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[PRP]The Face of War (Reghan x Yoruhane)

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Neon Fly

Tipsy Hellraiser

PostPosted: Sat Jan 24, 2015 7:07 pm
User ImageThe biggest storms sometimes started with the single drop.

Who could have imagined that the Tokakinji would turn on itself? Toka and Druids battling like the worst of enemies. Members of the same pride. It was insanity. Everything had seemed to descend into complete chaos after word spread like wildfire through the land of the Queen's demise. Rumor that Morgana was the culprit had flown even faster than that. Whether she had or she hadn't Yoruhane was now faced--like many other Slayers--with the uncomfortably tight position of being caught in the crossfire.

Most days the challenges went unanswered by action. The Grim was willing to let Toka think of him as a Toka and Druids a Druid if it might prevent unnecessary bloodshed. Those times when he wasn't so lucky though, he was glad for the few moments advantage his opponents gave him while trying to decide if he was friend or foe.

Frowning at a fallen body, battered and bloody to the point of being unidentifiable and forgotten to one side of his path, Yoru unconsciously turned toward it. His paws leading him before he even realized that he was checking to be sure it wasn't someone he knew.

Like Samar.
Or perhaps a certain barb-tongued lioness.

I lied... all out war in the Toka woke Yoru. Jomi will be coming shortly!
PostPosted: Sat Jan 24, 2015 7:43 pm
Neon Fly

Reghan was not sure how to take this new war. She was not allowed to visit the Toka lands any more, because of her blood and who her mother was. She was a Druid, regardless of her feelings on the matter, and she would always be so. It meant she was as good as dead if any Toka saw her, as far as the King's orders went. And she was sure there were bonus points in it for killing Morgana's daughter. After all, Morgana had killed the Queen.

That was a terrible thought, in itself. Morgana, Reghan's mother, had killed the Queen? Who was also Morgana's mother. Reghan's grandmother, though they had never met directly. It was still family. Close family. How could Morgana do something so cruel?

Then again, that question was not so hard to answer.

She saw him leaning over a body, and she winced at the sight.

"Did you kill him because he was a Druid?" She asked, assuming the worst. She drew closer, slowly, but her guard was up. She trusted him, of course, because he was her friend. Despite everything, he had ended up as someone she wanted to see again and again, and that she could talk to without feeling like she was being judged. Maybe because he had always been honest with her about what he knew, what he thought, and where he stood.

Even so, war could change anyone. It was an unsafe time.

"In the name of the dead Queen?"


Snuggly Knight

Neon Fly

Tipsy Hellraiser

PostPosted: Sat Jan 24, 2015 8:31 pm
Her voice was a god send. Soothingly familiar. Maybe just a little reassuring too if he allowed himself to admit the depth of his concern for her. Though they had spent a great deal of time in each other's company after that initial meeting, Yoruhane hadn't seen Reghan since the battle cries had erupted. All the Druids had retreated into the ravine behind Uliacha where they now made their home--or their base of operations as it might have more accurately been titled--evidently Reghan was no different, though whether that was by choice or necessity was a question only she could answer.

You know I won't take sides. His voice was dull. For the moment he purposely refused to answer the question, mostly out of bitterness that she could even ask such a thing. A slow glance sliding over his shoulder to take in the outline of her lovely form. It pained him to see her so cautious of him as she approached. Didn't she know him at all? Then again, her certainly didn't look much like the Slayer she had met not so long ago.

Wearing the marks of battle on his pelt, the rends in his fur were crusted with blood, varied in their state of scabbing over based on the age of the wound itself. He was dirty and worn. Seeing the Tokakinji come to blows was a reality that would have broke his father's heart. In his place, Yoru felt the ache. He was failing at the only promise he had ever made his parent.

He couldn't keep the peace.
He couldn't mend the animosity with equal treatment.

Circling the fallen form he gently nosed at the scruff of the lion, carefully gathering the loose skin in his teeth so he could move the limp body to a more permanent resting place. Stating softly as he began to carefully drag the dead weight, I didn't kill him, but I didn't save him either.

He was just another casualty in the name of war. Poor b*****d.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:21 am
Neon Fly

Reghan hesitated for a long moment, then moved toward him. She knew better than to believe he would hurt someone without cause, just because it was on one side or the other, but she could hardly understand everything that was happening. She saw the marks of battle on him, though, and buried her face against his mane, leaning into him for much needed comfort.

It was not a gesture she would make willingly, in any other circumstance, but this war was taking a heavy toll on her, and she needed her friend.

"What is happening, Yoru? How can our lives be falling apart all of a sudden? Everyone was talking about war, but I never thought... I didn't think it would be like this. I can't even imagine it ending, because I don't know if either way will be good. I feel like I'm just waiting for someone to kill me, and I'm..." she laughed, though it was bitter and her eyes, though buried against his fur, were filled with tears.

"I'm really scared."


Snuggly Knight

Neon Fly

Tipsy Hellraiser

PostPosted: Mon Jan 26, 2015 8:28 pm
Surprised by the gesture, the gilded lion gently released his hold on the body. With his face turned into Reghan, his tongue roughly lapped at her ear in reassurance. However glad, maybe even a little relieved, he was that she had come to him of all the males she could have sought comfort with, Yoruhane couldn't help but wish the circumstances that brought her were different.

Like everyone in the pride the war had placed an intangible strain upon her. Maybe even more than most considering one of its key players was a relative. All this vulnerability, it wasn't like the strong, sassy Reghan he knew to be so ill at ease. She had always carried herself with an attractive confidence. Feeling her now, on the edge of tears. Distraught with the uncertainty of their future. As lost in the fray as he was. Fearful of losing everything.

Yoruhane had known once what it was like to be without a place to call home. The idea of going back to that didn't sit well with him. The thought of losing her didn't either. Hey. Hey now.. Reghan. I swear on my oath as a Slayer, I'm not going to let anything happen to you. Even if that means having to watch that rockin' body day and night.. His rakish joke was accompanied by a gentle, though slightly forced peel of laughter. If they couldn't joke about their situation, what was left for them?

Nuzzling her cheek with his nose fondly, determined to see the spark of the old Reghan again, he offered a toothy grin. Let 'em bring it on, right? If I get into trouble you'll just unleash that cutting wit on them, remember?

PostPosted: Sun Feb 01, 2015 11:41 am
Neon Fly

Reghan took a moment to gather herself, mastering her emotions as best she could so she could return to the stubbornly confident lioness she was supposed to be. She could not let the war, or her fears, weaken her, and the last thing she wanted was to let him see her at her most pathetic. If she managed to drive him off, to lose him now, she really would not have anything good to turn to or escape with.

He was her one distraction from all the terrible things going on around her. She wouldn't tell him that, of course, but that did not make it any less true.

She laughed at his reassurances, shaking her head and backing up enough to give him a look.

"I guess this is as good an excuse as any, hm? I'll keep an eye on you, of course, since you're hopeless anyway. I imagine I'll be doing all the work anyway."

Her expression had softened, though, and her tears retreated for now, hiding behind their jokes and the comfort he offered. She wanted to pretend she had not broken down so much, but she was glad he was doing his part to make it less awkward.

"Let's just wait for this whole thing to end, hm? You can come back to my den, if you'd like, and we'll spend some time forgetting about the whole thing." She watched him carefully as she spoke, swinging her tail behind her.


Snuggly Knight

Neon Fly

Tipsy Hellraiser

PostPosted: Sun Feb 07, 2016 3:59 pm
It was reassuring to know Reghan had a softer side and truthfully Grim felt honored to be one of the privileged few who got to witness it, no matter how concerning it was to see. Breathing in the familiar warmth of the sassy lioness' scent where his nose nuzzled under her jaw comfortingly, his own neck craned wryly when she backed up just far enough to give him a once over. The mischief back in her expression. Apparently his prodding jokes had effectively lifted the somber mood.

Mmh.. I think you should keep a real good eye on me. I'm quite notorious for causing trouble, or maybe you haven't heard that about me yet. Chuckling with the edge of a smile on his maw, his brow raised. Almost in disbelief. Except Reghan didn't seem the sort who joked about taking a lion back to her den. In turn the Slayer's smile widened indulgently, shoulders lifting in a nonchalant shrug. Granted, he couldn't help but make one last joke as he stepped forward, inviting her to lead the way, Alright, but I've got to warn you.. I'm a terrible conversationalist. Hope you have other ways to pass the time.

Tagging old Yoru rps now that I'm back! Let me know if you're still interested in this pair. Will definitely have to figure out where their litter fits into the time line if we do, could be interesting. No pressure though. I know I've been a flake.
PostPosted: Sun Feb 07, 2016 4:12 pm
Neon Fly
( I'd still be interested! Though my memory is bad >> I don't remember too much about it but yeah! )

Reghan watched him curiously, considering her options. No, she did not regret the offer, and smiled at him coyly, shrugging her lithe shoulders with feigned thoughtfulness before continuing on her way.

"I suppose I can put up with your babbling for a while longer. Or maybe we can come up with something else to do, who knows."

She sighed, feeling a little less tense than a few moments before, though her fears remained the same. With him, they became tolerable, at the very least. Maybe it was because he was a good protector, after all, or maybe it was a different need she had for him. Either way, she was glad to have found him.

She looked at him thoughtfully, taking a breath because some things were harder to say without sarcasm or jokes.

"Actually I think I just... want your company. Don't make fun of me, Yoru, or I'll smack you. But I just... I like having you around. I want you... to... stay... around."


Snuggly Knight

Neon Fly

Tipsy Hellraiser

PostPosted: Sun Feb 07, 2016 5:34 pm
There was still a knowing in both of them, that despite their jokes and desperate effort to remove themselves from the chaos of the pride crumbling around them, it couldn't entirely be forgotten. It shouldn't be forgotten, because it was their home Toka and Druid a like. Feeling a sigh bubble up his throat as well, as if the sound were infectious, his own gaze regarded her silently. Watching Reghan judge him with thoughts he couldn't quite read. The expression on her face for once one he wasn't familiar with. It looked almost... sincere.

Well s**t. Not sure what I did to earn that, but I'll take it. Yoruhane thought to himself, his own smile faltering with the honesty that was fostered in the quiet atmosphere. It was hard not to feel young, like a cub with a crush when she stared at him that way. Listening to her struggle to find the right words without the layer of cynicism and humor that layered thickly over much of their conversations, his own face softened almost blank with uncertainty.

Making a joke to cover his awkwardness would have been easier than taking her seriously, but she had made the effort to express herself and it was so endearing and her freckled face so adorable that the Slayer couldn't find it in himself to poke fun. At least, not in this particular moment. Maybe in a few hours when the tenderness of being vulnerable had subsided. Reghan... I..

But as hard as he tried to find the perfect words, his mind remained blank. Yoru had never been the kind of guy who could produce flowery, meaningful speeches as the drop of a hat. His actions had always been louder. That's why he was a Slayer and not a scholar. Instead, he pressed his side against hers, letting her feel the warm, solid weight of him against her. I'm always here for you.

I don't either.. just that he's Toka and she's Druid and her mom is involved in the war uprising and not sure how Reghan felt about that and possible war-time cubs. xD;
PostPosted: Sun Feb 07, 2016 5:52 pm
Neon Fly
I think this is a fin for me!

Reghan leaned against him and closed her eyes, knowing that he was probably in the same boat she was. It was hard for them to be serious when they clicked the best with their humor and sarcasm. That was why she liked him, after all.

What had brought them together in the first place, really.

But she could not help the way she was feeling, even if she didn't understand it. She rubbed her head against his shoulder, nuzzling him gently and understanding his closeness for what it was. At least, she hoped so. If not, her final invitation was probably going to be pretty awkward.

Or he would follow her, and things would work out.

"I do want to go back to my den. And I do want you to come with me."

She looked at him sheepishly, lifting her head to rub his chin briefly before she hurried away from him, looking back to see if he was coming.


Snuggly Knight

Neon Fly

Tipsy Hellraiser

PostPosted: Sun Feb 07, 2016 9:07 pm
Rumbling softly into the solace of their physical connection which reached beyond the words Yoruhane couldn't fill the silence with, his tongue curled against her ear fondly. A self from only months ago would have been disgusted by the sickening display of lovebird behavior, but the self Grim was now had gained enough experience since then to know that finding someone who felt like coming home every time you saw them was too rare to be treated callously.

With one last caress against his shoulder, he watched the springy lioness dart ahead. It took several moments before he realized she was serious. Really serious. Realization bleeding into his bemused expression slowly, followed by a look he was carefully guarding. Trying hard not to look smug. The last thing he wanted was for Reghan to withdraw her offer and truthfully, he was honored. He just couldn't help the wolfish grin that threatened to bare his fangs in pleasure. Quickly picking up her pace, his long strides caught up with where she had stalled, giving her rump a gentle nudge to continue leading the way. Don't leave me in suspence...

[ FIN ]

Yay! With this rp I think Yoru is ready to breed. Does Reghan need more? These two are fun to play. lol.
Edit/ Sorry for the double notification x3;
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