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The young adolescent wasn’t entirely sure what she was going to do today. First she needed to figure out what time it was before making anything concrete. She figured she’d practice hunting if anything, but she didn’t know if that’s what she wanted to do quite yet. She hadn’t a clue as to where her siblings were and she was itching to get out and about. She stood up and stretched her legs before her, claws clinking against the cool slab of stone and then proceeded to shake herself with a little yawn. ’Have I truly slept in so late?’ She padded out of the mouth of the cave into the dim sunlight of the early morning. Apparently she hadn’t. It wasn’t often that she was the last one up but it appeared to her that today was one of those days.

She felt her paws hit the warming sand and it send a small chill through her and she smiled and let out a deep breath as she allowed the warmth to relax her. She looked up towards the sky and then decided she was just going to go exploring and perhaps collect a couple of shells or even some other odds and ends. She was by no means an efficient crafter, but she liked to try.

She moved towards the shoreline and went towards an old rotten log where she normally kept most of her collecting materials and saw a small flash of movement from within the log. Well, this was odd. She wondered if perhaps a gull had gotten in there or something else and she lowered herself to the ground and stalked forward, slowly and carefully until she was a good distance from the log to peer in without startling whatever it was.

Dark eyes widened slightly and then her brow furled a little as she realized there was a hare resting atop one of the nets she used to catch fish or crabs (when she was feeling lazy). For whatever reason she wasn’t looking at the creature as food and she wasn’t entirely sure what to do because she didn’t want to spook the poor dear. She cleared her throat slightly and figured if it bolted she’d still be able to pounce on it and catch it. “Hello? I promise I won’t hurt you.” She said as calmly as she could as she watched and waited.

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Nemmie wasn’t at all sure as to where so was or how she had gotten here. She had somehow gotten separated from her family and had decided that this hallow log with soft nets would be as good a place as any to rest and recover. She had traveled a long ways, at least that’s what it felt like to her and she hadn’t known what it was like to be hunted so she didn’t fear predators like she should. Though there was some innate fear within her sometimes, especially when the shadows came from above.

However she wasn’t paying any attention to anything except for the fact that she was hungry and tired and wanted to rest. She had just made herself comfortable when a noise made her ears stick up and pale eyes looked out of the hallow towards the dark figure that loomed just outside. Had it just spoken? Her nose twitched slightly and she remained in her snug little ball as she watched, waiting to see what would happen. It had said it wouldn’t hurt her right? She really had no options at this point and she was hungry. Perhaps this thing had food?

Slowly she uncurled herself from her ball and slowly hopped towards the entrance of the log and wriggled her nose slightly as she looked at the furry creature before her. What was it? She hadn’t seen a lion before but something about the smell almost made her want to flee but the prospect of food and the calm voice had made her fight that urge to flee.

“You wouldn’t happen to have anything to eat would you?” She said remaining where she was in the log. She wasn’t too keen on coming out just yet, though she was certain that whatever this thing was, if it wanted her it would get her out one way or another.

Vanellope watched as the hare uncurled itself and hopped towards her. She laid herself down on the sand and watched patiently and then was surprised when it asked her if she had any food. She honestly didn’t and frowned, she could probably find some for it though if it was willing to travel with her, or even just stay here while she went to get something. “I don’t have anything you would eat nearby right now, but I could go get you something if you like? Or you could come with me.” She said looking at the hare curiously, wondering if it would come with her.

She flattened her ears slightly when the large thing said it didn’t have food she would eat. Well, what did that thing eat then? She figured she could ask later for it had asked her if she would like to go with her to get something. She instantly perked up a little bit. She hadn’t been in the company of another living thing in a while and this creature before her was the closest she was going to get for a while so she figured she’d make the best of the situation. “I would like to come…” She said softly as she carefully removed herself from the safety of the dead tree. “I’m Nemmie.” She said as she got closer to the feline.

She was pleased when the hare said she’d accompany her and then stated her name. “Oh I like your name, Nemmie sounds very nice! I’m Vanellope, but you can call me sugar rush if you like.” She said with a toothy grin and then decided she didn’t want to scare her off by her teeth. “Well come now, if you follow me I can show you a safe spot for you to eat.” She said as she started walking in the direction of a safe spot.

”It’s nice to meet you Sugar Rush. And yes, of course. Lead the way!” She said somewhat nervously as she followed the lion to get something to eat.

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