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A random-based guild in which you may literally spam, chat, and do whatever you want. (Just follow the TOS and have fun!!!) 

Tags: Spam, Polls, Chat, Everything, Hangout, Role-playing, Role, Play, Word, Games, Quizzes, Discussion, Friends, Roleplay 

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Wow I can't believe it about spam guilds!!!

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Anaya the Bee

PostPosted: Tue Jan 26, 2016 12:44 am
I'm looking at spam guilds and like wow, they are all dead.

I am even amazed at Why Not's activity. It's pathetic. Guess spam guild aren't the thing anymore. Oh well. Just soo sad though. Guilds like way way more posts and members than me are like dead for good, even deader than this guild. Soo sad. I'm soo glad we've held on. It makes me soo happy, but it's sad that even Why Not is starting to die. I know cool4 knows more about that. But still, it's still pretty good activity, but no where near as good as like a few years ago. I think WN is the only active spam/random guild left. I go to others and they are like either dead, dying, or just as active as ours but have like 10x more posts and ppl than ours but just the same. It's like they are big cities that are dying being abandoned, where we are like more like small town guild. Sad.

I'm looking at Literate SPam guild and it's like gonk Wow, they were jsut as active as WN, and now they are like burning_eyes They have soo much posts and members, but when they die, it's like the apocolypse happend there that caused most people to abandon and flee the big city. At least our deadness is more realistic small town people moving on, where they are like zombies invaded their city and all are like mostly gone. River of Polls is like Tombstone, AZ with random ppl traveling through where huge dead guilds like 20000 poll guild and Magical Poll Land, PEegee, BURN EVERYTHING, The Suites (think they are deactivated/literally bombed), Random People of Tomorrow, REALITY, them it's like WALKING DEAD happened there. It's scary. Why Not is like Hunger Games country Panem where they are the only place left.  
PostPosted: Mon Aug 21, 2017 4:47 pm
Wow. Why not is done for. Didn't think it would happen but now the why not ppl get to know what it feels like to lose activity and become dead. Soo sad. All my life is work home work home it sucks.  

Anaya the Bee

Anaya the Bee

PostPosted: Mon Aug 21, 2017 4:48 pm
Well wishers is done to. Haven't logged in since April. Yay. Aoi still exists with Anaya.  
PostPosted: Mon Aug 21, 2017 5:18 pm
This is stupid. My iphone is faster than my stupid toshiba. Soo stupid. Sad taht phones are faster than desktiops.  

Anaya the Bee

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