Exclusive matches you won't find anywhere else, that are shown here, in EWA!
Each section takes you to when/era that particular match was created

EWA: Reload Era Created Matches
Sengoku Warfare
A match created during the 'Reloaded' era, a battle royale with a unique twist. Each participant will be given a weapon/item prior to the match, Firstly pinfalls and submissions count, as eliminations.
however during an unspecified time (page five) a dome like cage will lower down to the floor covering the ring.
During this point, pinfalls/submissions do not count as eliminations, and the only way to win the match is to escape the dome cage (opening at the top)
And put 'your' weapon/item in the case at the top, putting someone elses weapon will resort in a win for 'them'

Ichigo Tamashii
Four boxes are on poles on each corner of the ring, however the boxes are time sensitive and can only be obtained during the 15th page. Until this time however, the match is a pin-fall, submission, no-dq (other than opening the boxes which cannot be opened until the right time) match until the boxes open up. Upon this time, the participants have to remove the objects within the box and proceed to bring it to the stage putting it in a glass case. Whoever brings one of the objects to the case is the winner. In the event that the matches winner is inconclusive due to time restraints, the person who got the most pinfalls/submissions wins the match

Case Closed Match
A new version of the 'Catch the Case' match, but updated due to 'Reloaded' era.
The ring is surrounded by a chain structured cage, with a brief case suspended above an open hole. The goal is to climb up the cage out of the hole, catch the case.
Ladders, tables and chairs are provided. This match is essentially an X-scape match with an MitB and TLC twist. The case is lowered at a specified time

Final Destination Match
A quadruple (4) cage match, each cage positioned on top of each other.
The first cage is a weapons filled cage match
The second cage features a ring intertwined with barb wire ropes, thumb tacks on the turnbuckles, ring apron doused in gasoline
The third cage features an inferno cage, that ignites at various points of the match
The fourth cage features a topless cage where inside is an item or belt.
Competitors must advance through the holes in the roof of each cage to get to the top and retrieve the item/belt

For Glory Match
A Royal Rumble-esque match, where four competitors start out the match, and two enter the match at regular intervals, eliminations are by pin fall, KO, submission, or being tossed over the top rope. This is always a special occasion match

Neither here, or There Match
A cage match surrounded by a hell in a cell type cage. The match begins with competitors within the main cage, as they must fight to get to the outside, where the only way to win the match is to pin or make your opponent submit outside of the cages.
Weapons are in the second cage, and are encouraged

Medallion Match
A medallion is in a lockbox, one must retrieve it and hang it up on a hook (via ladder) to win the match. The box can only be opened when a pinfall/submission is enacted first.

Stamina Match
Essentially a hit point match, where a competitor is given a number. Every time someone is pinned or a the counts of a pin fall, no matter the number. As long as an opponent's shoulders are down, one subtracts from that competitors number.
Reaching zero means the competitor has lost the match.

Castle Siege Match
A cage that is shaped like a castle, up to four competitors enter the match. The match starts on the stage, where competitors must get to the castle. The door (a propped up table) needs to be broken, whomever is put through that table is eliminated. Whilst in the castle, the remaining three opponents fight until an elimination (pin, submission, KO), the remaining two must then venture to the top of the castle to hang the flag, whomever hangs the flag in the post at the top is the winner.

Dead Heat Brawl
Essentially a boiler room brawl where the winner must escape from the boiler room. However in this case, the temperature is turned up. Causing one to conserve their actions, or run out of stamina.

True Believers Backlash
Participants fight against alternate gimmicks of themselves in a battle royale!

Trial by Tables match
A random number is generated (between 6-12) that is the amount of tables that is needed to be broken by an individual (or team), it's an accumulative total (this means that the total number of tables added up in the match equals that number), once this task is complete the match is a standard falls count anywhere match

Rulemaker match
Hidden inside the arena is a special token enabling who ever finds it to make a stipulation for any match (even if it is currently happening).

Some Holds Barred
A match where certain things result in a DQ but these things are not known. Hilarity ensues as wrestlers tentatively pick up chairs, or get disqualified by something as simple as grabbing a rope.

BCM Created Matches

Crimson Mafia Match
A faction vs individual handicapped match where the faction has to make the individual bleed, and pinning him in the ring. The individual can only win by making his opponents bleed and pinning one anywhere.

Velocity Chamber Match
A reverse elimination chamber match where 6 participants start off in the chamber, the winner must lock the other 5 opponents in a pod to win.

Gamma Force Match
Submissions, Surrendering/Giving up are not counted. You can only win via pin-fall.

Samurai Showdown
The objective is to blindfold your opponent, and strike them in the back of the neck with a kendo stick

Archaic Knight Match
The objective to win this match is to make your opponent 'kneel' before you and quit.

Buccaneer Brawl
Opponents fight on a hardened wooden ring, even the ropes are hardened wood. The objective is knock the opponent out of the ring to the floor below (either by throwing them over the 'wooden ropes' or over. (not under)

Nebula Collider Match
Ring is divided into two halves, wrestlers are assigned a half and can only pin or submit the wrestler in their half, leading to wrestlers trying to keep the fight in their section or wrestlers making sure as they get submitted it pinned they're in their own half.

Time For Buster match
The only way to win is to beat your opponent through the following order: Pinfall, Submission, Countout. Altering the order resets it.

Fictional Fall Match
A unique match, it's a 'Falls Count Somewhere' where pinfalls/submissions can only be counted in a pre-determined location, and the only one that knows it is the official!

Victory Maximum Match
A 6 on 6 Survivor Series match with no tagging. Basically a 7th member, non participating, acts as a captain that picks who competes and that person stays in until they're beaten.

Selfie Match
The only way to win this match is to have your opponent down the proverbial crimson mask, render them unconscious and take a 'selfie' with them.

EWA Created Matches

Intensive Care Match
A three part match, the first part begins as an 'anything goes' match with the intent of making one's opponent bleed. Then it becomes a stretcher match
where one must load their bleeding opponent into a stretcher.
But not a 'traditional' stretcher match, as one has to load their opponent into an ambulance to secure the win.

Roulette Iron Man Match
An Iron Man match involving a roulette wheel, each fall causes the roulette to spin making a new match. Said to be the most strenuous of matches

Catch the Case
A variation of the famous 'money in the bank match', however in this instance there are three cases.
One usually hanging from above the tron, one hanging above the ring, one hanging above the announcer table.
The contents of the cases aren't known until after all the cases are obtained
In addition, the cases cannot be obtained until a certain amount of time has passed. The cases themselves expire with one year of obtaining them.

Full Metal Pandemonium
A Chain Cage (ala Elimination chamber), design wise it's shaped like Hell in a Cell however.
The roof is covered in barbwire.
There is a gap in the middle of the roof of the cage enough for a person to get through.

To win, someone must wedge a ladder (located around the ring) and wedge it in the gap.
Climb the ladder and retrieve the belt (or object) hanging above the cage.
Then climb down and exit through the door with the belt to win.

-The belt (or object) needs to enter the ring first. From there anyone can exit the cage to win as long as they hold the belt.

Devil's Thirty Thirty Match
involves placing a championship belt at the top of a scaffold thirty feet in the air with the first wrestler to retrieve it being declared the winner. However, the scaffold rotates every 30 seconds at 30mph. Meaning if the wrestler isn't careful he could plummet

Placed in and around the ring for the wrestlers to utilize during the match are one side of a steel cage, two trampolines, and four rope swings.

Tokyo Crash Match
It's essentially a tables match, but instead of tables models of down town Tokyo.

Edgemaster Deathmatch
EWA's most horrific match ever conceived
Wrestlers battle in a ring where the ropes are barb wired, the turnbuckles are propped up tables filled with tacks
All that inside a razor wire dome. A match meant to test one's sanity. There is no way to tame this monster, only survive it.
Pinfalls, submissions and escape are the only way to win this match, but at what cost?

Age of Velocity Rules
During this match, non Velocity members need a five count to have a pin fall. Velocity members have no rope breaks, and if a non Velocity member uses a weapon, or does an illegal move (like low blows) they're disqualified

Overview Match
A brand new concept introduced by the EWA, features wrestlers battling it out on top of the Titantron! That's right!
30 feet in the air on top of the titantron will have wrestlers wage war, a mear foot below them is the titantron itself
showing the match! The winner of the match is decided by pinfall, submission or if all their opponents are tossed off the

Crow's Nest Match
A chain metal bird cage shaped cage with a long wooden pole on the inside, at the top of the pole is structure. Weapons are scattered through out the cage. To win one must get to the top of the structure (Nest) and retrieve the title belt, then bring the belt down to the ring mat.

Championship Clockdown
Similar to the Championship Scramble match, in this case 5 wrestlers start the match.
-As a new page starts the person who was first to post on that page is the 'intern champion' or 'unofficial champion' and they'll continue to be the 'intern champion' until a new page is made.
-Double posts are not allowed and subjected for penalty.
-Auto hits can only be counted if a person (not the person being auto-ed on) posts after you. (preventing double posting)
-Any auto hits means the player auto hit on goes into a 'penalty box'
-If a person is made to be pinned or submitted, they are put in a 'penalty box' the person who does the pin/submission is the 'intern champion' and remains the 'intern champion' until a new page is formed or they're made to be pinned or submitted.

-Any person in the penalty box cannot post until a new 'intern champion' is crowned. In the case of being in the penalty box due to being pinned/submitted, said person cannot be let out of penalty box until the person who pinned/submitted them is no longer the 'intern champion'

-Unofficial reigns are recorded, however they are not 'Official reigns' and merely show who was the unofficial champion at one time.

-The person who collects the last post before time is up is the new champion, however depending on the rules of the match the person with the most reigns as 'intern champion' will win the championship.

Legendary Arena Match
No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere Match
You must you use at least three objects/weapons, and venture to five different places (backstage, crowd, etc)
You can travel outside of the arena, however you cannot win outside of it
Pinfall wins only, in which you need to pin your opponent for a five count

Empire Match
A bull rope match, where competitors are tied to one another. They must venture outside of the ring, onto the stage and open a box containing a championship. Whomever opens it, is the winner.

Conqueror's Match
A reverse ladder match where you have to hang an object up to win, if you are pinned or made to submit you're elimiated
and are no longer eligible to win

Strong Hold Scramble
An EWA Match featuring ONLY talent that have NOT held a singles championship in EWA to fight in an falls count anywhere scramble type match. The only way to win is via Submission, KO or the opponent quitting (resulting in their elimination.

Watch Your Step
A match where almost everything imaginable can result in victory/loss. In the match the first person to be pinned, submit, counted out, DQed, knocked out, thrown over the top rope, or even shed First Blood, will lose the match. You are given only a 2 count to break illegal holds. If you are defending a title in this match, ALL decisions result in title change or defense.

FWA Created Matches
Ultimo I Match
FWD's exclusive match, design wise it's similar to the 'Ultimate X' match, however the goal of the match is to take an object (title, etc) and hang it from the criss-crossing wires.

Pinfall and Submissions are allowed, and encouraged.
They eliminate an opponent for up to one minute (one page).

Parkour Match
Starting from backstage, competitors must make it to the ring, and get to an object hanging above the ring..
Sounds easy? If you touch the floor you're eliminated! Various objects like leaning ladders, tables and
Other platforms, and rails are scattered around the ring.

Mugen Exclusive Matches

Infinity Gauntlet Challenge -
Wrestler A fights Wrestler B after a pre-determined amount of time (one page) Wrestler C comes out,
in which time B goes to the corner and C fights A.
(During this time C & B can still make tags in and out)
after a page another wrestler appears, then another until the roster is depleted.
This match is usually designed for heel gms to punish faces, or vice versa.

Wings of Icarus Challenge
The match begins when both wrestlers climb a 35 foot scaffold to initiate the match,
they battle on the scaffold, as the ring is filled with flaming tables, i.e. 'The Sun'
The object of the challenge is to knock your opponent off the scaffold and into 'the sun'

Territorial Challenge
Similar to a Flag Match the object is to hang multiple flags on the ring post rather than just one,
the first to get to three flags hung is the winner, with one flag needed to be hung on up via the hanger in the middle of the ring.

Trial of Anubis Challenge
The match is similar to a dog collar match, where both opponents are chained together by dog collars,
the object of the match is to touch all four ring posts,
when all four ring posts are touched, Anubis' headdress will rise from the stage.
To win you must get to the headdress and put it on before your opponent.

River of Styx Match
Similar to a stretcher match, the stretcher instead, is a canoe (with wheels on the bottom),
the object is to strap an opponent into the canoe
and place a silver coin (given to at the beginning of the match, each competitor gets one)
in the mouth of the opponent and drag/push the boat up the ramp
and off the stage.
Thus sending him on his way to 'Underworld'

The Hom-Dai Match
Similar to a casket match, the object is to dunk your opponent into dirty water
located ringside in a pool and then to stuff him into a sarcophagus (instead of a casket)

Pandora's Box
Six Boxes are located around the arena, each surrounded by two Tiki statues.
Upon getting to a box, opening it grants one or two events.
-If the box opens and a red light shines, the Tiki's come to life and attack.
Eliminating you for X amount of time
-If the box opens up and the light that shines is gold, you win the match.
Each box is random,
Once a box is open the boxes are randomized once again, and that box remains closed for 1 page.

Event Matches

King of the Death Match
To Challenge it, is to court death..
This is the King of the Deathmatch
A structure so hellacious that it only appears once a year.
Surviving is only if it lets you survive..

The structure itself is quite similar in design to a Triple Cage but that is where the similarities end.

Lower Level (Stage 1)

In the shape of the Hell in a Cell, however the sides are pure steel chains, Ala the Elimination Chamber.

Barb wire instead ring ropes, and propped up razor wired tables that explode on impact as your ring posts.
There are random assorted basic weapons surrounding the ring, even a dumpster to incapacitate your opponents
There are no protective mats outside of the ring, simply asphalt

Using a ladder you must venture into Stage 2..

Middle Level (Stage 2)

Stage 2, is a cage that is built to look like the Elimination Chamber
as far as structure goes, it is a circular cage.

The walls however aren't chains, but razor wire.

There are six glass pods filled with various weapons inside Stage 2.
Even more dangerous ones than Stage 1, such as a nail gun, barb wired bats, knuckle dusters, cricket bats.. Etc

Before the trap door in the center opens up to enter Stage 3, all the pods must be broken and the weapons removed.

Top Level (Stage 3)
Looks similar in design to WWE's old cages (think the blue cages)
The walls however are made of hardened bamboo, and feature wooden stakes on them.
(Indiana Jones mother ******** features an assortment of weapons more violent than
the previous level, such as a weed wacker, sickles, defibrillators

Most notably in each of the four corners of this "cage" are one of the following
a pyramid of light tubes
a thumbtack filled table that's on fire,
An electrified Kitchen sink,
a glass table

Once all four of these things break, a door will open up and
a person can climb inside to the top of the cage where there is a 'Hardcore themed Throne"
where if you made it to the final level, you can sit on the throne.
-To win this match, you must bring at least 1 weapon from each Stage
in the match and place them in the trash can that's next to the throne, upon sitting on it.

Ultimate Ladder Match]Contestants are entered two at a time as the timer count downs more contestants enter.
The golden case is located 35 feet in the air

One can climb the steel platforms located along the ring posts then along the cables to get to it (similar to Ultimate X)
Any Pinfalls & Submissions and you're eliminated. One cannot get the case until ALL of the contestants are in the match.
You must remove the case from the platform, bring it down into the ring and then out of it. (The case must touch the inside of the ring)
Whoever has the case after the required conditions are met wins the match.

On page 1 - Contestant 1 enters
Page 1 - Contestant 2 enters
Page 2- Contestant 3 enters
Page 2- Contestant 4 enters
Page 3 - Contestant 5 enters
Page 3 - Contestant 6 enters

If someone is eliminated than the next person in line immediately takes their place.

After 3 days, if the page number has not advanced the next two competitors may enter. From that point on every 3 days if the appropriate page number has not been reached the next two competitors may enter.

Mephisto's Final Wish

Contrary to popular belief this match ORIGINATED IN EWA. Inspired by the 2008 Spider-man event 'One More Day', Mephisto's Final Wish is a six way 'Ultimate Reward/Ultimate Sacrifice' match. The premise is simple, the participants qualify for the match, where the winner is granted whatever they desire (within reason), with Mephisto pointing out what they'll lose should they be pinned. The match itself is anything goes, hardcore style. The only way to win is pin fall, anywhere in the arena.

Mephisto grants the winner his reward usually within the next PPV, or the one after that. The loser however loses whatever was agreed upon within moments of losing the match.