Props to Tsuki the Lunar Wind for making this prior, just felt it needed to be in a newer post and pointed out for all newcomer.


No parenthesis/asterisks.
There shall be no ((Bob waved to Phil)) What's up bro ((He said)) or *punches* Take that!
Describe the action, e.g. He swung his fist in a left hook at Phil's face, shouting, "Take that!"

Third person, past tense please.
'I remain silent.' Good to know. But you aren't your character. Instead, try: Bob waved to Phil. "What's up, bro?" he said. This is also for clarity. You can be vague in using your character's name if you're setting up a Mysterious Encounter©.

One paragraph as the minimum
As in four to five sentences. I can understand writer's block. However if you have like, twenty one-liner posts, we're going to have a problem. it's not so much content as it is you being lazy. Trust me, I've done it. I did it cause I'm lazy. I'm still guilty of it...

Spell check.
If you have a learning disability where it's hard to read or spell, do alert one of the admins or the Captain and make sure to point it out to Gaians if you feel the need. As Tsuki has mentioned in a prior version of this, most browsers come built-in with a spell-checker for free, so feel free to use that. Word processors also tend to have them too.

But I've been doing that my entire time here!
Yes, you have. Yes. You. Have.

But why can't I?!
I want to make the guild at least semi literate. All I ask is for novel format and four to five sentences. Maybe using spellcheck would make things better for us.
Having literate posts makes it easier for everyone to discern what is happening in the roleplay. If the posts look like something a 6 year old might post on Facebook to rustle his friends' jimmies, emojis and text speak and lazy spelling, then nothing will look coherent and eyes will bleed.

Do I HAVE to use ";"'s or anything like it?
Honestly if you aren't sure, I'd rather you don't use it. You can always ask one of the Crew if you have issues!
You use semi colons (>>> ; <<< wink in a continuation of something, like a detailed list or in a sentence. For example:
I had a test in the morning; I decided to rest because of it.

The two sentences, by themselves, would also work but the semi colon is generally added for variety or as aforementioned.

If you do need help with anything, I'm always probably here to help with anything. I won't bite.