Oh lord, I really hope I'm doing this right. ;~;

Disclaimer: I've been on Gaia for 2 months and have refrained from asking for gold, so this is a first for me. And I'm not necessarily proud. xD And I currently have 8.1 bil, with two items for sale in the MP -- although, if we're inflated as everyone claims we are, I guess it isn't that much.~ ^.^;;

Okay~! biggrin So, I am questing Coy Gin Matsuba, and My Bloody Valetine as of now, along with any of the Rosamund items, and possibly Brave Legs.. I honestly don't know what usual is for how much y'all donate, so really, anything helps~! ^^

Whelp. I'm already starting to feel like a beggar, so I'm uh, just gonna end it at that. xD Live long and prosper, lovelies.~