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A random-based guild in which you may literally spam, chat, and do whatever you want. (Just follow the TOS and have fun!!!) 

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Anaya the Bee

PostPosted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 8:04 pm
Hallo. I’m still here. Must be find. Either that or I’m a zombie, which is just a disease like in the show Izombie, people saying they are dead are ******** retards. 10 beats a minute on their hearts as well as every single other organ functioning normally is not dead. ******** retarded humans. We are not dead, seriously. In that show it’s just a disease. But when zombies die at the border, the humans won’t give a s**t and say “who cares they were already dead anyway, like bombing roadkill.” Whoever says that I will shoot them. I’m hating humans more and more, they deserve to die.

I sound kinda weird like I’m an illegal or something. My language. I sound weird. It get annoying at work cuz I don’t understand why some people say to me “no thank you ma’am, I mean sir. Or yes mam oh I mean sir, where I guess they look at me and see I have short hair so I’m a guy but do I sound like a woman or something? I donnno. More people being retarded. I thought I was retard, guess not. People also see me as the guy with no emotion or sense of humor. I don’t joke ever. I always serious.  
PostPosted: Sat Jun 22, 2019 4:59 am
I used to have 2 belly roll/lines when I sat down. Now that my belly is bigger, my lower roll line has a gap in the middle, it’s not a line anymore. If I keep it up I’ll only have 1 belly roll/fold.

My ball belly is really weird. All the older guys I see that have beer belly’s, they just look fat overall with the belly bulging out a lot but even looking at them from the front, and you can tell they are fat. If you look at me from the front, I don’t look overweight much, but once I turn to the side a huge bulge.
All the other men have Normal beer bellies where my belly looks more like a pregnant belly bulge. Probably is ascites, I get out of breathe soo easily and when I sit down on bed and bend over, it gets really hard to breathe like I can’t get air.  

Anaya the Bee

Anaya the Bee

PostPosted: Thu Jun 27, 2019 12:16 am
My body fat is really high, 32% at 185 pounds. Meaning I’m considered obese, but I don’t look it, just look a little bit overweight, but how do I have 32% body fat? I’m worried it’s cuz my fat is being stored inwards probably surrounding my internal organs like my heart and lungs, I have high cholesterol, high triglycerides, my lower blood pressure number is too high around 110 meaning my heart isn’t resting enough in between beats, which means it’s overworking itself and not resting, probably why I feel my heart pounding like all the time, don’t even have to feel my chest. Sometimes it beats soo intensively and a bit fast it feels like my heart is like popping out of my chest, have to put my hands over my heart cuz I feel better that way, and also so it doesn’t jump out of my chest.

Hope I don’t die from cardiac arrest cuz my heart refuses to rest  
PostPosted: Thu Jul 04, 2019 3:05 am
I technically have high blood pressure now but only the freaken bottom number. It was 105 at dr office the other day, Nurse said it may be cuz I’m nervous but last time it was like 103ish.

And just tested my bp, and my bottom number is like 110-113ish, hope I don’t have to go to ER. Lower number doesn’t matter, if just means my heart is working way too much and doesn’t rest. eek like that Robot guy where in video his heart sounded weird and very fast and he had the expression like it’s normal. I’m here to work.

I’m sorry but I’m weird, I work 24 hours a day. I must be a robot.  

Anaya the Bee

Anaya the Bee

PostPosted: Mon Jul 15, 2019 10:52 pm
Urghh I saw this guy at work a week or so ago who looked like he was in his 40s, and had a bulging beer belly, like he didn’t look overweight much at all except his round ish belly, like he looks slightly overweight. I just saw his belly and I got soo jealous. I literally wanna go into his body to see what it feels like and get his belly bloated to as much as possible, would probably feel soo weird and full. Well way more then how I feel now.

I have like the worst bulging ball belly ever. I look skinny from the front but when I turn to the side you can see my ball belly bulge. I have more of a pregnant belly, where my dad is like just fat everywhere but more in his belly area where you can tell he is overweight. Me I just look pregnant. 🤰
Has to be ascites/fluid build up cuz if I bloat myself too much and sit on my bed and then bend over forward, it gets slightly harder to breathe. I then look down and see my ball belly while breathing hard.

Still not getting rid of it. Must grow it further. -breathes hard- oh god. I get so exhausted soo easily I breathe soo fast. 190 pounds with 44 inch belly. -eats McDonald’s-  
PostPosted: Tue Jul 16, 2019 2:18 am
Maybe I should stop the belly growth. Oh god the chest pain.  

Anaya the Bee

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