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[x] Follow Normal Gaia Rules

1.If someone expresses a different opinion to your own, you MAY have an intellectual discussion with them about your own views, DO NOT, however, call them names or alike.

2.Do not post lewd or offensive content. We are not a guild that revolves around 'hooking up' and talking about ONLY sex. We DO NOT have cyber talk in our forums, and I would like to ask everyone not to post threads with:
"looking for a dominate gay for pm roleplay."

3.Do not post threads such as:
"would you lick the person who posted above you"
Or anything of that sort.

4.If you are inactive for more than a year then you will be removed from the guild. If you consider yourself a "lurker", then please post every once in a while to remain on the "active" list. And, to be honest, any member (non-crew) who is only lurking is not providing anything to this guild.

If you are a new member then you need to post something. Introduce yourself or try to win some gold by bumping in the main chat thread. There are hundreds of you who have never posted anything, and we want to meet you.

We have a lot of trolls and we would like to keep this guild active, so please contribute.

5.If you are going to be away from the guild for an extended period of time (more than a few months), you must inform either a member of the Crew or myself so you are not wrongfully removed from the guild.

6.Before posting on the main page, double-check to see if your topic fits the criteria for any of the following subforums: Life Issues, Polling Forum, Personal Ads. You may post anything on the main page if you are looking for an immediate response. Your thread will remain on the front page until it becomes inactive, and then it will be moved to its proper subforum.

7.Before posting in subforums, read the rules for posting in that subforum.

8.If you are found to be disrupting the peace, posting lewd or offensive things, targeting one specific guild member or the guild as a whole, etc. then you will either receive a warning or be removed. A second offense will definitely result in your permanent removal.

I reserve the right to add any rules as I see fit. I will always post the date of the last update in the title, so check in frequently to make sure that you are up-to-date.

Thank you for your cooperation with these rules. I hope the ALG can be a safe and supportive community for you. If there are any comments, questions, or concerns do not hesitate to contact me.

- Jen