Name: Neither Nor
Gender: Male base
Type: Mer
Build: Slim
Body: Purple (specific shade in refs) with white cheek freckles
Eyes: Green (ditto) stoic or mildly unimpressed glare
Hair: Green and white thick simple streaks
Cutie Mark 8D: Here! (Yes that is me. That is my body and my tattoo.) Here's the shape. Here's the colors.
Brief Character Description: Neither Nor is based off of my favorite rp muse and a fun representation of my current phase in life. I got the original pet as sort of a positive celebration of my own identity and to mark the beginning of my transition in life. Now that i've apparently given myself a cutie mark without realizing it I'm wanting to get more pets surrounding this theme biggrin

As for the character themselves, Neither Nor is a non-binary vaguely masculine character who generally refers to themselves in gender neutral they/them/their or he/him/his pronouns. They are in short hardworking, sharp-tongued and unafraid to call you out on your BS Bossy mc bosserpants.

I actually have a very hard time describing them in short and covering their full range. Here have a spoiler of the main muse's personality biggrin It's a tad bit longer:

Responsible, Bold, Trustworthy
Sarcastic, Argumentative, Controlling

Sit Down. Shut Up. Do as I say or get out of my way. Cai is In Charge and you'll just have to deal with it. They need to have their fingers in every little pie and everything needs to go as they expect it to. Cai is very much the micromanager. They'll constantly be on others backs, making sure they're doing their work properly. Cai doesn't so much agree with lazing about. There are things to be done and people need to do them NOW not later or when they feel like it.

Someone OBVIOUSLY needs to take control of these unruly kids and get them into shape! Cai believes their doing what's best for the Weyr and it's inhabitants though many will just find him bossy. Cai will question anyone and everyone's methods if they don't think they're the best. "Why not do it this way? It would go a lot faster if you did this..." ect. Cai hates to argue about it and if possible they'd prefer to do a job personally rather than trust to someone else's shoddy methods.

Cai internalizes a lot of emotion and stress. Their need for control of their external situation often comes from a pessimistic and anxious mind automatically jumping to the worst possible scenarios at any given moment. Cai's highly defensive and protective of their own privacy and an insistence that yes, everything is ok and no one should worry about them at all because they have things under control if people would just leave them alone and let them work! Cai's driven to keep their mind busy so as not to dwell on things and any idle time must be filled with productive tasks to stave off anxiety.

Casual, reserved friendships are safe enough and fairly easy to maintain as long as it's a person who doesn't fret over being snapped at on occasion. Anything deeper is difficult for Cai and requires a lot of effort on both parts to preserve the type of wary trust they must give in order to have that connection.

+ Ref pics where possible: Here's another B/C pet I got using this color palate. Other than that I don't know if there's much to reference? I'm not asking for edits, non-normative patterns or accessories.

My only note would be since the cutie mark uses the same colors as the base pet, the purple on the body can be darkened a few shades and the green of the hair adjusted to suit, just enough so the cutie mark doesn't blend in. I'd still like the two to remain inverse of each other. (such as #9a5cc6 and #65a339 for example. )

Genderqueerid's website explaining the flag colors
Lavender (#b57edc): The mixture of blue and pink (traditional colors associated with men and women, present on the transgender pride flag) as lavender is meant to represent androgynes and androgyny. Also represents the “queer” in genderqueer, as lavender is a color that has long been associated with “queerness” , including gay, lesbian, and bisexual communities.

White (#ffffff): Meant to represent agender identity, congruent with the gender neutral white on the transgender pride flag.

Dark chartreuse green (#4A8123): The inverse of lavender; meant to represent those whose identities which are defined outside of and without reference to the binary. Formerly (#498022), the color is now the true inverse of lavender (#b57edc).