yum_puddi I know this is an obvious one, but with being new here I'm generally curious!~ I'd love to know your top 5's and why's o v o
Everyone has pokemon that really means something to them for different and unique reasons!
Here are my top five that are unique and special to me!~

5 - Giratinna A little after I had gotten my Copy of Pokemon Diamond ( My first Pokemon Trainer Game ), Pokemon Platinum had come out and that following Christmas I received a copy of it and excitedly breezed through the game only to be astonished by the big beautiful creature we know as Giratinna. At the time while I was impressed by this massive pokemon, I wasn't dead;y attached to it, but when people started irrationally pointing fingers at it and calling it Satan, unholy, the devil and all that nonsense, I couldn't help but feel protective of my own gentle giant ( though I understand he's not the gentlest of the bunch ) it just felt so unfair that people judged him so unfairly and having felt that way before, I just wanted to let my Giratinna know it was loved by me by always keeping it in my party.

4 - Riolu Riolu is a big favorite for it being the first baby pokemon I ever hatched and raised, while also managing to get it to evolve into a Lucario which was a very tricky thing for me to do at the time. Diamond was my first Pokemon trainer game and at the time having a Lucario was a big thing. The movie had come out and Lucario was a big hit. When I found out I could get one I was very excited and rushed to get to where it was. At the time I didn't know much of egg hatching at all, all I knew up to that point was from the anime and the only pokemon egg to ever hatch that I saw at the time was Togepi and I thought that was just what Togepi's did. So I was very surprised to receive and egg yet overwhelmed with joy that I got to raise my very own Lucario from scratch, and the rest is history. Though despite all this talk about Lucario, I can't help but adore his unevolved counterpart a bit more.

3 - Meowth Meowth is a special kind of favorite. My love for it started from the Pokemon anime. Even though Team Rocket's Meowth was part of the scheming, I still loved him anyways. I always found Team Rocket somewhat charming in their own way because they always kept trying even though they did so in all the wrong ways. But the moment that did it for me was when I watched the episode where Meowth tells his heartbreaking backstory and I had never felt my heart leap out of my chest so hard before then. I felt horrible for him, but also proud that even despite all of that, that he continued to make his own however which way he could and that is something very special to me.

2 - Celebi This pokemon is one I consider the sweetest most precious of them all. I didn't have the money to really get mainstream toys or games when I was younger, but the pokemon anime and movies were my obsession as a child and are even more so today. The very first movie I ever saw was the Celebi movie. This little onion fairy had my heart a flutter with it's adorable and innocent nature and had my heart breaking when it was confused and destroying itself. I remember watching that movie repeatedly, going through the same emotions for each scene over and over. While this sweet little darling didn't make my number one of all time, even with it's shiny form, it is definitely my most favorite and desired legendary no questions asked.

1 - Bulbasaur/Ivysaur I love these two a lot, so much so that I can't possibly put one over the other ; v ; I fell in love with Ash's Bulbasaur in the anime when I was younger and loved the way it reacted to certain scenarios, like when he declined becoming and Ivysaur in the midst of all the other newly evolved Ivysaurs. I know Pikachu technically did the same but with Bulbasaur it meant so much more to me for whatever reason. Pikachu didn't want to evolve because it wanted to prove it could still be a powerful pokemon regardless of whether or not it was evolved, but with Bulbasaur, he declined because he liked the way he was and he didn't want to change that, he knew he was special and he knew he had his own lifestyle. With Pikachu it felt like he had to prove something but with Bulbasaur, he just wanted to keep being himself and that didn't involve evolving, and that just stuck with me ever since

With Ivysaur, it's a bit sillier, my cousins were turning ten and twelve and they decided that they'd become to old for Pokemon and we're having a little yard sale getting rid of their things, but there was one thing that they'd just blatantly thrown away. When they weren't around I scurried over to see what it was and it was a small Ivysaur plush. At the time I felt like all plushes had their own quiet little life inside them and I treated them as such and respected them, and it broke my small heart to see this Ivysaur just thrown away without a chance to be bought by someone else who might love it. I asked my cousins politely if it was alright for me to have it since it was their garbage and they shrugged it off and said sure without hesitation. And I ever since then up and till I was 13 I carried him around everywhere and now he sits cozily in my bed remaining to be one of my dearest plushes.

Well, this was my top fives and whys, please let me know what you think and tell me yours!~