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Invisible Dabbler

PostPosted: Thu Aug 17, 2017 7:35 pm
Chosen One's Daughters: Concept Contest

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These sisters are as different as day and night but they share the same upbringing, along with their brother. Their younger years were spent with their mother, who tried to instill on them good morals and passed on her healing knowledge. Their father made them part of his tribe, won them over with promises and charming smiles, taught them the necessity of violence. There is madness and darkness in their bloodline and Spellbound is uncertain if she managed to make a difference.

Nature or nurture, you decide.

- These are Chosen One’s first daughters and he has spent a lot of his time grooming them to be devoted followers to his tribe, even with Spellbound doing her best to convince them to value kindness and compassion. They have a lineage that includes the poison maker Witch Hunt, the violent and unstable No Mercy... and the delightfully flamboyant ‘has no idea his great-grandson is running a cult’ Watch Me. All relevant RP's are located on the front page is you want a more detailed look at their parents.

There is no naming theme, however I will favour shorter names! His other children are named Thrall, Advocate and Conqueror (pending approval).

As these are very important plot/rp babies to me, in the case of a lack of entries, I reserve the right not to choose a winner. Should you win, you are not obligated to RP in any way. Yes, you can enter for both! If there are any questions, feel free to ask!

This contest will run until 8PM Sunday 27th August!

[size=18][b]such a [i]good[/i] daughter[/b][/size]
[b]Light or dark doe?:[/b]
[b]Potential name:[/b]
[b]Rank and why?:[/b] [Guardian, Companion, Follower]
[b]Personality and how they feel about their tribe and family:[/b] [be as long or short as you like!]
PostPosted: Thu Aug 17, 2017 9:04 pm
such a good daughter
Light or dark doe?: dark
Potential name: Blackguard
Rank and why?: Guardian
Personality and how they feel about their tribe and family:
Blackguard is the sort of kin you don't want to meet in a dark place all alone. Especially if you've been naughty - though sometimes that doesn't always make much of a difference. After all, almost everyone has at least something to be a little guilty over, right? No one is truly perfect. If they were, The Pure wouldn't have been called upon to cleanse the swamp with Chosen One's guidance, and she is, if nothing else, her father's daughter.

Her loyalty to her father and the tribe is unquestionable. There's nowhere else she'd rather be, and probably no one else that could ever truly understand or accept her the way her fellow tribe-mates and family do. Not everyone is blessed, after all, and not everyone is willing to step into the fold of the tribe and see the Truth. That's okay. Blackguard is more than happy to motivate their enlightenment through a bit of pain and bloodshed. Pain, after all, is cleansing.

Her eyes aren't limited to just the faithless, however. She'll turn on a tribe-mate just as quickly if she catches a whiff of guilt off of them. For what could The Pure possibly have to feel guilty of?

Violence is Pure - a righteous weapon.

Pain is Pure - embrace it or be destroyed.

Free yourself and you may find yourself on the path to Purity as well. And, well.. if not, Blackguard will find you, don't you worry.  


phoenix kiss

Magical Girl

PostPosted: Fri Aug 18, 2017 4:26 pm
such a good daughter
Light or dark doe?: Light
Potential name: Hysteria
Rank and why?: Follower -- she's not (yet) a physically violent doe, but she is so adept at conversation and predicting doom that she can sway kin without even touching them.
Personality and how they feel about their tribe and family: To be unkind would be to say that the doe never stops talking - but, within the frame of The Pure, her talent for conversation is unparalleled. Hysteria can speak to any kin, is adept at sliding into conversations using her natural charm and physical grace: but there's a sort of manic gleam in her eye at all time, and every conversation tends to turn down a dark(er) path. She can steer the conversation towards the impending doom of the swamp without even trying, and then is in her full glory. A doomsayer, through and through.

Unquestioningly loyal towards her tribe and family, she gets along with most kin, she's just .. a little weird. A little off. During the course of a conversation it's not uncommon for her to erupt into spontaneous laughter or tears; thankfully, those around her all the time seem to just ignore that odd quirk of personality. Hysteria is not yet physically violent and actually seems to eschew getting close enough to physically touch someone, but that doesn't mean she couldn't be prodded or convinced to if the time were right, or if Chosen One deemed it necessary.

I've been super lucky with kin lately, so I am going to rescind my entry to give others more of a chance! Thank you for the opportunity! biggrin  
PostPosted: Sun Aug 20, 2017 11:08 am
such a good daughter
Light or dark doe?: Dark
Potential name: Upend
Rank and why?: Follower (for now.) She's still finding her place so to speak.
Personality and how they feel about their tribe and family: Upsend feels like life is turned upside down since joining Chosen One's tribe, and at times she finds she has a hard time casting off Spellbounds teachings. Morals seem to keep worming their way into her day to day life, making it hard to sometimes do the things she knows is expected of her as a part of the tribe. Other days there is absolutely no issue with doing as she needs, and its beyond easy to push away the things she was raised learning and knowing. Though she'll admit that the healing knowledge she learned has been invaluable. If Chosen One were to be injured, she can heal him, which is important to her. She is loyal to her family, even if she at times feels like she is being torn in two thanks to her upbringing being so much different from her current life.

such a good daughter
Light or dark doe?: Light
Potential name: Collision
Rank and why?: Guardian. She feels with every inch of her being that Chosen One's words and wishes are truth, and anyone who doesn't see this, is foolish, and needs to know that.
Personality and how they feel about their tribe and family: Fiercely loyal and protective of her family and tribe she has no problems stomping a hoof down on someone else if it comes down to it. Be it for daring to cause harm to someone within family or tribe, or to bring them around to the tribes point of view. She's not above violence to get a stubborn doe or buck to cast off their inhibitions and join them. To argue with her, will set you on a fast track to her bad side, and that's something you want to avoid if you can. She's all honey and sweetness at first, but she'll turn to vinegar and fire in a blink if it's called for.  


Breedables Degenerate



PostPosted: Sun Aug 20, 2017 11:37 am
such a good daughter
Light or dark doe?: Dark
Potential name: Truth Hurts
Rank and why?: Follower
Personality and how they feel about their tribe and family: An unshakable Daddy's Little Girl. Will follow till the ends of the earth to accomplish anything he tells her to do. Is it a weakness, or a strength in her willpower? Is she a puppet, or is she just honestly loyal? Tell her to jump, and she'll respond how high. Anything in regards to the tribe and doing the best she can do to impress and rise rank, she'll do; after all, she is just learning her place. On the end of administering physical punishment, she has very little expertise. She's best at sneaking in shadows, tying words and confusing others in an array of rumor and turmoil; but not much of a fighter. Yet.  
PostPosted: Sun Aug 20, 2017 6:03 pm
such a good daughter
Light or dark doe?: Dark
Potential name: Reaper
Rank and why?: Guardian
Personality and how they feel about their tribe and family: Nasty perfection; she relishes the sound of snapping teeth and crunching bone. She's her father's jaws; when something or someone needs ended, she leaps at the chance to do it. Her father- and family- are means to an end. She relishes them, in her own way; they enable her viciousness. She doesn't speak much of it, but she has a few ideological differences from her father. Yes, the swamp needs cleansed. Yes, she and hers are absolutely the one to do it.

But The Pure? The idea that certain kin are chosen above the rest... well, privately, she finds it a little laughable. Oh, certainly she believed it when she was a little greener, hanging on to daddy's every word- but now? Now she sees things a little differently.

Kin aren't chosen. They earn their right to survive. Her father gathered these kin; he earned the right to be followed. She listened to him; she earned her right to be feared. Her silence and disdain towards some of her tribe (particularly Companions chosen for beauty, not ability) aren't hallmarks of haughtiness; it's disgust she feels. What's the point of survival if you're not strong?

The family is the tide. A wave will wash over the swamp, and she's the one who will go around stomping on those she finds clinging to the rocks. Barnacles, parasites, the lot of them. If you can't stand up to the tidal wave or swim in its mighty undulation, then you're not worth the air you breathe.

It should be noted, however, that her primary loyalty is split. Yes, she's loyal to her father- but she's a zealot to the violence. Should she see signs of weakness in his leadership, she might be convinced to treachery- although she'd never lead a revolution herself, mind you. Why should the strong fight the strong, when there's so much weakness to usher out?  

Scaramouche Fandango

Big Wife


Anxious Spirit

PostPosted: Mon Aug 21, 2017 10:12 am
such a good daughter
Light or dark doe?: Dark
Potential name: Rest in Pieces (Rip for short)
Rank and why?: Guardian
Personality and how they feel about their tribe and family: Tear. Rend. Rip. She's very good at it all, has whittled violence down into the most pure and precise weapon. Prolonged suffering, swift merciful kills--whatever manner Chosen One asks for, she obeys. She loves, she learns, she lives as her father dictates. Service with a Green Little Smile.

She is a tool and knows her place in the shadows as her father's horns and hooves and teeth. But her painted smile isn't cruel; enough of Spellbound touched her to know that not all the impure deserve to die painfully. Sometimes this pang of mercy hits her at inopportune times, however, and it makes Rip worry for her future.

What if this is weakness? What if she, a daughter of Chosen One, has been tainted without knowing...? Or is she simply weak of character, separate from her bloodline and doomed to never be truly one with the tribe?

(Perhaps Rest in Pieces is not the omen for her prey. Perhaps instead it foretells her end, fragmented and cracked to the core.)

She throws herself into her role to forget. A tool should not think; it is only meant to be used.  
PostPosted: Mon Aug 21, 2017 3:32 pm
such a good daughter
Light or dark doe?: Light
Potential name: Broken Will
Rank and why?: Guardian
Personality and how they feel about their tribe and family: In her heart she is kind. Good. Gentle. Her mothers teachings were nourishment to her soul and she relished every lesson. Healing was to be her path. After they passed from their mother's guardianship to becoming members of their fathers tribe she found herself in a world of madness she didn't quite understand. It was so different, so harsh and horrific at times. Being adaptive, and frankly terrified, she gave herself fully to the cause and proved herself a fierce little warrior, able to hold her own against even the most savage of heathens. She lost herself for some time, a vessel for the cause, her soul swallowed by the world and word of her father. The scent of blood became as familiar as the scent of swamp water. The cries of anguish as dull as birdsong. She was a perfect mercenary for the cause and killed without remorse, without question. In the midst of a fever-dream the words and teachings of her mother brought her back one night. Waking with a start she found herself gripped with hysteria and grief, grief for the blood she had spilled and the lives she had taken. She remembered who she was at her core, that she wasn't this monster, that she had a choice. Now she wrestles with herself, two halves of the same coin fighting for dominance, to become whole. To the tribe she presents no different, cold, calculating, ready to serve, knowing too well what danger she would place herself in should she falter in her loyalty. But her hesitation grows with each passing day, the turmoil casting her into fits of madness which she does her best to hide. How long she can keep up her facade she doesn't know. But she will find a way to atone, to bring balance to her soul at long last.

such a good daughter
Light or dark doe?: Dark
Potential name: Bleed For Me
Rank and why?: Guardian
Personality and how they feel about their tribe and family: If ever a child took after their father it is Bleed For Me. She is cunning, calculating, manipulative and dangerous. But where he at least appears to care for those within his tribe, in his own way, she puts up no such air. She is blunt, constantly watching other tribe members for signs of weakness, and is ready and eager to stamp them out of existence should they falter in their devotion. She resents her mother completely, finding her teachings a form of weakness. If you're too weak to survive your wounds you deserve your final death. She would gladly help you along rather than waste the resources. Her father is the first and final word, his teachings are absolute, his vision perfection. To say she would die for the cause is to put it lightly. She would shred her soul to pieces and scatter them to the four winds if he so desired. No-one is safe from her either. Her devotion is a madness after a fashion and should any members of her family be found wanting she would dispose of them in a heartbeat. The thrill of the hunt, the satisfaction of a kill, the scent of fear are all indulgences to her. War runs rampant through her blood and she eagerly awaits her fathers command to stain the earth with cleansing life. Her psychosis and blood lust is kept in check by her beliefs, which is why she doesn't kill with abandon whenever it pleases her. She absolutely believes in the cause and it blinds her to all else, especially her own conscience. She is confident in herself but not cocky, abnormally strong despite her size, and extremely focused, which makes her the perfect enforcer and a handy tool for bending wills.

(These aren't in order of preference, just how I wrote them.. both girls are A+++ 8D YAYPURE!)  

I K i n u I

Tipsy Prophet


Invisible Dabbler

PostPosted: Sun Aug 27, 2017 8:49 pm
First off thank you for your marvelous entries! I adored each of them and it was a hard task to decide on a winner! But I got there in the end and I hope everyone comes back for future events or just to join the tribe .<3

For now, congrats Lirilei and Scaramouche!

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Scaramouche Fandango
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Welcome to this terrible tribe, we hope you enjoy your stay! ;D Chosen One is very proud of his girls!
PostPosted: Mon Aug 28, 2017 3:40 am
Aaaaaah thank you so much! I promise Reaper won't disappoint her father (no, really, that'd be a bad idea, disappointing Chosen One...)  

Scaramouche Fandango

Big Wife


Invisible Dabbler

PostPosted: Mon Aug 28, 2017 5:14 am
Scaramouche Fandango

Oh indeed. I wouldn't recommend it. He has high hopes for his daughters. ;D I loved the idea of her feeling disgust towards the companions and that should make for some interesting interactions if you ever felt like it! 8D

(Also complete unrelated but you just named a kin My Immortal and I want to kiss you while sobbing.)  

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