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Do you have wrinkles yet?
  Hellz no. I"m young.
  Not really. It's weird.
  Maybe, i dunno
  I think i do but it's part of life.
  Of course, but who cares. No ones perfect.
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Anaya the Bee

PostPosted: Tue Jan 24, 2017 8:59 pm
I look in the mirror and I extend my elbows out all the way and a crease or wrinkle forms. Soo weird. I didn't have it at all when I was like 19 or lower. But now a crease forms/wrinkle forms. SOo weird. Why do I have it now? Cuz I"m like 27. Always wanted to know what it felt like to have elbow wrinkles. xp Crazy I have them now. As time goes on they will get worse. Oh no. I feel soo old cuz I can feel the crease or wrinkle form when I extend all the way, like when I walk. Imagine if I was like 50s or higher? Oh my. My crows feet and forehead lines are weird, but I don't feel them.  
PostPosted: Sat Jun 24, 2017 11:27 pm
I'm looking at pictures of 28 year old women and they look like well they look like they can't pass for a high schooler anymore. Some of them look old. Laugh lines in such. I hope I don't look like them. If you see me as 30, well I dunno. Carly Rae jepsen is like 30 and has eye wrinkles when she smiles. Eyes are one of the first places to get wrinkles, crows feet in such. I don't have much, just 2 when I smile.  

Anaya the Bee

Anaya the Bee

PostPosted: Tue Jul 04, 2017 3:59 am
I feel really old now because I have central obesity. Apparently keep my belly, I could get a heart attack or something any moment. I get pressure sometimes in upper part of my chest, so my arteries may already have blockage, cuz angina chest pain means you get the angina because your arteries have a blockage of some kind. The blood is having a hard time pumping through my heart arteries so that's probably why I feel my heart just pumping blood. Feeling it beat is weird, Sometimes I'm just amazed how the heart just keeps moving and pumping blood. It's a permanent muscle twitch, soo weird it won't stop. Were such strange organisms. Aliens would think we are weird that we have a nonstop twitching organ that moves all life until we die. It even beats in our sleep. So it's weird going to bed and the heart is still moving.  
PostPosted: Sat Jul 22, 2017 1:56 am
I feel even more old now. My huge bald spot in back of head. Maybe I won't get cArded anymore if I stick around.  

Anaya the Bee

Anaya the Bee

PostPosted: Thu Aug 03, 2017 12:38 am
Ok so I went to Doctor right and right away the doctor immediately ordered many blood tests to be done which included thyroid, blood cell count, and kidney test, heart disease test, and of course liver test cuz I told my doctor I drink about 9 shots of alcohol 3 to 4 times a week. Immediately I'm gonna see a psychiatrist. But thank god they got a waiting list. But still my lab results they told me would be done by end of day. So I already see my pcp again August 8. So here begins the downfall of the rest of my life. I better have a 0$ deductible cuz the insurance should pay right away. Most I have to pay is 10 percent. We shall see but I'm gonna be nervous aug 8. Cuz I have to bring my mom with me cuz she has to talk about how I act when I am drunk and how it affects them all. Soo awful. Bit worried about the tests. Gonna check my liver, heart risk, kidneys, thyroid, and blood cell count. If I have cancer I'm giving up on life and resigning from dollar general and will cite "don't be a manager or asm at dollar general or else you will get cancer., I hope not. Scared about the test results. Liver abuse I will accept but what can I do I love Alcohol. Liver failure caused swollen feet same with heart and kidney problems so I want swollen feet and a fold or wrinkle like to form at my ankle when I walk. I want it to get soo bad my ankle has a fold even with me standing. I saw an old woman at work today and she stands and her feet look fat and kinda swollen and a line forms at her ankle like toddler feet. Maybe even 2. Saw one old lady at dr office and has wrinkle at ankle even when standing. Why can't I be like that? Must get swollen feet. Cirrhosis is the start. Must get swollen feet. I mean I feel my heart beat all the time and I don't even need to feel my chest. It's just soo intense I can check my own pulse anytime cuz I feel my heart beating and I don't have to even touch my chest.  
PostPosted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 8:52 pm
My elbow wrinkles are really wrinkled now. Like 4 lines form. Lolz must be getting old cuz I didn’t have them 10 years ago, where now they are really dry and bad. Always wanted to see what it’s like to have elbow wrinkles when kid, now I have them and pretty wrinkled. xd haha no matter what I do, wrinkle forms at elbows when arms extended out. Gives away my age. That and I get really bad crows feet. https://www.sendasenior.com/photo/art/grande/6952350-10630523.jpg?v=1409731861 Looks like this.  

Anaya the Bee

Anaya the Bee

PostPosted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 9:40 pm
Something tells me I’m gonna have lots of wrinkles when I’m older. Not on face though cept eye ones. My elbows are dry and wrinkles, hands dry and getting wrinkles on wrist, feet wrinkles, etc. you guys stressed me out back then. Face is good, but see my elbows or hands and they give away my age. So wanna know how old someone is, check their elbows and hands. I’m 30 pounds overweight to so guess being overweight does cause wrinkles. My elbows are soo bad when I extend all the way. xd When I was 19 barely a line formed, now I get like 3 to 4. I have a picture of my elbows from like 2009, gotta go see it. My right elbow wrinkles the most. It’s soo weird and crazy. No matter what I do, lines form every time I extend my arm out, not even all the way and there’s still lines. Gonna miss my elbows being crease free. I see teens and kids elbows extended out and there’s are crease free, then I see mine and....wow now I know for certain I’m getting older and starting the wonderful aging process where my body starts to decline and wrinkle. Many young ppl are scared of aging and some even ask what it feels like, all I can say is it practically feels like nothing mostly. I still feel like I’m like late teens. Only bad thing is you get slower gradually, like I’m soo out of shape I can’t keep up with kids. Then they start calling you old cuz you can’t keep up. Not my fault I’m aging. Lolz. It’s weird.  
PostPosted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 2:13 am
You guys have to have wrinkles now like I do.

My hands are soo freakin dry like crazy that they wrinkle badly. Reminds me of that song “our hands will get more wrinkled”. Wrinkled and skinny.  

Anaya the Bee

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