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The Quintessential Story Driven Last G-Fed Style Wrestling Guild Standing 

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 16, 2015 2:08 pm
Standard Guild Rules
We gotta have them for order and all that mumbo jumbo

1. Obviously follow the Gaia terms of service

2. Enjoy yourself! Have fun! Be respectful!

3. Activity is key
please at least make the effort to post at least once a day.
If you feel you're going to be in-active do make the best effort to post in the in-active thread.

4. No godmodding
(automatically hit your moves, counter everything, not feeling pain at all)
If you're godmodding, then your opponent cannot have fun!

5. Please be literate, in other words
(except if your character is yelling in a promo, and even there, bold text can do well), no need to bastardize the English language

6. No profile for your character(s)? No matches. Simple as that. We need to know who your character(s) are.

7. Save the Drama for your momma, we do not welcome nor want it.
'If' you have a problem with someone that cannot be solved privately (and we do mean privately not OOC in matches)
then we'll happily listen to your disputes with a moderator.
If you're not satisfied with that perhaps EWA isn't the best place for you.

Problems with other members
emo emo mad mad stare stare

We all have that co-worker that we just simply cannot get along with, but regrettably we will not cater to your request of not booking you against someone you don't like.

You can either put your differences aside and do the match or don't show up.

There will be no arguments in EWA any problems in a match inform a crew member, rather than extend the argument.

'Any competitor involving any member of the roster or crew in an derogatory manner regardless if it's in character or not, and the person involved is not currently in a feud with above mentioned competitor, and doesn't have permission from said competitor/crew member shall be basically be going against what you signed.
'No' means 'No' if they're not up to feud with you or in a match with you currently leave it at that and find someone else.'

This is by no means a 'Cop-out', but if a person says 'No, I don't want to feud with you' do not constantly 'egg them on' with annoying posts.
It is a waste of time, be civil, be respectful and just let it go.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 17, 2015 8:19 pm
Auto Hitting / Auto Winning
You gotta know when to hit it and quit it bra

While auto-hitting/auto winning is not encouraged, and one should be respectful of their fellow colleagues and their time,
we at EWA realize that the occasional auto hit will progress the match along that otherwise may have been forgotten.
Do 'please' be mindful and respectful when calling them.
You are not required or encouraged to call them, use at your own discretion

What is Auto-Hitting?
Also known as Automatically connecting with a move
If your opponent does not reply in 2 days (48 hours at least), you may have one auto hit/auto connect.

You can also 'auto-recover' in this time, if your character is injured (but nothing like broken bones or s**t like that). Consider it a slight adrenaline boost.

In the event that your opponent/or you are in a pinning position, and an auto hit is counted, it counts as an 'auto-win'. This can be appealed if you and your opponent/vice versa decide to come up with a suitable ending to benefit both of your characters. One shouldn't go public with this, and if you and your opponent can't come up with a suitable ending,
Take it to crew.

Auto Winning
Also known as Automatically winning a match
If your opponent doesn't reply after 5 days (120 hours), you won the match

If your opponent hasn't posted in two days, you may call an auto hit, three days later and no response. it's an auto win.

Notes about the EWA Legendary, and Undisputed EWA Womens' Championships
Both of these titles (unless otherwise stated) are two out of three falls. An 'Auto win' only counts towards ONE of the falls in the match.
Not both.
You're going to have to get two auto wins, to win..

Calling an Auto-Hit/Auto-Win
If you are able to get an auto-hit/win and want to call it, please give a notice in your post, saying you're calling it.
An ((Auto-hit)) in double parenthesis, or any OOC quotation you're using is fine for that.

Auto Hits/Wins do not count when:
They are not with a 48 hour/120 hour grace period

Auto hits/wins are not counted between the following dates:
Day before, during and after Thanksgiving
December 20-27th
December 31st-Jan 1st
July 4th

If someone posts in an inactive/vacation thread and requests it, don't be 'that' guy and call an auto hit.

Inactivity- No Showing - Walking out
Those not fun things that no one totally enjoys

If you are inactive for 2 cycles in a row and you have not notified any mods about your absence, it's a tad disrespectful.
In such a case, you'll more than likely lose your 'spot' in the rankings.

If you're supposed to be out for a while, please let us know by posting the dates of your vacations in the thread we prepared for that.

During your vacation, the match will be suspended until you come back or you can have a person of your choice (provided they agree to it) can puppet your character.

No Showing
If you do not show up for a match and you are noted as being online, essentially 'No-Showing' your booking will significantly change.

Walking Out of Matches
If you purposely walk out of match despite asking for it, and it's not a planned storyline. You will be suspended indefinitely, any matches you request will be 'house' show matches and not on the main cards.

You are here in EWA to compete, makes storylines and have fun.
Why ask for matches if you're not bothering to show up?  

Chrono Q Clepsydra
Vice Captain

Overpowered Genius

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Chrono Q Clepsydra
Vice Captain

Overpowered Genius

12,990 Points
  • Powerful Legion 100
  • Happy 13th, Gaia Online! 50
  • Married 100
PostPosted: Sat Jan 17, 2015 8:29 pm
Championship Policy
The technical things that 'everyone' wants, but there are things that we 'always' see, and we want to just go 'dial it down a bit'

Asking for a title shot:
Please, please, please tone this down. While we 'appreciate' enthusiasm in wanting to win championships, do make sure you do something to at least...
Earn said shot.
Have a match first, can't exactly win a championship if you haven't had a match right?

Those who do promos, .com segments will get a better shot at winning titles/getting noticed.
It's just something to think about if you wanna get far here.

Defending Champions
All EWA Champions must defend their championships (When booked to defend them).

If you're a champion and you lose the belt, you are not guaranteed a re-match, and in most cases you don't get one. (Unless storyline planned)
This is so everyone gets a fair share at titles, and people don't 'hot potato' championships to devalue them.

Exceptions to the above rule are:
As of now there are no current exceptions to this rule

Injured champions:
The fate of a title depends on the champion's condition.
The champion may be forced to vacate their title if the injury becomes too severe.(You know if you feel like taking a break, or you have a storyline planned out)

Titles from Other guilds/Bringing EWA
Titles from other guilds are NOT allowed here, please respect this.
What happens in other guilds, stays there much like what happens in EWA stays
Any championship from other places will immediately have their championship taken and added to EWA

Leaving with EWA Championships
Why would you do this? It's certainly not respectful or honorable of a champion to do.
In the event of this happening (and please don't do this), however in the event of someone's departure from EWA with a championship, said championship will be immediately vacated

Please do 'not' be 'that' guy

Furthermore in the event that THIS does happens, your title reign will be immediately stricken from the record books.
What you did will ultimately not matter. Meaning if you do it, YOU will not matter.  
PostPosted: Sat Jan 17, 2015 8:35 pm
If you don't have a profile? How else are we supposed to know what you do?
In this position, we feel that if you don't have a profile it'll be heavily implied you might lose your match.

Here's a basic jist of what your profile 'should' include, feel free to add anything else you see fit.

Basic Profile Format

*Character Name:
Entrance Music:
Appearance: (a tektek if possible)
Common Moves:
Signature Moves:
Title History:
Additional information

We are ONLY accepting an individual to play only three characters, only three.
There isn't any 'but my tag team counts as one' . They count as two
'But I....' Only three characters
How you choose play them (tag/manager/oc) is up to you but you only get three.
Special exceptions to this rule are applicable upon asking the guild owner for permission

Your character's profile must be located in an easy to find source
Such as your journal
This guild


Factions/Tag Teams
Partnership! Kinsmen! Clansmen! Assemble!

Tag Team Rules
If you are in a tag team match, and one person is declared inactive,
it would be a bit frustrating for the other RPers to not be able to RP because of one.
So, when such cases happens, the auto-win only counts for the inactive one, and not the whole team, which means the match continues without that person.

Tag matches are tornado rules if a tag team is controlled by two separate accounts.
Otherwise it's normal rules , this is to ensure each party gets a chance to shine!

Please limit your factions to no more than four people.
'Big' Factions (Team Carnage, Sinister Syndicate, Velocity, Ragnarok), etc. 'ARE' recognized, however, only four members can be active on one card at any given time (unless storyline purposes approved by guild owner).
Freebird rules in the are only in effect for 4 faction members at any given time.

All tag teams and Stables/Factions should have a profile!
If you do not have an official profile you might not succeed as a tag team/faction.

Who are you? Who? Who? Who!?

Gimmicks will get you far, they can tell a story. What's your story?
Though there are 'some' gimmicks that are done to death, do yourself a favor and pick something a tad more... Original.

Real Life characters
Real characters are...currently not accepted here
You CAN make a parody of that real, if you so desire but at the end of the day
any achievements/accomplishments will be billed as a parody name.

No characters from anime, games, movies or shows. They must be your own creation. So no Goku's, no Tekken characters, no Street Fighter, no Spongebobs, etc.


By reading this, and participating. You acknowledge that EWA has the right to refuse your character at the owner and crew's discretion.
Provided a proper reason is posted upon refusal.


Any accolades you have accumulated in your stay in EWA, and have earned upon your departure from EWA, such as, included to but not limited to
Championships, awards, Hall of fame inductions, achievements matches and history, etc.

You have a right to the character you, yourself created in addition to their names. However you do 'not' have the right to characters that were created for you, to use outside of EWA without the permission of the owner. Any accolades, etc. will continue to remain as apart of EWA until for the unforeseeable future.  

Chrono Q Clepsydra
Vice Captain

Overpowered Genius

12,990 Points
  • Powerful Legion 100
  • Happy 13th, Gaia Online! 50
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Chrono Q Clepsydra
Vice Captain

Overpowered Genius

12,990 Points
  • Powerful Legion 100
  • Happy 13th, Gaia Online! 50
  • Married 100
PostPosted: Sat Jan 17, 2015 9:05 pm
So you can make plans accordingly!

Main Shows
--- To Be Determined----

Special Events

---To Be Determined ---------

Invasion Storylines
Nope, Nope, None of that. Nope nadda
We don't want them here, it's not welcome

The Booking Team / Guest Hosts
Those people that you shouldn't get on the nerves of! Kidding!

Roll calls are provided you to post in if you want a match. The schedules of matches and roll calls are posted!

Bookers/Crew are the only ones who can make matches.
If you want a match against somebody:
You can either ask a crew member
Use the GM Office thread in the matches subforums

Crew Members cannot/will not
If a moderator is involved in a match, he cannot end his own match. Instead, another moderator will end it for him.
It is to prevent someone from claiming "power abuse".

A moderator won't PM you to say if your match has started.
It will be announced on the thread name once a cycle starts.
It is your responsibility to check if you have a match.

Guest Hosts
Guest Hosts can not announce themselves to be placed in a title match (Unless storyline is accepted by Mangement)
- Guest Hosts can not name themselves the next guest host, nor can they name themselves a future guest host.
- Guest Hosts can not strip titles from anyone, (unless told they can).
- Guest Hosts can not make title matches (unless told they can)
- Guest Hosts can not award titles (unless told they can)  
PostPosted: Sat Jan 17, 2015 9:10 pm
The fun stuff! What you do!

Disqualification Rules
All standard rules apply in any matches! However at EWA if you're a champion and you purposely disqualify yourself, you lose your championship!

Count outs are the typical 10 count

Multi-Competitor Matches
Multi-Competitor matches sometimes people go in-active. Here's what happens if a situation occurs:

In multi-competitor matches, if someone doesn't show up five days after the initial matches post date is posted,
They're automatically eliminated and the match continues on.
Standard Auto Hits/Auto Win rules apply

Please remember triple threats, and any other multi-man matches are under no disqualification rules.

Multi-Man Ladder Matches
When a participant/competitor reaches for a object, that object should
the competitor's actions not be interrupted for a period of no less than 48 hours belongs to said competitor.
Long story short
When reaching for an object (title/case), and no one interrupts you after 2 days that case/title is yours.

Realistically a person shouldn't even attempt to reach for an hanging object for at least five pages worth of posts.

Other Matches
Other matches are listed as-is, and a case by case basis.

Entrances/Lazy Entrances
Please do not post entrances may lose their matches.
Please post lazy entrances must fix them up before the next show is up or they may lose their match.

Do put a little bit of effort into putting a entrance that isn't ((will post entrance)) or *walks to the ring*

*Unless otherwise stated, but you'll be informed of this fact in the match notes at the start of every match.

Promos tell a story, it helps you get noticed faster, shows us your character.
But please don't call out the owner of EWA

-General managers will be provided for those shows

-If you wish to do a storyline with the owners/management let the respective person know.
If they say no, take it as that.

-If you are a new person that's new to EWA, please refrain from calling out the main champions.
It just makes you look foolish. Shoot for the mid card or lower card champions.  

Chrono Q Clepsydra
Vice Captain

Overpowered Genius

12,990 Points
  • Powerful Legion 100
  • Happy 13th, Gaia Online! 50
  • Married 100

Chrono Q Clepsydra
Vice Captain

Overpowered Genius

12,990 Points
  • Powerful Legion 100
  • Happy 13th, Gaia Online! 50
  • Married 100
PostPosted: Mon Jan 19, 2015 8:42 am
Roll Calls

When a roll call (an announcement for the next show, to determine activity)
Shows up, you will be given X amount of time (Usually a week or more) to post in the roll call.

You will be asked to provide a set amount of information...

If you do NOT post in the roll call, you will NOT get a match.
There will be no more 'Last minute changes' to include people who cannot follow the rules.

----- Notes ---
Unless you are doing a pre-discussed 'surprise' return with the booker, you are still required to post in a roll call.

Unless you are already on the card, you still are required to post in the roll call.

If you are doing a promo/segment (In which you can simply just post them)
You are still required to post in the roll call.
(But please label them as promos or segments)  
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