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Heroes Of Justice VS. Villains Of Doom

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 13, 2016 10:23 pm
When I was about 12, me and my irl best friend decided to get into online role playing here on gaia. It was a blast, and we were especially into super heroes and our own original characters we came up with in real life: Nitro and Havik. Furious was the first person who taught us how to fit in to the group of role players here on gaia, and he was one of the best that I knew. Not only was he extremely kind and welcoming to us, but he taught me and Nitro so much and was extremely mature. One of the nicest guys to talk to, and I'm very glad I have the opportunity to say a few words about him here even though I haven't been on here in a long time. Goodbye Furious, you will be missed greatly.  
PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2016 10:55 am
welp it took me long enough to do this but ive finally become ready. ive lost alot of friends and family but this one hit me a bit harder then most. like most of you johnny was more then a friend he was a mentor. i remember i was about 13 and i just had this cool looking green lantern avatar but no want to rp, johnny saw it and talked to me about it and then he took me under his wing. in those years we were like the batman and robin of green lanterns, snapping necks and cashing checks all over the universe. we were scoundrels and lady killers making our way around and loving evey second of it, he was someone to look up too and in that time in my life i needed that. my best memorie was comic con when we finally met, strange we never took pictures, but i remember it so vividly because his cool a** custom green lantern outfit had a duster and we always joked about him taking my cowboy look. i walked around with this dude, i believed he was accompanied by the man who plays mister terrific, and we joked and laughed about everything going on in our universe, a surreal moment like meeting one of your favorite actors or what not. it was my first year in costume as nightwing and i didn't belive i put much effort into it but he did which brightened my life up. i then remember playing dcuo with him and us having a gl team up in which he wore a cowboy hat on his character and the whole stealing my look joke lived on. sadly there was a small drift that had developed when the guild first stopped moving and i disappeared, but i made a promise then when the time came i would be back and i stuck too it, i only wish we coulda brought this thing back to the golden age we once had. we will all remember him in our own ways, for me he was a mentor and a friend, he was the first green lantern oc i knew and he encouraged me to become my own man in green. his light shall always shine bright  

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 07, 2016 4:57 am
Man oh man, this is such heart breaking news. I remember joining gaia back in like 2008 and running into some super heroes in towns and finding out about the guild and meeting Furious. I was only like 13 years old, not knowing what in the world I was doing. I joined the guild as the first Green Arrow and I remember getting into RPing arguments with Furious because he took my Black Canary lol, he was always such a ladies man. But I grew up under his wings, he would teach me how to be better and he would give me advice on how to be a better leader. There was a point in time when the guild was becoming inactive and he actually trusted me with his members for a while, and once he came back I humbly returned the torch back to him and it just showed me the kind of brotherhood we had.

He was an amazing guy, last time I spoke to him was on playstation and we were talking about some issues that were going on in the guild, and I can hear in his voice how much he trusted and believed me. Great guy, so sad to hear about this, really sad.

RIP big guy, you're definitely a legend.  
PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2016 3:17 pm
I know Ive been gone for some time. so coming back to hear this news is truly disheartening.... no its more than that...its just down right devastating. FuriousStyles...John... was one one of my oldest friends on this site. When I first joined in 2008, he and I always talked, coming up with new rp events for the group and just crapshooting. It was always a fun time. He also always encouraged me to pursue my dream in becoming a comic artist...I was hoping, that when I got my first comic job, to give him a copy of what ever it was, just as a thankyou to him for helping me pursue this dream. He was a great friend, mentor, confidant. I'm really at a loss for words because I'm still just so in shock that this happened....I pray that all he as done for Gaia's rp community, especially its DC and Marvel community, lives on and continues to grow and thrive. R.I.P Johnny. You will never be forgotten.  

The White Duke of Death

Heroes Of Justice VS. Villains Of Doom

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