one tree from another.

...I veto the use of a helicopter to "raze the forest down to find these illegal squatters." We'll settle this tomorrow.

Whatever would become of these cybergoths, it was a good thing they weren't cyberpunk. They'd probably be a lot better at resisting draconian theme park laws.  
PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 4:41 pm
A: Investigate the mineshaft

The mineshaft loomed before them, strange sounds emanating within, and of course if there was going to be a lost soul they would a) be making that sound and b) wanting to ensconce themselves in the pure darkness of the shaft and replicate what it would be like to be in a grave. If she was waiting to be released into True Death, that’s where she would go.

“WAIT FOR ME,” Banshee called, her voice echoing as she ran to join the others at the mineshaft.  


Invisible Dabbler


Anxious Spirit

PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 5:05 pm
Group 2: B: Why does it matter? I'm here to rave.

A designer? Nocturnal gardener? Cryptid Hunter? Dang, these phonies knew what was what. Hooked was just some poor kid who decided to follow through on a whim and see what happened. He didn't know what he was about other than just chasing the next best and interesting thing.

Right now, a rave sounded pretty cool. Better than blustering around in the dark for a possible monster with only about half the group he started with. Even if it was with a bunch of strange humans. Such was the babby's whimsy.

Jogging in place, Hooked hoped to show he was as enthusiastic about dancing there as the apparent goths were, head bopping and hook swinging. Worst came to worst, he could always try running...
PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 5:06 pm
2E) I'm something else: I'm a little lost.

As the group neared the light and noise in the distance, it resolved itself into some kind of weird forest party full of humans wearing - well, just some really wild stuff?? His fear was set aside for a moment as he boggled at both the group's wild appearance and their interrogations. In response to their questioning, all he had was questions of his own.

"What's a kawaii-core or a quadsuit? Why are you dancing in the forest? If you're wearing leg warmers why are you wearing netting too? Are the gasmasks to protect you from stuff? Should I have one? I'm three years old and what is this," he concluded, memeing miserably.


Colorful Contributor

-Yasha Alchemist

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 6:09 pm
2E.) I’m something else! I’m a monster hunter!

Lucky Egg followed the group toward the noises and flashing lights. They eventually stumbled upon a lost civilazation of cubergoths. Hmm. How interesting! The flutter phony was pretty sure this wasn’t their target for the night but she thought it would be best to tread carefully. “Nope! I’m not a prep. Tonight I am a monster hunter! We are lookin g for something that looms these woods! Have you heard of anything? Do you think this prep could be the monster we are looking for?? Are they d a n g e r o u s?” She asked in all seriousness. o-o  
PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 7:13 pm
E: I'm something else: I'm a PIRATE!

Golden Doubloon followed the party she had as they ventured into the woods. She looked all about for anyone else but so far it was just their little group. She was cautious as they neared the thumping beats and pulsing light. The flutter was prepared to duck and fly but instead what was waiting for them was harmless. Cyber....goths?

They were absolutely fascinating. Their clothes were the weirdest she'd ever seen. Some wore masks, other's had luxurious hair she longed to brush, and their pants looked much too big for them. How did they make it all the way out here? They belonged in a museum! The phony babbens deserved to be educated on whatever these guys were.

"Arrr! I be a pirate!! I'm after booty! But like...the gold kind not like...the butt kind, ya know?" It was always best specify with new folks. When she didn't things always got a odd fast. "You guys totally rock!" Oh wait. Was that ok to say to a cybergoth? Did they have a better phrase? Meh...Golden Doubloon had no idea and decided not to fret about it.  




Garbage Human

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 7:49 pm
E: I'm something else: I'm a Cybergoth too!

"Well I mean I feel it's fairly self evident what I am." She took off her helmet, shakning out her wild hair. She was dark, with a smattering of bright neon colors, just like all the goths that had been raving their night away moments before.

"I'm from a colony down south. They were all becoming huge posers, so I bailed. Been looking for somewhere new to rave since." She wondered if she had brought a gas mask if she'd have been able to sneak in with none of the goths any the wiser.

They WERE however bipedal so maybe that would have tipped them off.

All the same, she was just short of a pair of trip pants and goggles for the aesthetic, so perhaps they would allow her into their group without much fuss, even if her plumage wasn't nearly as good as most of theirs.
PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 9:17 pm
E: I'm something else: I'm a baker!

Caramel Crisp continued toward the thudding noises with the group. The closer they got, the more the noise started to sound like....some kind of music. Maybe. Could that really be called music? When they came upon what was making the noise, she stopped. And stared. What....were these things? She heard someone call them cybergoths. Um. Kay. Anyway, they came closer and asked what they all were. Well that was easy enough.

"I'm not any of those things....I'm a baker," she said with confidence.  

Strawberri Stardust

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 10:25 pm
. Round 7: Mystery-Solving Duos .

Group 1

Exploring the mineshaft was really a good idea. For one, it's got some lights in it- and for another, you can hear voices. They're echoing loudly- it seems like somebody's in trouble! Is it your party? Galloping down the hallway, you come across a sordid scene. Four teenagers have a poor, frightened wolfman tied up. They seem to be threatening him.

"We know it's you, Old Man Jenkins!" a clean-cut teen shouts. "Now tell us what you did with Curly's gold!"

"I don't know what you're talking about," the wolfman howls. "I'm not Old Man Jenkins! I'm not old! I'm not Jenkins! I'm only a man during the daylight hours!"

"No way," the most feminine teen says, slapping him with her clutch. He recoils in fear- the zipper looks to be made of silver. "We know what you are under the mask!" She grabs for his face, but he flinches.

"But I really AM a werewolf!" shouts the werewolf. "No masks, no tricks! I'm just a simple lycanthrope who eats deer and lives in this old abandoned mine!"

"We solved your traps, we know you're hiding something!" says the nerdy teen accusingly.

"Of COURSE I have traps! I'm hiding from teenage detectives and their animal mascots!" he snarls, trying to duck away from another attempt at his face.

The mystery teens look like they're out for blood. Suddenly, one of them seems to notice the collection of small horses.

"Junkies!" shouts the nerd, pointing at you.

"Like, yoinks," says the tall one. "I don't think those are junkies, Boob."
Their bird, a foul-smelling creature with blue feet, screeches and hops. "Booby booby boo!" it caws, its fishy aroma turning your stomach.

"You're right, Fluffy," says the clean-cut teen. "Those aren't junkies- those are flunkies! They're obviously his henchmen, here to help his nefarious plot!"

"LIKE, GET THEM!" shouts the tall hippy known as Fluffy. The teens approach you menacingly- but you've got the power of four legs on your side. The mineshaft has plenty of side corridors to duck down and pillars of stone to hide behind, and thanks to numbers alone, you're able to successfully evade the teens. Eventually, they give up. One of them mutters something about coming back with a plan.

Meanwhile, the werewolf's untied himself. "Thanks," he says. "I thought they'd never leave." He finishes getting the ropes off of him. "I was lying back there- I really am Old Man Jenkins. But I'm also a werewolf. I don't know about the gold- I just hang out here in this abandoned mine and wait for my grandkids to visit. They're... really they're good kids. Even if they're kind of... bad. At solving mysteries. Such as this one. Most of the time when they visit me, I'm human- but when they catch me on a full moon..." the werewolf shakes his head. "They'll grow out of it. Eventually they'll learn to solve a mystery that actually needs solving- and they're remember that their grandpappy's a werewolf. So, what can I do you for?"

He seems all right- and he probably knows these woods well. What will you ask him?

A: We got separated from our group- have you seen or heard them?
B: We're looking for a spooky monster. Have you seen it?"
C: We need to get back to our campsite- can you help us?
D: We've heard rumors of a cryptid in these woods. Is the Mothphone real?
E: [Something else- what?]

Group 2

The cybergoths' faces are full of pity when they hear some of you are phonies. "Man, that's some Holden Caulfield nonsense right there- how can a phony actually know and admit that they're phony? By being able to realize that, you're in touch with yourself- which means you're genuine. Genuine phonies!" The leader's face breaks into a smile as they rave a little more, dancing with Fireflight and Roller Riot and all the others. "Gotta hand it to these woods- there's been a lot of good stuff here. Earlier there was that creepy moth-thing- REAL mood enhancer, that one- and then there were those bouncing orbs... "

However, he's cut off by two imposing figures leaping out of the bushes. Both are phonies, dressed identically in black suit jackets.

"FREEZE!" one shouts. "FEDERAL AGENTS!" shouts the other simultaneously. They brandish badges. And flashlights. And sunglasses. At night.

"PREPS!" shouts the lead cybergoth, who conveniently ignored Diamond's claim that she was a prep- perhaps assessing the Very Small Horse as not-a-threat. "This is NOT a drill, we have corporate preps in the house! Cybergoths, scatter! Rivetheads, roll out!" Grabbing their equipment, the goths vanish into the trees, their LEDs winking out mysteriously. Even with the belted pants and fluffy legwarmers, they're deceptively fast.

"Drat," says the mare. "That was the first time anybody spoke about sightings openly- and they saw BOTH. Eggs, this could have been a verified sighting!

"I'm telling you, Legs, it's not an escaped monster. There's a perfectly logical explanation, and that explanation is aliens. Those goths couldn't have helped us- they wipe your mind after you see the mothership."

"Eggs, I've told you a million times, it's L'eggs, not Legs. And it's not aliens. That's ridiculous. We're on the trail of a mutant, possibly several mutants. We've gone up against mad scientists before-"

"They were ANGRY scientists, not mad!"

"...- look, you know what's out there."


"No," she sighs, putting a hoof to her forehead. "Not aliens, Eggs. The truth. The truth is out there. And I want to believe-"

"in ALIENS!"

"-that you'll take your job seriously for a hot second. We might have lost the primary witnesses, but look at all these others." The mare looks you up and down. "I... think some of these faces are familiar. At any rate, they're phonies like us. Hopefully they'll cooperate. I'll introduce us." She clears her throat and addresses you. "Hello, citizens! My name is Agent L'eggs Over Easy, and my associate there is Agent Eggs Benedict. We're investigating what may be an incident of illegal bioengineering by scientists in the employ of a deranged housecat with augmented intelligence. But what are you doing out here? We'll need to take statements."

What will you tell the federal agents?
A: I'm out here hunting cryptids.
B: I'm out here looking for my friends.
C: I'm out here to RAVE and you ruined it.
D: I'm out here for [something else- why are you out here?]

[[OOC note for IC reactions: any phonies who participated in the 2015 MDM CYOA- The Great Cape Caper- will recognize L'eggs Over Easy and Eggs Benedict. ]]
Please bold your choice at the top of your post and don't forget the RP!

Sorry dude! You were in the same group as before- there was no switching this time!




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crying sorry I forgot to let you know right off, thanks for realizing!!


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PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 10:37 pm
A: I'm out here hunting cryptids.

Things were going well for the most part, but when two other Phonies dashed in and the cybergoths fled, things got a little hairy. Rising Sign stood staring at the two as they bickered back and forth, not really following anything they were saying right up until they directed their attention to the group.

"Um...we're looking for some weird creature," she said helpfully although even now she wasn't sure if they were ever going to find it. It was probably back at camp enjoying their snacks. That's what she would have done if she was this strange being.  


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Dapper Spirit

PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 10:55 pm
Group 1 - E) Something else - Ask him what he knows about the cairns.

After narrowly escaping the gang of mystery zealous youths, Torchwood was glad they were gone before they could ask Mr Jenkins some questions. The last thing that their group needed was bad mystery solvers! Above all, there was one burning question that Torchwood had, that he just had to get off his chest.

"Well, we're out here hunting the mothpone and got separated from our group. While we were wandering out in the woods, we've come across weird piles of rocks with arrows on them. Do you know who made them and where they lead?"  
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