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A Bleach related role playing guild that gives everyone a chance to live a life in the Bleach universe. We're the Elite. 

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North Rukongai - Invasion [TBtP]

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 09, 2017 10:32 am
The various squads are sent to go deal with examining the object and protecting the souls in the area as the resulting formation had started attracting Hollow to the region of the Rukongai and there is worry that the beasts will continue moving to the inner districts if left unchecked.

Then echoing across all the realms; Words are heard only by those that are spiritually aware. The tone of the speaker is ancient and full of knowledge, "Evil and Good..Light and Dark. The lines have been blurred for far too long. I have sent you the crystals, now look to the light. This world has been stagnant for far too long and it is by my hands and my crystals; The Jokaisho Stones, that you will all either adapt to the threat I pose.. or you will die, and I will rebuild this universe in my own vision." It leaves you to wonder who the speaker is and what they are. Though that is all fleeting now, you have a threat among three realms and two of the five are now left with a decision of who to help.  
PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2018 6:30 pm
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[Spd:45| Str:50 | Def:30 | Stam:30 | Int:10 | SP:23 ]
[HP:275 | SE: 188 | Clarity:25 ]

Raider enters into the vast soul society hearing the sounds of people clanking of chimes,and dogs and cats fighting with each other the vast city being so active was a nuisance to him all he wanted to do is go and fight people he loved the thrill of battle killing people was his own way of showing his emotions he gets drunk happy when he is slaughtering people,Raider would do anything for his Nordic gods nothing was over them and in battle he praised the day he would join Valhalla,he has been in many battles of his time of being alive as well as the ones back in when the vikings first invaded japan looking for plunder and food,He was the leader of his clan the wolf bloods he was the sole survive and recruited only the strong who prey on the others like savages he loved that aspect of people any sign of weakness he killed them instantly with out holding back nothing was more important to him than the gods,He only recruited people so he could rage a war upon the knights and samurai scum so he could show them that the wolf clan will rule the world and kill anyone who disobey his orders,he was a master of combat with his two handed battle axe,all of these memories he had about battle showed on his body with his tats of how many people he killed on his back tally marks if you would see about 3,400 small tally's marks were on his back and he had deep scars and wounds on his body from combat he litterer looked as if he was always dead like someone walking around who was just plan and simple a corpse,but this was false the only reason he looked like that is because about 2,000 years ago he was taken over by a demon and his body transformed into something hideous he look and acted like a psychotic beast , His two handed axe changed to it looked like something from a fire demon,well that was correct the demon was a fire one indeed and it had taken over his body,but one thing remained his will raider had control over this beast in side him,only when he was outside of combat when raider has to go fight he goes berserk killing everything in his path nothing calms his blood lust until he passes out or is killed,by this of course means the demon just won't let him die off for nothing,so he keeps him alive just enough so he can live another day sense the demon is still looking for someone stronger than raider,of course raider now present day has completely control the beast but he has is moments,after raider stood in the middle of the northern part of soul society raider snapped back into reality and kept walking down the streets with his axe on his shoulder propped up with both hand on it like he was resting with it on his neck,looking around at these weaklings made him sad for them when one day someone stronger than he would just come over and kill them all he giggled under his breathe a little grinning,telling himself like that would happen haha,after running errands for his captain raider started to make his way back to the division head counters 6th division of course is where raider belonged he wasn't ranked just a pawn now sense he didn't care about all the unnecessary things he didn't feel like doing like be coming a Lt of the division because raider didn;t care for orders he did what he wanted even if it meant someone trying to kill him if he didn't listen to them,after grabbing some supplies for the weapon caches he came back and gave them to the lower rankers in the division and nodded at them and when he saw the captain raider nodded at him as well,of course showing respect to someone of some strength at least,the capt stopped him and wanted to talk to him most like,"Raider come here i got something that might peak your interest,"so raider walked over and started to listen to him,"whats up capt?","i want you to go out and check on earth realm and see if anything odd is happening okay?" raider nodded and made his way there opening up the rift he stepped into it and disguised him self as a human,and went through it,as he stepped out he was secretive about it and landed down softly,and wondered around the place seeing cherry blossom trees,flowers and wildlife and humans,ranging from males and females all in the teens he thought to him self what in the ******** are this teens doing ,so he kept is distant following them after about 20 mins they went inside a huge building all wearing the same thing he was confused sense he was from a different time period and wondered what the ******** was so special about this place,he read the sign and mumble sense raider didn't really understand Japanese all to well,just enough to get him by,raider was so confused and walked away from the place and shook his head he thought to himself why are this teens not fighting in combat at this age i was killing grown men my with fist like it was stealing from some weaklings this generation is nothing but weaklings,expressively here though in soul society i guess it is better than here not like raider cared to much all he wanted to do is wanted to kill people and learn more styles of combat,any ways after walking for about 15 more mins he stumbled upon and other shini ,and he looked at her and nodded and went to say something but he walked past her and kept his mouth shut he was a monster so he didn't look for love and only for combat after that he noticed some weird singles come from the south of the earth realm and went there and found a hollow,grande and another one but adjudges level he grinned and went full shini mode on them,"Come to me you pathetic hollows i will tear you limbs off one by one,"after he yelled that he threw is axe into the head on the grande and landed it dead in it's forehead killing it and he slowly pulled it out and laughed like a mad man ,he looked to the other hollow and charged it picking it up and slamming it into a wall on the near by building breaking the brick as small pebbles and bricks fell off of it and he kneed the hollow in the face,he took a step back and slammed his axe down and it the hollow dead in it's neck area ,and hell,"for Valhalla,Logi eruption!" and shock wave caused the beast to be stunned,shortly after a volcanic geyser popped up in front of him and burnt the beast and his axe turned into flames and started tp burn raider giving him power after that he charged his attack did a 180 degree turn and swung hitting the hollow in the head killing it with scratching pain from it as it die,raider grin and smiled after he killed them both.after wards raider took some time and sat there looking at the sky to relax his blood lust so he didn't kill and humans,after trying to control is blood lust raider quickly open a rift to his home land were monster lurked.as he fell into the place he yell in pain and he went berserk the smell over monster around him fell upon his nose the sweet aroma of being around something that he could kill made him grin after seeing them he charged at them like a mad man the towering beast sizes of 4 elephants in one,he activated his bankai by nature will he flashed stepped to them and started swing his axe like crazy five strike in one combo then another 5 at the same target using his ability like a crazed up psycho,Slamming <Wuuthrad> into the ground creates a massive shock wave, 60ft radius, around Raider stunning those within as long as they have less Str than his Str for a turn. The next turn, the area affected by the shock wave will burst into a volcanic geyser dealing damage to all, Raider included, based on his Str +20 while exploding upwards at his Spd +10 duration two post,after of the two post duration it has a three post cool down 5 se to use the 5 beast around him would be hit by his bankai ability raider then actvated his second ability After the explosion of [Logi Eruption], <Wuuthrad> is now completely on fire so when Raider lefts it from the ground once again it begins to burn at him as well. For then next five [5] posts after the use of [Logi Eruption], while Raider wields <Wuuthrad> he receives a single [1] [Burn Markers] per post for a maximum of five [5]. While Raider has [Burn Markers] on him; his Attack Power and Attack Speed raise by +5 per marker,the burns markers would start to stack up on raider and he would gain more power per mark after about 30 mins killing only 3 of them he was at max burn marks,and his body was in flames and he yelled more and more ,"for Valhalla and for the Nordic Gods," and he kept slashing and cutting them as he took damage from each one biting him and punching him while he was berserk shrugging the damage of though sense he was numb by this point he just kept getting back up after being hit down to the ground over and over again after he was hit one last time after killing the other monsters he fell to the ground ne he form went away is bankai deactivated and he was exhausted from all the fighting he was smiling as he was laying there raider had a fight fulling to him and he hadn't had one in a while so this was something special to him usually he murders them so quick radier gets bored but this time he took damage and he was happy about it .after an 3 hours of laying there sleeping he got up with bite marks on his body and burn marks,he tallied him self with his axe on his back another 5 killed,after words he opened a rift to soul society again and step in it at the giant gates seeing the gate keeper,he waved at him and as he walked through the gates people noticed he looked battered up and hurt but raider didn't seem to be effect as much as people made it seem to be after all he loved combat,after raider took some time getting to the division, place he made a few detours getting snacks and water he ate some chips as he walked down the street of the town and after he walked over to the headquarters he looked at the capt and went up to him," i took care of the hollows also i went berserk afterwards os i left quickly and got into a fight with monster the size of 4 elephants combined" then he walked away and went to his house and sat there thinking about things he should to do prevent him from going berserk again. he thought about his past with his mother and father he wondered what is was like to be a normal viking sense he was possessed by a demon and what nought,he wondered what it was like in Valhalla knowing for damn sure this demon won't let him get there one day because he won't let him die for anything and he was always pissed off by that.he took out a book and look at it and started to read it about how to get better and not begin a d**k to people.

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xl Xero xl

xl Xero xl

PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2018 1:03 pm
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[Spd:45| Str:50 | Def:30 | Stam:30 | Int:10 | SP:23 ]
[HP:275 | SE: 188 | Clarity:25 ]

After raider fought yesterday so hard,he woke up fro ma deep sleep after being so exhausted,he started his day by yawning and slowly waking up as he woke up he made his way to the restroom to brush his teeth,he brushed slowly and made sure his mouth was clean as Perls,after that raider took a 20 min shower and go dress into his shini uniform again,and went to the kitchen to make some food and made eggs,with bacon and toast with some Orange juice,and eat is breakfast slowly watching the t.v and news he wasn't to amused nothing was interesting to him expect some combat,after he ate some food he put the dirty dishes in the sink,and left them there as he walked out the door he grabbed is huge axe and put it on his shoulder,the floors made creaking noises,and he puts his shoes on and started to make his way out the door and he bent over to not hit is head on the door frame,as raider stepped out he smelled the air and huffed wishing there was some combat training or something around as he thought that the cpt walked out and pointed at raider and he walked over to the capt and looked at him as he told him,"There is training combat today go spar with my Lt",Radier nodded at him and made his weak to the training building and met the Lt and nodded at him,"Hello i am here to fight you apparently according to the cpt,"The Lt looked at him and laughed,after that raider was a little pissed off and wanted to kill him already,they both then after 10 mins got into combat stances and prepared for the fight as it was initiated,raider charged at him with full force catching the Lt off guard and picking him up and tossing him across the room and swung his axe at him raider missed as the Lt dodge just slickly enough his hairs on his head were cut off but it missed him,raider grinned and looked at him,"who is the b***h now punk,For Valhalla!!",raider took his axe and threw it at him,following up with him charge at the Lt and hit him in the chest then uppercut ed him in the jaw sense the axe missed him,The Cpt then walked in the room and said stop that is enough,raider stood up and picked his axe up and look at the other guy and spat near the floor next to him and walked out the building grinning and then went to the town market to get something to eat raider was thirsty and hungry so he thought he would grab a bite to eat and some beer,he entered a little shop serving raman noodles and adult beverages and he order three ram an bowls and 4 beers,after that radier relaxed at a near by park and sat on a bench looking at the sky as people passed by looking at him with disgust,he gave them a stare of deal each time one of the looked at him,then kept relaxing in the park he loved to peace and quiet to some degree that was.Raider then sighed in complaint towards the people he got up and walked off into the deeper parts of the park and sat under a tree watching over all these souls he was not very happy to be here he wanted some action butt he noticed one individual from another division that looked interesting of course raider wanted to be with someone,a girl bout Five feet and 3 inch at most she look older for her height,he wasn't entirely sure but he thought she was pretty,he thought to him self that she look familiar maybe she was the person from the other day when he was on a mission to fight some hollows and he ran into her by accident he didn't know,so he just looked at her,she then started to walked over towards him and he was kinda confused as she approached him he smiled and raider just sat there looking at her,"raider spoke up hello,how can i help you",the girl looked at him and giggled,"you look like your lonely is the main reason i came over here,"Raider responded with."why thought arent you scared of me and how i look most people think i look disgusting and hideous",He said whiling looking at her confused as hell ,she simply shook her head and sat next to him raider thought to him self why is this girl next to me why has she taken interest in someone so monstrous,so many thoughts were running threw is head and he wanted answers but he didn't know what to say or think,Raider looked at her and smiled a little,He coughed and then looked at her,"my name is raider yours?",she reasoned with,"i am mary," she smiled at him brightly raider was feeling a little weird like he was when he mom was alive he tonight maybe for a chance he loved someone but then again raider doesn't know that word anymore,this demon has taken most of his emotions and shut them deep down in side of him.after raider stay there with her he got up and walked of he wasn't much for showing any kind of emotions so he just left getting away from her so he didn't bring up memories from his past after that raider went back to his home and opened the door and tossed his axe into the room and took his shoes off and shut the door and locked it,hearing the floor creaking some more he was annoyed at it ,and walked over towards the middle of the room and laid there looking at the ceiling thinking about why the hell that girl was so nice to him today,he was thoroughly confused anyways he wanted to get some rest for tomorrow he didn't feel liek dealing with these emotions so he decied to sleep it off.

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