So.... this is my first time requesting here.... Don't hurt me (IIIo.o)

I'm questing a few things but what I desire most of all is:

January 2015 monthly collectible ; two of the five packs! I really want this badly, since this would be my first time having a cash shop item, and my first full set avi.... I know, lame, right?

I am also questing:
-Ancient Katana
-All godinas
-Any Camille hair
-the sd plus renard (both of them)

So do help me! I would prefer the montly collectible as a full set before anything! So please, please, please help me out on that first! Gaaaaah, I sound

The people who do donate the 5 pack envelopes I will make 3 fansigns each! No cleavage or boob ones. -_-