The word is either gospel, law or the bird.
Follow Gaia's TOS.
Don't really think this goes without saying, but do adhere to these.

No Godmodding.
Not getting hit and auto-hitting are common signs. Instances of this will be dealt with by the mods.

We ask for a minimum of five sentences per post.
Please nothing less, but feel more than free to add more. We all have off days, but I'm asking for at least one middle school level paragraph. You can always message a mod for help.

No advertising guilds beyond your signature. Affiliates excluded.
Any Topics will be taken down and you'll receive a warning and a deleted post if you post instead.

Thou shall not sass the Crew when it is the right time, but not in serious matters.

Keep it PG13.
If you must, do a time skip. While I am not a child, there ARE children reading and watching. Let their childhoods be broken by the darker parts of the internet, not here.

Rule of Baseball: Three strikes, you're out.
This only applies to serious trouble makers or people who break Gaia TOS. If it was an honest mistake, we'll look past it

Be courteous to your fellow members.
Cursing them out, flaming, etc will lead to a ban. Don't do it. Talk to me or one of the other mods if you have a problem because I promise we will hear you out. I really don't care how people talk to me but I don't deal with people being rude to my members because in this guild, we're tighter than two people tied together by duct tape in a tiny box being shipped out of the country.

You must like bacon. Turkey or normal.

No drama please.
Message me if you have a personal problem with someone. Message any Admin if you have a personal problem you don't wish to discuss in the forums.

Respect decisions people make and don't just make it for them.
Kill off a character of both you and the user who plays them agree to but don't decide to do it with consultation. Plan out battle victories as well, if you wish, but make sure everyone is in the loop about decisions you wish to make.

3 Day Rule
If you take more than 3 days to post a reply - unless you've told them you can't and why - people can ignore your chance to post back if you're in an order of posting. This is to prevent people waiting for months on end for a response and so I'm not stuck waiting for Ari's missing butt to appear on a blue moon and post. <3 luv u ari

The mods can do everything the captain can, unless they specifically say something about it.
This involves making/taking down topics, adding/banning people, sending announcements, etc. As such, if you have a problem with any of us, inform another mod. We may be friends but we aren't biased when one of us is being a butt head.

If you have issues concerning godmodders, power players, etc make sure to quote a mod before or during a in character fight so that they can be a judge and keep things fair.
This isn't a rule but I'm assuming everyone will read this page... because... well... there really isn't a reason not to.

Check the Members page to learn who the Mods and Admins are.
If you have to wonder who the Captain is... i'llcriforeva

1. Follow Gaia Online's TOS.
2. Don't prove the G.I.F.T. (Warning: Explicit language).
3. Post that aren't something Bond would say.