Cetus stretched as he emerged from his den that he shared with Sunshine. Letting his claws dig into the sand a bit, he made a beeline for the shore. A slow beeline, but a beeline all the same. Although he had switched prides, there was nothing he enjoyed more than going for a swim first thing in the morning. There was something alluring about the sea that always called to him and he didn't hesitate to give into that call.

Reaching the beach, Cetus stretched once more before trotting towards the water. Once he was deep enough he took a little leap, crashing into the small waves that lapped at the shore. The Bahari sea was much calmer for the most part than the Kizi sea, but he loved to feel the ocean tugging back at him. It made it exciting!

A slightly bigger wave lifted him up a few feet into the air and set him down gently on the other side. After that he was swimming smoothly, too far out for the waves to be an issue. There was a little outcropping of rocks he liked to sun on after a swim, so he steered himself in that direction. Sitting out there he felt like the king of the sea with no land to bind him. If he could he'd gladly swim straight out into the open ocean for eternity, but he knew that wouldn't last very long. The longest he had swam had been a bit over an hour, and that had been exhausting.

Dragging himself up onto the rocks - he always weighed so much more when he came out, the water saturating his fur and mane - he gave himself a shake before laying down to enjoy the sun on his dark mane. Ah...yes. This was the life. A smart female to keep him on his toes, a carefree attitude towards life, and the sea. Nothing could make it better.

From his perch he could see dolphins playing in the waves much further out. He watched with a smile on his maw, wondering what it would be like to live in the water, to move so quickly and freely. He was sure there were dangers, as there were here on land, but to him the ability to move in all directions instead of just along the ground was so freeing, he couldn't help but be jealous of the whales and fish and dolphins that frequented the area. Ah well...being a lion was nice, too. He could day dream with the help of the special cave and talk to the waves when he wanted to to escape the limits of the land.

A distant roar made him sigh: that would be Sunshine. She kept a close paw on him now that they were sharing a den, as if he'd just wander away as he had wandered into her life. She needn't worry, though. She had him wrapped right around her paw. Dutifully, he splashed back into the water and swam to shore to see what it was his den friend wanted.

WC: 515